Trayvon Martin Shouts Analyzed in Court

    May 15, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Over one year ago, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed while walking from a convenience store to his home in his Florida neighborhood. The shooter, George Zimmerman, claims that he shot Martin in self-defense, but he is now on trial for the 17-year-old’s murder.

This week, a pre-trial hearing for Zimmerman’s trial turned to the topic of the shouts heard on a 911 call recorded at the time of the incident. Zimmerman had called a non-emergency police number at the time of the incident. Martin was also on the phone, with a female friend who has stated she heard Martin say, “Why are you following me?” shortly before his death.

According to an Associated Press report on the trial, the prosecution has hired audio experts to determine whether the shouts heard on the call recording were those of Zimmerman or Martin. Of the two experts cited in the story, one found that the shouts were Martins and the other found they were a mix of both Zimmerman and Martin. In a court filing, Zimmerman’s lawyer has stated that he believes the audio analysis could prejudice jurors, and should not be allowed at the trial.

Since he was charged with Martin’s murder, Zimmerman has been in hiding and using various schemes to pay for his legal representation.

  • mercedes gordon miles

    That piece of crap George Zimmerman, need to pay for what he did to trayvon.

    • http://yahoo john conley

      aparently u haare an ignorant person who has only heard the media response and have taken that at face value.are u aware that the pitcher they keep showing of [ poor little trayvon ]was taken when he was 12 yrs.old ! did u know that 2 weeks before this he was arreested for beating up a bus driver for not letting him ride for free? did u know [ little trayvon ] was a gang banger with a rap sheet as long as your arm? did u know that [little ] trayvons facebook page is known as BAD NIGGAH] the next time u open your mouth .do the math first !

      • mee

        fukkk you and that lying bullshit. u can hear that KID screaming for his life and you can hear that prejudice FUKK stalking and then KILLING him in COLD BLOOD, period the end. NOTHING in that kids past gave that wetback ignorant fuk the right to KILL

        • charles

          you were doing good right up until you use the term “wetback” – now you are simply another “ignorant fuk” that does not understand the situation. Please refrain from using racist slurs if you want your opinion to be respected. And I support Martin not Zimmerman. Zimmerman should go to jail for manslaughter.

      • Tam

        None of that justifies following and killing someone. Zimmermans life was not in jepordy he wanted to be a big shot inspite of dispatch telling him not to follow the the alleged person and to let the police handle the sitution

      • Sash

        At least try to be a literate racist. This is so terribly written it is hard to take it seriously. it’s laughable!

      • steve

        None of Trayvon’s past matters in this case. How does a guy like Zimmerman claim self defense when it is he who approach Trayvon. Zimmerman should have waited for the police to arrive and handle it.

        • http://Yahoo Mary

          As a neighborhood Watch Captain, he had every right to stop someone and ask what they’re doing roaming around a gated community late at night, especially since there had been several recent break-ins in the complex. TM was no more than a teenage thug. The picture they show of him when he was 12 y/o does definitely not resemble the “gold tooth” teenage hoodlum he had become since 12 y/o.

          • Lea

            He did not have the right to follow someone after the police were called and told Zimmerman to NOT follow. A neighborhood watch is not a police force. If Martin was a gang thug, all the more reason to let police handle it. We’ll never know who started the altercation, so I feel Zimmerman was wrong to not do as the police told him–do not follow.

          • sandy

            the cops told him to leave the kid alone they would handle it, enough said. No one deserves what that kid got, I dont care what he did in the past or that day

        • sandy

          thats right, he had 0 business following that kid around

      • http://google Diamond

        Fist off who cares about what trayvon was george killed him and he needs to be

      • sandy

        How the hell do you kno all this? Ive never heard any of it, and I believe if Mr Zimmerman did what the police told him too, Trayvon would still be alive and this asshole wouldnt be up on murder charges, just assault. He stalked that kid and too bad the kid didnt get him first, I wouldnt want any adult following my kid around harrassing them, hes lucky he didnt get shot. Hes a wannabe cop who couldnt get on the force so he made his life following others trying to catch that burglar they had……. LOSER

      • John

        Thank you

    • Joey

      Trayvon was an idiot….what retard gets into a fight in the dark at night? Even though he had the advantage of being damn near invisible.

