Tina Fey Owes Alec Baldwin For Some Parenting Skills She Learned While Working With the Actor on '30 Rock'

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Tina Fey owes Alec Baldwin.

The This Is Where I Leave You actress told David Letterman Friday that working with Baldwin really prepared her for the challenges of motherhood.

"I feel like I try to use some techniques I learned working with Alec," Fey said on her appearance on Late Night With David Letterman.

Fey said what she learned from Baldwin is particularly handy in dealing with her three-year-old daughter, Penelope. The 30 Rock alum and husband Jeff Richmond also have an older, nine-year-old daughter, Alice.

"She starts preschool in a couple weeks, which I think is gonna be real interesting," Fey said of Penelope. "Once I finally got her into preschool, and it was a done deal, I was like, 'Hey, let me tell you some stuff about her. She is not potty-trained, she's allergic to nuts, and she bites. So, I gotta go!' It's the preschool hat trick! She thinks she's [potty-trained] so that's good. She likes to wear underpants, and then it all goes wrong."

Penelope may need to work on her potty-training skills, but Fey says her little one has other talents.

"I feel like she's a very smart little one," the SNL alum told Letterman. "She just is very willful. We have this little library that we go to in our neighborhood and on Sundays they have a thing where they put out toys. They put out like, a dollhouse, and all these little cars and toys, and she loves it. But, it only goes until like 11 a.m. I see the clock ticking and I go, 'Alright, I gotta start planning how we're gonna get outta here… how we're gonna get out of here alive.'"

Fey said she uses the same psychology she used on her 56-year-old 30 Rock co-star.

"I feel like I try to use some techniques I learned working with Alec," she admitted. "It's like, I'm gonna present the idea that we might leave now, but make [her] think it's her idea. It would work better with Alec than with the baby."

In the end, Fey just picked up the stubborn little girl and carried her out of the library, kicking and screaming all the way.

Pam Wright