Tori Spelling’s Home Life is a Real Nightmare

By: Jerrica Tisdale - December 29, 2013

Last week,US Weekly published a story revealing that Dean McDermott cheated on wife Tori Spelling while filming for his Chopped hosting stint in Canada.The mistress,Emily Goodhand, claimed that McDermott told her about his sexless marriage one night.After  talking and flirting,the pair decided to head up to his hotel to end their night.

More details have recently been released on how Spelling is really taking this news. According to Radar Online, Spelling completely believes  McDermott cheated on her earlier this month.Radar’s source claims that Spelling is remaining silent about it on social media to protect her public persona.

“Tori is obsessed with having a picture perfect family, and thinks it’s a big part of her image. Commenting or addressing the cheating would taint that image.Things are very tense in the house right now,and Tori is making Dean’s life hell”,said source.

The source further goes on to claim that Spelling is trying to keep the couple’s problems from their children.But Spelling screams and cries so much that it’s hard to ignore. Spelling even went as far as to  tell McDermott that he ruined everything, including Christmas.

Radar’s source further revealed that the environment has really become unhealthy.McDermott offered to move out,but Spelling wouldn’t allow it. The source finally said that Spelling always worried that McDermott would cheat.

“She has never completely trusted him and has always kept very close tabs on Dean. But despite all that, Dean still cheated.”

Radar Online previously reported that McDermott cheated because he was constantly wanting sex from Spelling. Spelling complained to her friends about this just months prior to the cheating scandal reveal.

Before Spelling and McDermott married,they cheated on their previous spouses with one another.Therefore,some may say that it’s really not a shock McDermott cheated on Spelling considering his cheating pattern.

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  • mealymae

    once a cheater always a cheater,just dump the bum Tori,you dont need him you can do better without him!

    • Leonor

      Yea — it’s Karma –I believe if their relationship started with an affair, it will most likely end with an affair. I feel for the kids.

  • Barbara

    Tori, You played with fire when you both cheated on your spouses. However, I am not here to judge. Only God will be the one to judge. You both married each other knowing full well that you both cheat!! So get over it all ready…..if you still love the man FORGIVE him and move on. If you don’t still love the man let him go and move on. It’s not all that easy to do any of this because of your children that you have together….Dean should have thought of that. But then again men don’t always think with the right head!!! I am sending prayers your way. God Bless you all.

    • Dean=LOSER

      “Tori is obsessed with having a picture perfect family, and thinks it’s a big part of her image”…

      DUH ? Her family is important to her.

  • sherri

    Karma is a great! Imagine how Mary Jo felt when Dean left her. Maybe Tori can understand what she did to Mary Jo and her 2 kids when her family broke up because of cheating.

  • TheBride

    This is the Kathy Lee Gifford syndrome. The reaction to his cheating would be far less if Tori Spelling hadn’t gushed about how perfect her family is all these years. I don’t dislike Tori Spelling as many do, but I believe she has a typical anorexia personality (whether she is truly anorexic or not) in that she needs perfection and she’s all confused about her relationship with her (deceased) father. I hope they work it out–but their relationship was founded on cheating, so this is….complicated!

  • http://lifechannel rhon

    It is unfortunate that she publishes every single detail of her personal life. Lately, however, it’s been obvious that she is not doing as much posting. We didn’t see all the children’s Halloween costumes, their Thanksgiving spread, or much about Christmas. Also, Dean has not been sharing his menus etc. on her site since October! Maybe she should take a page from her brother’s book. He holds a job, keeps his family life private, lives out of state, and never whines or seems to call any attention to himself. Tori and Dean crave publicity to the extreme. Even though it was nice to believe they had a marriage that would survive HOLLYWOOD, how much of what we saw was real in the first place? I think they lost themselves in this make-believe image they created for the public. Hope they find their way through this for their sakes and especially for their children’s stability.

  • Jessica Garrett

    Think that Tori is a very good person in so many ways and that she should get rid of her cheating husband and find a good man. It is so sad for the children but think that they would be better off if Tori away from him and just let him see them on a regular basis. She needs to follow in her brother’s footsteps and get out of Hollywood.

  • BoogerFree


  • Sam in LV

    Wife tries to control husband with sex. Husband still has sex. Wife is upset to learn she cannot control husband.