Tim Tebow Trade Rumors Abound After Manning Signs With Denver

    March 20, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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After landing the most sought-after free agent in the NFL–Peyton Manning–the Denver Broncos are now rumored to be considering trading quarterback Tim Tebow rather than having him back up Manning, even after he helped lead them to the playoffs in 2011. The trade rumors have Tebow fans in an uproar and have garnered claims that he is being treated unfairly, since he was only given the chance to prove himself for a year. But it isn’t as if he’ll be cut loose for long; according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, there are already some teams interested in picking up the young player.

Three teams to monitor as trade talks for Tim Tebow pick up: Jacksonville, Green Bay, San Francisco.(image) 2 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

The Jacksonville Jaguars may be the team to watch as this plays out, since their location alone may be reason enough for Tebow to choose them. Brad Culpepper, former NFL defensive tackle and ex-Florida Gator, is good friends with Tim, and he and his wife, Monica, say they wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where Tebow ended up.

“Brad and I just had dinner with Tim last week and I don’t think this comes as a shock or surprise to him that Manning was actually going to go there,” Monica said in an interview. “And in all honesty, Tim said, ‘I miss home. I miss the South. And hopefully I’ll land somewhere in Florida.’ I sure hope Jacksonville takes him because he’s such a great kid, such a good player and would be so thrilled to come back to the South.”

Tebow’s teammates seem to be in full support of the direction they are moving in, led by John Elway. Linebacker Von Miller said, “As far as what Mr. Elways is doing, that is what you have to be doing to be successful in this league,” he said. “You can’t just put all your eggs in one basket. It’s all up to Tim. In my opinion, I feel like he can get it done. But, looking at it from Mr. Elway’s point of view, you always got to be defining your options. What’s the next thing? And that’s just how the league is today.”

Twitter reaction was mixed at first, but Tebow has quite a loyal following of fans and they have supported him through his changes over the years. Some Denver fans are now questioning where their own loyalties lie and some say that if these rumors are true, they will have to re-evaluate their support for the Broncos.

The young athlete definitely has a lot of people in his corner, from fans to the companies he works as a spokesman for. They’re making it clear that no matter where his career takes him, they will be behind him; Jockey issued a statement to TMZ yesterday when the rumor mill first began to churn, saying, “Jockey brought Tim Tebow on as a spokesperson before he took his first professional snap and even before he finalized his contract with an NFL team. Jockey supports him 100% and we look forward to continuing our great relationship with Tim.”

Fallon: So Denver will trade Tim Tebow aftr 1 yr as a starter. Even Kim Kardashian was like ‘Come on, who dumps a pro athlete that quickly?’(image) 15 hours ago via Twuffer ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I would trade my spouse for Tim Tebow. But I don’t have a spouse.. And when I do it will be Tim Tebow.. So I won’t have to trade.(image) 3 days ago via Twitter for iPad ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I swear if the Broncos trade Tim Tebow I will burn everything down!!!!! -_-(image) 3 days ago via Twitter for Android ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto


  • Joe Momma

    Tim Tebow wears white socks…

    • http://Yahoo Cleo Taurus

      White socks and Stayfree tampons!

      • Anton

        you are an idiot.

        • person with class

          you are sick!

      • kathy

        You all must be jealous!!!

    • http://cornellius.brown@yahoo.com cornellius brown


      • DC

        Buy an english dictionary cornellius brown

      • Adam

        darr, dah dar darrr…

    • henry scott

      send tebow to tampa, Bucs with tebowthay will win everything

    • http://yahoo.com cameron parker

      u need 2 shut the fuck up tim tebow is a fuckin awseome quarterback!

      • kathy


      • WDSBFL

        Who is the filthy loud mouth telling everyone else to shut up? I see they have already eliminated his response. I am not the least worried about Brother Tebo as our GOD will always take care of us. HE usually takes us out of one situation to place us in a better place. God bless you Tebo.

    • kathy

      And you wear PINK ONES.

    • steve lehman

      Tim Tebow wishes to go home to Fla. At this point his career will probably be much longer than P. Manning’s. Jacksonville wants him, he wants Fla. It’s a perfect match.

