Trayvon Martin’s Family Speaks at MLK Commemorative March

    August 25, 2013
    Courtney Wills
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Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old Florida teen shot and killed in February 2012, has received the greatest volume of media attention from most any legal case in recent history. The allegedly racially-charged shooting trial finally ended last month when a jury acquitted neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, citing that there just wasn’t enough evidence to find him guilty of murder.

Now, Trayvon Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, are speaking out about what they hope Trayvon’s death will change for America.

At the 50th anniversary commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s infamous march on Washington on August 28,1963, Martin’s family spoke of his life and death in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Along with his mother, Martin’s brother, Jahvaris Fulton stood to the side holding a “Support Trayvon’s Law” sign. Reverend Al Sharpton also stood on the stage with the family, among others.

Sybrina Fulton recently told the BBC, “We’ve said the verdict will not define Trayvon’s life. We are just committed to change, to being some type of positive influence.” She has also expressed the family’s need to forgive Zimmerman, though she says that isn’t something they are able to comprehend or deal with yet.

Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, also voiced his opinion of the final verdict in the case, calling it “questionable.” Powell, on CBS’ Face the Nation, predicted that Martin’s case may fizzle out before long, saying cases such as Trayvon Martin’s, “blaze across the midnight sky,” before they are, eventually, barely even remembered.

Reports surfaced earlier this month that the Smithsonian Museum was interested in acquiring the blood-stained and bullet-holed sweatshirt Martin was wearing the night he died for their collection. Many thought this may keep the case in the spotlight for years to come. (Later, however, the Smithsonian refuted these claims.)

Trayvon’s “hoodie” became one of the most important pieces of evidence from, and symbols of, the shooting. Reportedly, in Zimmerman’s first description of the teen, he described the assailant as “wearing a hoodie.” Many people have taken that comment to be a racial profiling of the neighborhood watchman’s alleged “attacker,” aligning most kids today wearing hoodies with trouble. In support of Trayvon, many of his followers wore hoodies to protest at demonstrations. Van White, an attorney and founder of the Center for the Study of Civil and Human Rights Laws, as well as one of the main organizers’ of yesterday’s commemorative march, said of the infamous hoodie:

“If this [march] ends with just showing our frustration — we’re all carrying Skittles bags and wearing hoodies — if that’s where it ends, then Trayvon Martin would have died in vain. If we don’t create through this an opportunity, they will not remember this march if it’s just about Trayvon.”

Protesters of Trayvon’s death and acquittal of Zimmerman are still going strong, however; Law & Order: SVU is apparently filming an upcoming episode dealing with the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial, combining it with the other major controversial case of 2013, that of Paula Deen’s alleged bigotry. (The 15th season of Law & Order begins on September 25.)

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Image Courtesy David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons

  • Thomas Forsythe

    Great. What about the WWII veteran murdered by two white “kids”?

    • Thomas Forsythe

      Sorry, meant black

      • Redphilly61

        Freudian slip, huh?

      • mark

        What about WW2 Afro-American veterans lynched while still in uniform after that period in history. Or are you Whites better than everyone else?

        • http://Aol John Kelly.


        • John Kelly.

          There is no such thing as an “Afro-Americam” Where do you people dream this chit up? You’re either African or American…you can’t have it both ways, no matter how much you wish it. The whites are better than the blacks. You haven’t seen anybody playing the WHITE race card. Whites founded this country, and if they hadn’t, you’be be in Africa or British slaves today. Meanwhile, in 1861–65, almost a million whites died protecting your rights.

    • Judy Walker

      There’s isnt anymore room left for the WW2 vet because trayvon has taken up all the talk…sad sad..

  • Redphilly61

    Let’s go back to slavery…okay. That should hold you for awhile, Thomas.

