Titanfall Was The Critical Darling Of E3 2013


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Every year, critics from a variety of Web sites and print publications gather to debate what they thought was the best game at E3. For this year's awards, there was one clear winner among the pack of nominees.

The Games Critics Awards published a list of winners today with EA and Respawn's Titanfall taking Best of Show and a bunch of other words. In fact, it was the only game to win more than one award, for a total of six. Here are the winners:

Best of Show - Titanfall

Best Original Game - Titanfall

Best Console Game - Titanfall

Best Handheld/Mobile Game - Tearaway

Best PC Game - Titanfall

Best Hardware/Peripheral - Oculus Rift

Best Action Game - Titanfall

Best Action/Adventure Game - Watch Dogs

Best Role Playing Game - The Elder Scrolls Online

Best Racing Game - Need for Speed: Rivals

Best Sports Game - NHL 14

Best Strategy Game - Total War: Rome II

Best Social/Casual Game - Fantasia: Music Evolved

Best Online Multiplayer - Titanfall

Best Downloadable Game - Transistor

The awards make it pretty obvious that people really liked Titanfall. The online multiplayer-only game from Respawn and EA pits players against each other in a sci-fi world full of guns and mechs. It certainly looks fun, but it's still surprising to see that the judges were so enamored with the title.

Interestingly enough, some promising games including The Witcher III, The Division and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were disqualified as the judges were not allowed to get their hands on playable builds. If they were, some of these awards might have looked very different.