      • Sash

        As you are on here, Joey. Probably not your real name.

      • sandy

        he was stalked or did u forget that??? he didnt go looking for some nut to follow him around

    • rick monroe

      LOL, THAT PIECE OF SHIT TREYVONN GOT WHAT HE DESERVED now we both look ignorant, I just hated to see you , out there all by yourself, when in reality all we have done is removed another food stamp recipient .. ya know he would have been on it sooner or later~

      • sandy

        hopefully u will get what u deserve…..

  • Andiegee

    Second word is your article is a “misspell”. I think it should be one and not on.

    • Sean Patterson

      Corrected. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • tina

    sad they keep putting a picture of a 12 year old martin up there, but his facebook pics up. why post old pictures? the truth will come out one day this kid was up to no good.

  • Shelley

    I think they should put this Zimmerman away – his story has changed so many times. Just another excuse for the lawyers to drag this thing out and make more money for themselves. There was no weapon found on Trayvon so what was Zimmerman defending? Just so there is no accusation of racism, I am white.

    • rick monroe

      I think they shoudl understand the law allows him to defend himself from jungle bunny enchroachment! Florida Statute 34a8

      • sandy

        he followed the kid and stalked him he wouldnt have to “defend” himself if he minded his own business or listened to what the cops told him. Just cause the kids black doesnt make him a burglar……

  • steve


    • Sash

      People are tired of illiterate racists.

  • Celine

    What was he defending???? He was defending his life from a thug who tried to kill him by bashing his head on concrete, but did not realize his target was armed. Too bad for him. Martin was not the sweet-faced child in the picture, rather, a drug-pusher who was kicked out of school because of drugs and stolen jewelry; proud of his grille and gang affilliation on facebook. One less gang-banger on the loose. Had he killed Zimmerman, no one would have heard about it.

    • sandy

      if he hadnt followed the kid for blocks none of this would have happened. Or does that not matter to you??? People are crazy, maybe one day you will get followed by some nut and see how u like it……

  • Unassigned

    Soo… how about using a picture of this thug at the age he actually was when he attacked Zimmerman? Typical liberal media bias.

    • Sash

      Where’s your picture?

  • Jay

    If Trayvon Martin killed Zimmerman, it would be all over the news, “self-defense” would be out of the picture, and Trayovn would’ve immediately recieved the death penalty. C’mon now, let’s be real here. Trayvon may not have been the innocent little boy that the media is making him out to be, but then again, he surely could have been…I wouldn’t know because I did not know him, and I doubt any of you on here makig ignorant, racist comments did. Truth is racism is alive and very well, sadly. Change starts with us people!

    • rick monroe

      anbd treyvon got the death sentence lol another one I wont have to feed for the next 50 years or until he dies robbing someone

  • Bryan

    Point blank if this was your son,nephew,brother, coming home from a freakin convenience store none of this negative comments would be tolerated he is not the law he had no right to follow the kid the dispatcher told him not to follow him…Vigilantes are illegal period no matter what his background was they found gay black porn on his computer what about that crap???? dont hear u defending all his crimes takin all the donation money and buyin guns and bullet proof vest and cars please get YALL FACTS STRAIT.

    • sandy

      right on, who the hell follows people around harrassing them when they are doing nothing wrong? George is a head case and everyone knows that by now. poor kid didnt deserve to die casue some nut thought he was up to no good. If it were their kids they wouldnt be saying this shit I guarantee they would all be angels…… People are nasty and hate on u for no reason at all, I dont care what the kid did illegal or otherwise, he wasnt doing anything but walking back to watch a basketball game on tv with his father…..

  • John


  • John

    Thank you Jon conley