  • gsgonzales

    lets see what anybody there has to say about the oklahoma murder, I bet MLK would have said something and it wouldn’t be anything like what that idiot holder said or silence like obutmouth has shown these are the real racists in america today.!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Mike Miller

    It is a sad thing that young man was killed. Sad if the man that killed him got off when all he had to do was leave the work to the police. Even sadder is the sites selling t- shirts to make money from his death. Doesn’t anyone have any pride anymore. Sick bastards

    • Paul

      Stupid Comment… Police would have killed this thug on this day or someday in the future if he had done any of the things he tried on Zimmerman… He was a thug, wannabe gang member and was constantly looking for trouble.. He just happened to find it on that day.

    • Judy Walker

      Guess you didnt see all trayvon’s other pics with him smoking dope…holding a gun…his cell phone and twitter conversation….yeah he’s a real saint in heaven smiling down at mommy and daddy for standing up for him…they ought to tell the truth about what their son was really like and stop trying to make him look like an innocent kid holding his skittle and tea…lets look at the real kid behind that..why did mommy kick her son out 3 times? Why wasnt he punished for his behavior ..instead he was going to the store buying candy and tea…why didnt mom and dad discipline their son which might have saved his life? The real culprits are mother and father who didnt discipline their son!

  • dino

    This story is so-o OVER ALREADY!!! – The Martin family are there just to sell some TM merchandise, Have U heard that STUPID sone Mom-Martin did with T.Bumm? ahahahaaaaa or seen the Trayvon Bobble-head? – ahahahahaaaaaaaa, WHAT NEXT?

  • Michelle

    sorry, i care more about the vet who served our country, more than a kid being killed, it happens everyday some one is getting shot, you dont hear this big of a deal for them, its sad he was killed, but let it go, you dont see all these happening about the 22 year old who was killed by 3 teens cause they were bored

    • Denise

      I pray you never lose a child to violence.

    • Sheilah

      I care more about the Veteran who served his country and, was also an old man. Imagine what kind of person that would gang up and beat an old person to death. Not a person….it was animals.

  • Alaskawarren

    Blacks are outraged because they can’t assault people without the risk of getting shot? WTF?

    • Andrea

      And who is saying that Travoon has assaulted anyone? Since when is self-defense assault?

    • holepuncher24

      No black people are outraged because white people are racist and you know it, you cant help yourselves. you sound ignorant, and i know you cant help it. mammy and pappy tricked your white mind.

      • http://None Rob Lane

        Blacks want respect, fine Get it the old fashioned way You earn it.Why is it the Vietnamese ,Pakistanis and countless
        other immigrants are successful while a majority of blacks are a failure. Trayvon was a punk and a nasty one at that.
        He got his about 5 years early but it would have happened

  • Kmmie

    Did they mention the WWII vet that was just killed randomly in Spokane by two black youths at this march? I bet not.

    • Matt

      Or the Australian college ball player that the three black shot because they were bored??

    • bob smith

      Of course not.To even equate this to what MLK did is a travesty.

      Nice collection of tees/hoodies on ebay. What a joke.

    • Jeff S.

      That’s not “news”, that’s relatively common. A matter of time before the whites are done tolerating, appeasing, “looking the other way” blacks trying to push their lazy, uneducated, welfare sucking, over breeding, disgusting way of life on the US. It drags the whole country down. If every African disappeared from the US, the country would flourish like never before. There is absolutely no benefit from having Africans in the United States, besides we get a gold medal in basketball Olympics every four years.

    • mark

      Yes they did!! We all know about it!! It is the Caucasian controlled media that has the power. Therefore, who is to blame?

  • Ande15

    The parents must be haunted by this and have pain no matter who’s as fault. As things are as they are and don’t change, feel for these people. You see the suffering in the mother’s eyes.

