Tom Brady Johnny Manziel: Don’t Be a “Turd”


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When asked about the taunting controversy surrounding Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady advised the Heisman winner not to be “a turd.”

Apparently Johnny Football had saved up quite a bit of trash talk while sitting out the first half of the Texas A&M-Rice game last Saturday, because he ran his mouth just as often as he threw touchdown passes—a lot. Manziel was eventually benched by his coach in the fourth quarter after receiving an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

After first doing a “no autographs for you” gesture to one Owl player on a third-down conversion, Manziel threw a touchdown pass, which he followed up by directing a “money counting” gesture to other Owl defenders. Yellow flags were thrown, Johnny Football was benched, and after the game Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumerlin said Manziel’s taunting “wasn't very smart.”

The football world isn’t too pleased about Manziel’s antics either, especially since many believe he got off easy after the autograph scandal. Brady did an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Thursday when the host brought up the issue of showboating during a game, something the three-time Super Bowl champ doesn’t seem to think a lot of.

“I get pretty emotional,” Brady said. ” I have a lot of respect for…my teammates, for my organization and certainly for other guys in the NFL. Football’s a physical game…and as [Kraft] would say, ‘If you’re a turd, it’s going to come back to you.’”

In other words, Manziel better refrain from all the trash talk and taunting when the Aggies face SEC opponents such as Alabama and LSU later in the season. As Jadeveon Clowney showed with “The Hit” during the Michigan-South Carolina bowl game, you don’t want to give superior defenders any reason to get more fired up.

Brady’s advice about not being a “turd” has received a lot of laughs as well as some criticism:

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