      Best luck to a great young Q.B. s. lehman

  • BahamaBob

    Sounds like a shrewd move. Why can’t he (TIM) just be happy wih all that money to be a back up quaterback. The “old Man” will get hurt.

    • Owen K.

      Well, Bob, as I understand it, Tebow had no say in the matter whatsoever. So, it isn’t he that is not satisfied. It is rather Elway and the Bronco front office. Now, if Manning gets reinjured, good luck Broncos. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket. That is exactly what Elway has done.

      • red d

        he sucks anyway he cant even throw the ball i would trade him to afghanistan

        • http://facebook Lorrie

          I totally agree talking about putting all your eggs in one basket and yes , I don’t feel Tim has any say so about it at all ..good point what if Manning gets hurt again than what ?????

          • Bill

            Exactly.I dont see why people are so surprised by this.Teblow sucks.The Jackasses wouldnt have even been in the playoffs if Oakland had took care of their business and beat San Diego the last game of the year.Instead they stumbled in with an 8-8 record and get run out of the playoffs in the second round.And I love the guy who says thanks for returning the Donkos to mediocrity.LMAO!!8-8 isnt mediocre?? What world do you live in?? 3 of the 4 teams in the AFC West were all 8-8.Donkeys needed a tie breaker just to qualify for the playoffs so dont make it sound like you were headed for the Super Bowl with Teblow.

          • Ann

            Tebow is going to be a thorn that you haters are going to be trying to dig out of your butts for a LONG time. I’d invest in a backup pair of twizzers if I were you… the first pair just might get lost in the giant hole you are digging!

      • outlawz

        i agree with you 100% elway might have signed his on death certificate by getting rid of tebow the man got the broncos all the way to the damn playoffs and they dump him like that the same way the 49ers are doing alex smith

        • Ryan

          Tebow provided very little help getting his team as far as they did last year. It was their defense primarily and there offensive line was not too shabby either. I could have been the Broncos QB and produced the same results.

          • Ann

            Where was the defense in the first 5 games Ryan?

          • Anton

            You are funny!!!!!!

          • Gulfgator

            Where was the defense against new england? If you think denver’s o-line was good you need to not have an option about sports

          • tom bruce

            i amm 77 years old and i bet i would be better than this bozo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • dscott

            thank you! the defense was 80% of the equation

        • TIM TEBOWS #1 FAN

          wtf crawled up elways ass and possesed him 2 trade sucky as all hell manning fer the best man in the NFL????????????????????????? mannings gonna get hurt again and the broncos r gonna suck again i mean look at what happened to the colts after he left they won like 2 games this last year. this is bull shit!!!!! after i found this out i was so mad i wanted to find elway and slap all the stupid from his brain that was clouding his judgement. im gonna get to the point…………
          Tebow as quarterback= playoff games and if elway wasnt as stupid as all hell, maybe a super bowl
          Manning as quarterback= sucky team and most likely a record of 0-12

      • http://webpronews.com everett

        Tebow couldn’t read defenses, nor throw timing patterns to receivers. KC made adjustments and shut him down, other coordinators would have too, it was just a matter of time. He’s a good football player, just not a quarterback.

        • Ann

          He made it to the playoffs period! That better than 18 other quarterbacks in the NFL. I’d say that qualifies him as a good quarterback….don’t even go there with the defense and the offense as I said above 1-4 before Tebow shuts that down!

          • linda farley

            Broncos made a huge mistake.HUGE!!!!!!

          • http://donottradetimtebow Carlos

            If tebow get trade i wont like the Broncos no more

        • Gulfgator

          What was Orton’s record before he got benched. I think it is clear that orton nor tebow was the problem. The o-line just stunk. Thing are not going to change now that manning is there. Elway bringing in john fox to coach was the first mistake. Then getting rid of orton was second. Getting Manning will be thrid. Get rid of tebow will be his last. Elways Ego has got the best of him. Look for elway to be let go after this year along with Fox

    • Pam

      It depend on the Broncos if they want to keep him, but it seems like they want to trade him. I wish Tim find the team that wants him.

    • JoHn

      Maybe he wasn’t given that choice or option.