    • http://yahoo Rufio Pagano

      This mother was unable to handle her PROBLEM PUNK KID…he was expelled from school, she threw him out of the house, he went to live with his father, up state Fl, who was shacking up with another woman and was not married to her either….he was buying Skittles and IceTea which is used to make a drink the punks created to ‘turn them on”, and flashed gang signs, was videotaped being a punk in the Convenient Store, and she gets $$$$ for telling her lies about how Tray was SUCH A GOOD BOY? BULL-CRAP on her, her husband, the entire deluge of crap these racists are trying to sell the American public…the blacks buy it, but then why shouldn’t they, Al, Jesse, Holder, Oprah, and the rest just keep fanning the fires with the RAce Card.

    • Sheilah

      According to the reports that she really didn’t raise him, that is probably suffering due to guilt. I saw lots of suffering in the Zimmerman family eyes.

  • Sam

    Relax for 15 minutes and watch a real Reverend’s preaching… Rev. David Manning is who this culture needs. He speaks the truth. He’s the best… Hopefully Trayvon’s mother and father will see this or hear about it! Right on, Rev. Manning. Enjoy!!


  • bob jacobs

    when obama said he couldve been trayvon yrs. ago its a shame it wasnt great shot king geoge z. keep up the good work love it!

    • fjones

      should have been you

    • mark

      Bob Jacobs, I hope you are the next shooting victim!!!

      • boots

        wishing that on someone mark goes to show how stupid you are

  • Lawrence Callahan

    The black race murder 10 TIMES the amount of Hispanics and the white race combined. This does not mean all blacks are bad, but I am sick of hearing about poor Martin. Question ??? If Martin was a kid, why did his parents allowed him to run around a project area at 11:00 PM ?

  • Pete

    The punk assaulted someone and payed for it with his life. If he would have kept walking he would be alive today. Im tired of this BS, I feel for George Zimmerman,he did nothing wrong!

  • Larry

    why are we still talking about pot smoking, school drop out, and an ignorant black person…..trayvon was definately at fault as was proven by a court full of his peers……..george zimmerman was the was assaulted and yet the president feels sorry for the black man……..wow.what a suprise…….if the president feels like trayvon could have been his son…i wonder how his is raising his daughters…..too be like trayvon……makes us think doesn’t it

  • thegodfather4u

    Racism………Strange data that American’s obviously know nothing about. First, crimes by or against hispanics are not counted (See the last fact) when it comes to racial crimes reported by the Justice Department or the FBI, who are the agencies that report the data every year, and that data we are never made aware of by the so-called free media.

    FACT: Blacks are 9 times more to be killed by other blacks.
    FACT: Twice as many Whites are killed by Blacks …………
    FACT: 95% of interracial murders were Blacks Killing Whites.
    FACT: From 2000 to 2012…..65,000 Whites were killed by Blacks.
    FACT: Black males commit 63 % of all heterosexual rapes and 85 % of homosexual rapes in the U.S…….
    FACT: Over the past four decades since the “civil rights” movement, crime figures show that millions of crimes have been committed by Blacks and other non-White predators against White people. The crimes include robbery, assault, rape and murder.

    • mark

      No that is not true!! This is just based on convictions!! Caucasians are more likely NOT to be charged or convicted in any crime they commit such as every one you listed!! And it is an observable assumption that you are a bigoted Caucasian!!!

      • boots

        mark, when all else fails and you lose your argument, play the race card

  • Nick Heyward

    The best part of the article, the “allegedly racially-charged shooting trial”. “Allegedly” is right-on, and one of the million reasons this family and the Martin case does NOT need to be dragged into this otherwise fine remembrance of this speech.

  • ChrisFantauicci

    We should be proud of this criminal, I mean this young guy. He try to steal from others and try to kill someone..He should be our new Mather Luther King, I can’t wait to see the movie when hollywood pertray him as our Black Hero..lol

    • mark

      Someone who followed him with a weapon!!! Got out of the truck to confront this teenager talking on his cell phone while walking home!! Put yourself in his situation and see if you would not do the same!!

      • Jerry

        Yes, Mark. I’d have shot the thug too!

