Troy Tulowitzki Going To The Cardinals?


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Rumors usually surface during the week of the annual GM/owners' meetings in Major League Baseball and this week is no exception.

With this week's meetings scheduled in Orlando, FL, there's already major noise about all-star shortstop, Colorado Rockies' Troy Tulowitzki being potentially dealt to the reigning National League champs, the St. Louis Cardinals. The Rockies have maintained they are not looking to trade their franchise player.

Yet, the Rockies have not been a playoff team since 2009 and with Tulowitzki's contract, signed through 2020, is this the right time to rethink a possible trade? The Rockies have a lot of holes, pitching being one of them. The Cardinals have a lot of strong, young pitching that could be had in a deal. There have been sources that said Cardinal's starter, Michael Wacha is not going to be part of any deal for Tulowitzki. As seen on Twitter here:

The Cards, fresh off a tough loss in this year's World Series to the Boston Red Sox, feel that they were close, but with some stars aging (Carlos Beltran, Matt Holliday) and a need at shortstop, this makes a lot of sense for the Cardinals to contend again in 2014.

One thought is Tulowitzki's health as he has had a tough time staying on the field for more than 150 games in a season, the last time ironically enough was in his last playoff appearance in 2009.

Tulowitzki is considered the best shortstop in the game today and would boost the Cardinals lineup instantly. Would that boost come at a price that could hinder the Cardinals' farm system and payroll or would it give them the final piece to get back and win the World Series in 2014?

We might find out after this week if the Cardinals think it is to get a deal done.

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