  • http://yahoo.com ANN

    if they do or already have, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why, think about it he has a personal relationship with the creator not the world.he doesn’t need them anyway.

    • http://Yahoo Jon Reremy

      F@!*&ng jesus freaks.Tebow can fake that religious crap all he wants, and the suckers will follow his every move.I think he did that stupid stance the first time to try and clench a fart in,and the retards sprung into action thinking he was a church-go’er. Now he’s stuck having to keep that crap up,so he won’t loose face(money).

      • Paul Crandall


        Your comments are rude and inappropriate. Tebow loves Jesus because Jesus loved him first. Study up Jon, Jesus set a pretty brilliant example for every man and woman to follow. You keep following the world and their role models and you will end up alone and devestated not to mention, spending eternity in hell. The Broncos might do fine with Manning, but know one knows how his neck will respond to the first bone jarring hit. He is 36 years old. Tebow is a proven winner and will land on his feet somewhere in the NFL.

        • http://Yahoo Cleo Taurus

          Stop being a big ‘ol vagina paul. If you don’t like the comments, stay off the internet, go to church and go molest an alter boy!

          • bo crager

            cleo you are a very sick man.

          • Jackie Knopf

            There are some really kooky people out there…Jesus doesn’t even like football. He told me that when I was getting drunk during the super bowl.

          • RS

            You may need a demon or two cast out. Pray for Cleo.

          • http://yahoo Penny

            Paul, Thank you for your comment. You have more class in your little finger then that Jon will ever have in his life. Thank you again!!!

          • linda farley

            I agree with you Cleo.

          • Anton

            Cleo, that’s just wrong… very wrong and demented too.

        • Haesus

          Woah, talk about inappropiate. Freedom of religion is the name of the game, and if someone is lacking one, who are you to judge? The guy made a comment, a rather humorous comment that grabbed a chuckle out of me. So no need to go all “Hulk smash” on the poor guy.

        • Nick Pokoluk

          Wow great analysis Paul

        • gatorlin

          It is amazing to me how many atheists we have using a computer to voice their fears……and that is what it is, fearful of what God can do. Such a shame. Thank you Jon for your comment! Tim Tebow is a good Christian man, trying to live a Christian life…….all these non-believers need to get a life!

      • 0311Yoda

        you are a sad person, what a jealous biggot, may god bless your life and may he also open your heart.

        • http://Yahoo Cleo Taurus

          Why Yoda, Were you molested as an alter boy,and loved it? I bet you were, It’s ok, You can admit that you love being “filled by the holy spirit”

          • Sean

            You sound pathetic and lonely Cleo.

      • bo crager

        I hope one day you will see the error in your ways and statements. I have had lunch with his family, and seen the work he has done in the phillipines. You sir reek of envy. Some day he will be retired and doing full time mission work. Oh, when your in line for judgement, on your way to hell, look for teebow, like me, off to heaven.

        • http://Yahoo Cleo Taurus

          First of all,Paul. I’m a 24 yr old woman. It’s sad that you actually go by that churchy stuff. It’s always on the news about some priest molesting some young boy, and the church just moves the pervert somewhere else. If there is a hell, I’ll happily go knowing I did exactly what I wanted in MY life,and not listening to what some old fart who cheats on his wife(and later appoligizes for it when he gets caught)tells me what to do.Grow a set and take care of your own life ,you micro-penis having bastard!

          • Kouch

            So Cleo – I’ll bet you’re the kind of “woman” who just loves “alter boys” herself. Since now I’m just guessing here but I think “alter boys” are boys who are into each other in an “alternate lifestyle.” My guess is that all this trolling in a sports comment page is the result of a bitter lonely life either because you are a f*g H*g or one of those chucks with a d*ck. In any case if you are attempting to be irreligiously humorous, why don’t you update your poor second grade education a bit and learn the spelling and meaning of the words altar and “alter.” Thanks for your delightful comments and may God have mercy on your lonely imbittered soul! 😉

      • Ann

        He’s a rich rich rich Jesus freak….tears you up doesn’t it Jon. How much you makin
        while you bend and fart in the wind?

      • Barbara McCloud

        I feel very very sad for you.

