Trayvon Martin Texts, Photos Released By Zimmerman’s Defense Attorneys

    May 23, 2013
    John Vinson
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The Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case took another interesting turn today as Zimmerman’s defense released photos and text message exchanges from Martin’s cell phone. The photos show Martin blowing smoke, riding a horse, and holding a gun. With the defense releasing the photos, they’re hoping to defame Martin in hopes of proving Zimmerman’s claims of self defense.

The judge presiding over the case allowed the photos to be used, if they showed Martin showed a history of violence.

Here are a few of the photos released by the defense.




The defense also released text messages from Martin’s phone.




I’m not sure what the defense hopes to gain by showing Martin on a horse, but I didn’t go to law school, so what do I know?

[Source: CBS Miami]
  • Janet

    I don’t care what he said in the text, that still do not give that white man (Zimmerman) to shoot this defenseless young man. Kids say a lot of things just to try to fit in with their peers. As the person he was texting stated “so you are TURNING in to a hoodlum…lies.com u soft”. In other words, if you the courts knew anything about the streets, Trayvon was not a violent person at all and that he was just talking shit about the violence. However, he was not armed this white man is trying to get off and that’s a damn shame. We are still living in such a racist country. The white girl killed her baby, tried cleaning the smell out of her car, lied on her parents and still got away with it. This world really need a serious whooping for God. How dare you try to make this young man out to be a violent person when he was walking down the street minding his own business when a WHITE RACIST boy comes out of no where and decide to pick a fight with Trayvon and then shoot and kill him. Florida is full of DOG POOP

    • http://zoomtown.com Ralph

      It seems the issue for Janet is color: Black is good; white is bad. Martin is good because he’s black: Zimmerman is bad because he is white. A similar logic applies: Black = non-racists, all people equal: White = racist, all black people bad.

      Jeez! Just as soon as you get into the rightness of black and the evil of white the story becomes not about fact but fact from emotion, color, and age. This whole thing is out of hand, after all, Malcolm X could have been my father.

    • Sandra

      U are the one full of poop,. Race has nothing to do with it… Humans killing humans if you were as smart as you think you are you would know zimmerman is hispanic so what is your racial slurr now?

    • jamesbond

      your just in denial..

    • Dancer

      Janet, I am currious on what your opinion of this story is…


      Do you see any racism here? Why no public outcry for them?

  • Janet

    Yes, I was upset while reading the article, in which I made some errors. So, I am back to clarify. That still give no right for the white man (Zimmerman)to kill a defenseless young man. This world really need a serious whooping from God. Not for God, but FROM God. Please accept the fact that we as African Americans are not going anywhere. Enough is enough for all this racism. Trayvon was walking and minding his own business, that man harassed Trayvon because he was black, he never seen him in the area before, and Trayvon was not feeding into the racist Zimmerman B^^^S*** (Im sure Zimmerman was talking mess). May God have Serious Mercy on Zimmerman

  • Bob Medina

    Why do they keep showing those cute pictures of Trayvon? He wan not a saint. Those photos I think are to sway peoples opinion of Mr, Zimmerman. The “older” photos of Mr. Martin tells me is has some “Thug” potential. The hoodie, the smoking,this leads me to believe that is is not all that innocent.

    • Dancer

      I have two comments – One, In reading the actual texts, I notice that he wants to portray himself as an uneducated thug/gangster. His texts are hardly intelligible. Secondly, I sure wish that black people in general were not so racist. I wish they saw themselves as just a person, a human being. I have noticed that they always identify themselves as a black person and whites as white people. I wish they would stop seeing the color of skin. We are all just humans. Not everything that happens is automatically because of skin color.

  • http://WWW.Outlook.com Yusuf Mustafa Ali

    My opinion is my own and like everyone else I am all entitled to one, whether it states all the exact truth of what happen at the time of the incident is not the point here, what is relevant is the fact that: A Young Black male was walking down the street doing what he was entitled to do by the Constitution of America, being secure in his own property (his space) he was not attacking anyone nor was he infringing on any other’s rights to be secure in their own person. He was unarmed and not being an aggressor to mr.zimmerman, he was walking away from said person and on his way to his own residence, he became the victim of said person, who was pursuing him with a firearm, after being told by police to stand down, ignoring police order, said person zimmerman continued his aggressive pursuit of this young man and Young Black male was shot dead by the said aggressive person zimmerman, those are the facts. This is an immoral, heinous, beastial unconscionable act of total disregard for Trayvon Martin Right of a Human Being’s Right to Live. This thing zimmerman does not have any right to deprive this young man of His Human Life and I Pray to the Creator of the Heavens and Earth the George Zimmerman’s life and the life of his Family receive the same Treatment that He gave to Trayvon Martin and His Family. That is Fair. I sign this Yusuf Mustafa Ali

  • Yusuf Mustafa Ali

    I am posting my opinion of this incident because it is disturbing that people would try to make the things that Trayvon Martin did as a teenager
    justifies zimmerman the right to take Trayvon’s life ,I know that what zimmerman did, was heinous, bestial, unconscionable and unforgivable. I will not forgive this act because it was a deliberate act of murder with the intend to kill in my opinion. I further Pray that the Creator of the Heavens above and the Earth treat George Zimmerman and his Family the same way the Trayvon Martin and His Family have been Treated, I will Pray this everyday until it happens, Yusuf Ali

  • Sandra

    No one in this world is perfect, I wish the young man was alive and well. But to make something racial out of it is absolutely deplorable to me. I get so tired of all that stuff. We live in america, a great country, melting pot. I am heinz 57 like most people in this world not one true race hardly any more. But I am a human first and formost and so is everyone who lives. Put the color of your skin aside, treat people as people. STOP being racist on both sides of the fence. Every race has good and bad. I do not know about anyone out there but my family were slaves in the past but personally I have never been one. I earn my own way in life and expect no one to give me a hand out because of the color of my skin or the color of my ancestors. The past is the past. Honor your history but live in the present.

    • Dancer

      Perfectly said…

  • Jon Will

    “They should rename this: ” The DUKE LACROSSE RAPE CASE Part 2 ”
    … Media fabricated NONSENSE to INFLAME racial tensions in order to make HUGE CASH and sell commercial/ad space . And whats the cost? The Further division of the races and social disharmony !!! This is SHAMEFUL ! The main stream media nowadays is NO better than Reality TV or some bank RIPPING you off with Late fees and ATM charges !!!”

  • Aaron

    Zimmerman is from Spanish decent it is racist as hell to call him white