      • http://bing richard

        Martin being the high on pot thug he was made a choice to beat Zimmerman up and got shot for his efforts. Martin could have gone home and called the cops. Martin was a punk gangbanger end of story

    • Ethel

      Do you have any evidence that supports anything that you are saying? People who try to commit crimes are in jail aren’t they? The civil rights community is embracing the Trayvon Martin slaying because we all want our children to be able to walk the streets or anywhere else that they want to go in America and be left alone- we don’t want them profiled or courted into dangerous situations because of the color of their skin!!!

      • boots

        ethel, if the little thug would have answered zimmerman questions on why he was there, zimmerman would not have taken the action as he did. plus it was the little thug who came back around an assaulted zimmerman. remember what the thug g/f called zimmerman, a gay rapist, so who is the racist now

  • Walter Fletcher

    They talk about improving race relations in this country. The martin case and the dream defenders, have set back the race issue to when m.l.k. gave his speech. Hope they all sleep well at night knowing they are making money off this THUG!


    what the hell could the mother and father of the year (hahaha) say that anyone with half a brain would listen too!! they raised a thug , they buried a thug case closed, f–kem both!!

    • mark

      And the same to you Barry!!!

  • crissman

    justice for chris lane
    justice for chris lane
    justice for chris lane
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    justice for chris lane

    • http://bing richard

      The cold blooded murder of Chris Lane has shown to the world who the real Racist in this country. We have a President that can’t wait to open his mouth when ever a Black is in the picture. Every Black Leader is also there with him Jackson, Holder, Sharpton and now Collin Powell which I find a real disappointment. Blacks in this country need to get beyond being pawns in the power game that your Black leaders are playing with you

  • DRW

    The punk is dead, the perp was acquitted.Just let the story die already. Sheesh,it’s a helluva lesson to learn for not respecting your elders, but maybe other youth can take heed.

    • Ethel

      Why would anyone teach their child to respect someone like Zimmerman – a “wanna be” cop on medication and “patrolling” around with a gun- not to mention the domestic violent charges and other brushes with the law- even a police officer? If anything, one would teach their child to stay far away from this type of an individual and run when you can!!!!

      • boots

        ethel, are you that ignorant of the facts about the little thug. all those accusations about zimmerman were dropped, get over it already

  • http://riverroadsoftware.com DRP

    Trayvon Martin did not have to die. His death was a result of a combination of bad decisions. Both He and Zimmerman contributed to the tragedy. There were several times as the incident unfolded where a better decision would have led to a better outcome. Once Martin decided to take action, he became responsible for the next stage of the confrontation – that ended in his death.

    • Ethel

      Trayvon was a kid – and teenagers are not expected or known for making sound decisions. However, Zimmerman is a grown man who should have left the boy alone and NONE of this would have happened!! Trayvon was committing no crime other than “walking black” which made him look suspicious to Zimmerman – that is what the civil rights community is enraged by- that is why the protests and rallies still continue until they can pressure the DOJ into prosecution.

      • http://bing richard

        Ethel he was a punk kid it happens he was Black. There are many white punk kids out there too and had Trayvon been White there wouldn’t even be a story. It’s a story because of your Racist Leaders know what buttons to push when it comes to people like you.

      • sjl

        Trayvon committed a crime when he attacked Zimmerman. You failed to mention that in your post.

  • paul

    mark, you must be a black man. you are walking around with blinders on, like the people that voted for obama. your little boy was a criminal with a history, not a good little boy like the media portrayed him. thats liberals for you, the truth is no where to be found. hes lucky he wasn’t shot long before this. as for as the parents, thats a real joke. seemed real concerned now, but where were they as he was growing up. mother kicked him out of the house and the father was no where around.