      • JASON


      • Martha

        Thank you! Calling Jesus freaks names is an honor and a privilege!! Keep hating!! You’ll be bowing 1 day!!

    • http://Yahoo.com Jane

      It doesn’t matter what the Broncos decide. Tebow is not owned by them. He follows another Boss who will not disappoint him…

    • WDSBFL

      Ann, Your right and God will place him right where HE wants him to show the unbelievers who is in charge. God bless Tebow and you Ann. Doug in Fl.

  • http://Yahoo Jon Reremy

    Tebow should learn how to play hockey,so he can be traded to the Devils!

    • http://gladiatorsports.com gladiatorsports

      Jon has got a one way ticket to hell so its best to leave the sour puss alone hehe.

      • http://Yahoo Cleo Taurus

        Not true, Jon and I will be in a 3-way with your woman!

    • http://yahoo cyndi


      • TIM TEBOWS #1 FAN

        Wow Cleo ive never heard something so pathitic from a 24 yr old woman…… u sound like a 14 yr old kid and believe me i have 1. u need 2 grow up.

  • edmac

    This may not be the time to say this but Elway as a Mormon and Tebow as a Christian it makes me wonder if there is something else going on here.

    • Joe Egan

      Ding, ding, ding. Congratulations, you figured this out. Mormons hold great hostility toward Evangelicals, and Elway clearly couldn’t stand Tebow. This move makes NO SENSE from a football perspective. It has everything to do with a non-Christian trying to silence the sharing of the Gospel.

  • Rachel Prince

    Football is Football i think it’s a bunch of crap when all these football analysts and coaches etc pick on someone simply because they follow their religious beliefs. Religious beliefs mind you that ALL you people everywhere should be following or are you like the ones in Sodom and Gohmorra who laughed at Noah ~~You better make sure you have your ducks in a row when the end times come~~football wont even be a thought. Hang in there Tebow you’re the greatest.

  • Gretchen

    I think Tim Tebow should go to the Dolphins, they traded Henne so they need a new QB!

    • 0311Yoda

      they inked Gerrard to a 1 year deal.

      • Paul C

        Yeah, they inked Gerrard, but what an idea. If the Phins pick him up, that will give a year to further develop him and Miami already has a good foundation for a running QB. THINK ABOUT IT.

    • Robert Lopeck

      Jesus Christ, we don’t need that holy roller in South Florida, we’ll be fine with our two mediorcre qb’s

      • http://Yahoo.com Jane

        Are you talking to Jesus or are you saying you need Jesus? I am saying “Yes, you do need Him.”

      • TIM TEBOWS #1 FAN

        u do relize “holy roller” went 2 flordia state robert:-

  • http://none larry weathers

    Keep the man you have. Manning will not fit the bill

  • Polly Macias

    you all judge Tim Tebow by human standards!God does not judge Tebow by human standards.But if he does judge;his judgments are right!God doesn’t want Tebow where he’s not wanted. He wants him where he (God) wants him to get the Glory he (God) deserves through his servant. Elway & the broncos are going to wish they had never met Tim Tebow!

    • WDSBFL

      Thank you Polly. You know the answer that is pretty evident.

  • Roger Erickson

    someone please tell me who wants him or better yet who needs him

    • WDSBFL

      Who smarty, God or Tebow.

  • Debbie

    he can come to the Carolina Panthers any given day….we’ll take him!!! Seriously..I hate this has happened. Tebow did an awesome job for Denver last year and they rallied around him. Then they picked someone with a “bigger” name and reputation. That doesn’t necessarity mean you will win games. You have to go with what wins you games. Let them take Manning and see what happens. With Tebow’s reputation, he will sit back and do what he has to do. But I believe he is a better player and needs to be a starter – he has proved that. I will still be a fan of Tebow’s. I know that football is a business, but I think it’s rotten.

  • Audra

    I love Tim Tebow….not football or for sure the Broncos….Payton how good will you be in the freezing cold and snow?