    • Ethel

      Of course, his parents confirmed your version that he was thrown out of the house and his “father was no where around”? Even if your version of Trayvon’s life was supported by facts and it is not, are you saying that because of his alleged social issues he deserved to be slain? Believe it or not, by your way of thinking this may seem impossible, the boy was still a citizen of the U.S. and people in here are not killed for bad behavior!! Oh, Pres. Obama was elected twice by the majority of people – white and black – are all these people wrong and someone like you is right?

  • http://webpronews/life Tracey

    You white Americans are pathetic. Your children are the biggest “thugs” out here. You try to all hide the facts they are manic, bi-polar depressive kids on zanax or any other drug they call “legal”. Whites are not better than any other race. Period. Your stupid ass kids “cheat” their way through school, college just to get ahead because they are stupid. Whites commit crimes more than any other race. The justice system feels sorry for them so they get set free. Everyone who commented the kid should have been killed because he was a black thug, you will be judged. I hope you burn in the fires of hell where you racist all belong. Always remember Karma is a MF. Your kids may be in the same situation one day.

    • http://bing richard

      @ Tracey it really is a shame that blacks in this country wish to remain victims. Your Black President and your Black leaders have a boot on all of your throats and you choose to have it that way. Their power comes from you staying ignorant and them being able to fuel the hatred they instill in you. You aren’t slaves to Whites your slaves to your Black leaders

    • World Citizen

      I am sorry that you have had bad experiences. My children are not on any medications. They are fine upstanding men who have been raised to treat all people with respect. My husband was once long ago handed a Klan card invitation and he told them sorry not his belief and hate is a one on one thing. Meaning he judges each individual on his own merits. You should check your facts on the schools and crime. I hope you find someway to get rid of all that hatred and anger. If you had ever met me I hope we could be friends because obviously you could use a better example of a white person that what you have experienced. God Bless and I pray for you to find peace.

    • Rocky

      Really, then get the F@%* out of White America you pathetic ass hole. Trayvon that is all I have too see and hear every day. NONE of us know the truth but African Americans use it as a way to start an up roar. How much of a DISGRACE was it that Trayvon was honored in Washington on a day that MLK gave probably 1 of the top 5 admirable speeches in America history.Hoods and T shirts for Trayvon I wouldn’t wipe my dogs ass with then let alone even let my dog use as a chew rag, not because I am racist because I am not because NO one knows the truth.

    • redmond

      tracy you are so full of shit…..

    • Chris


    • http://Webpronews Bond

      Tracey, you’re pathetic and so jealous because you know you blacks have nothing like us. Our kids won’t bee in the same situation because they go to school, college and work for a living! Maybe if you worked instead of having multiple babies with multiple fathers who’s name you probably don’t even kmow, you might know what a good life in America is like. We do but that’s because we work and pay taxes so your worthless getto thugs can collect free checks from a president who was elected because so many worthless blacks voted. Many were too dumb to get to the polls, they had to be taken by buses. Oh, you should be use to the buses though.

  • World Citizen

    Is this country ever going to get past racism? I realize there are a few that are racist. However, 90 percent of the white race judge a person by their actions. I am 51 and never even heard the N word or any other derogatory comment about blacks growing up. Most of us are only offended by the gangster attitude and the language used in Rap that is derogatory to women and has violent content that glamorizes violence and drugs. I think Bill Cosby is great example. He does none of the above and even his shows promote family value, education and morality. When children and adults use the RAP persona on a daily basis it just makes matters worse. Is so far as Al Sharpton and Spike Lee they are just stirring the pot for their own personal gain. I feel for the parents but even my white child has been discriminated and beaten by police officers. It is now time for truth and reconciliation like the did in Rwanda. I as a white person apologize for our race for slavery, discrimination etc. Being a woman we have experienced the same.

    • http://bing richard

      Whites are the victims of now racist acts everyday in America and who speaks up for us ???????

  • Diana

    Article from today:
    Black Mob on Rampage Fractures Cop’s Skull – Public ‘Has No Idea’ of Racial Hatred Directed Toward White Officers