  • Jeanie

    If Tebow leaves the Broncos so do I!


      i will never buy something that has Mannings name on it nor will i buy bronco gear until elway pulls his head out of his ass far enough 2 relize that Manning is destroying a good team

  • http://Yahoo El Chilote

    Yup, I think you’re right Jon. Religion is the cause of all wars in the world.Look at how the Crusades went. Cristians killing people in the name of “God” for not sharing the same beliefs. The same with the Spanish inquisition and so forth.Lastly 9/11, Bin Laden issuing a Holy Fatwah against America for not being muslim. If there really was a god, this crap wouldn’t be happening.Religious people are morons.We control our own destinies,and Tebow is a homo!

    • http://Yahoo Cleo Taurus

      I agree with you Chilote. As soon as hes traded,watch him change his tune and stop kneeling. He’s gonna be saying he’s sorry, just like Tammy Faye.Our country could put the billions of dollars to better use,than paying some douche-bag boo-koo bucks for running around in tight pants,palying with balls,and smacking other men on the ass!

  • Roderick Floyd

    Jacksonville loves Tim Tebow that the only way the city will sell tickets

  • http://jason-hearn.com Jason H

    Elway made a good business decision. Manning is the best. Period. No one denies it. You cannot pass that up. Tebow is good- he needs more time to season. However if you want to win Manning is the correct choice. Even if its for 3 yrs.

    • Joe Egan

      Manning is the greatest but the Colts cut him, huh?

  • Bob Wade

    There’s a good chance (I hope not) that Manning will be re-injured.
    Why he’s continuing to risk further serious injury is a puzzle–he has nothing to prove and plenty of $$.
    Tebow earned the starter’s spot (New England demolished a lot of good teams), the team likes him, and so what is Elway’s problem?

    • Sam R.

      Elway….doesn’t want Tebow to Break his records that he holds as a Bronco!! Manning has already broken all the records he’s going to. I just hope that for his sake he doesnt take a hit and make matters worse. all I can say is I hope Tim lands a team that plays the Broncos!!! ya may see Elway praying hahahahaha

  • OHE

    C’mon Tampa Bay BUCs…grab Tebow NOW. Tampa Stadium has been half empty for 6 or 7 consecutive years. Only ONE (1) home game on local TV for the same time period. TEBOW would fill seats, parking lots would overflow, concessionaires Ka-ching Ka-ching. Since the NFL is all about $$$$$$ why won’t the BUCS go to the head of the line and get TEBOW. Our 3rd year QB shows no signs of improving (in fact he gets worse by the year).

  • Eddie

    I think they should keep him. Peyton might not be the greatest tutor, but Tim is a great student and can learn how to read defenses and maybe even learn how to get a quicker release. He could develop into a Roger Staubach type.

  • http://www.webpronews.com Doug

    Tebow is a much larger figure in Denver than the great Elway. The great Elway and his even-greater ego cannot handle that. Tebow’s record and stats this year compare favorably with the first year stats of many of the great QBs, so it’s not about Tebow. It’s about Elway. Getting a hall of fame QB is the only way to rid himself of Tebow that wouldn’t endanger him and the entire city of Denver. If it was otherwise, he would keep Tebow as a backup and let him develop as the QB of the future.

  • http://yahoo Erik Taurus

    Broncos front office need to do some praying that Tebow will stay.

  • carol corder

    There is a old saying that you don’t change parteners you stay with who brought you to the dance. In my opinion that was Tim Tebow. Now if they had wanted to make Peyton Manning his backup so be it. I don’t blame T Tebow I would leave the first good opportunity.

  • Paul Crandall

    Tim Tebow is a role model not only on the football field, but also in life. The United States and the world are looking for someone who practices what they preach, rather than phony politicians who lie, cheat and steal to get their positions. We are also sick of atheletes who worship themselves and the dollars they are paid. For those of us who love Jesus, love football and love the way things used to be and should be again, this is why we pull for Tebow to do well. Go Tim… Hope you sign in Jacksonville or somewhere that will let you run the spread option to perfection. Either way, whether you ever take another snap in the NFL again, I am a fan.

    • WDSBFL


  • Susan

    the chiefs need to pick up Tim Tebow!!!!

  • http://www.thecuriouschristian.blogspot.com curiouschristian

    I wish absolutely no harm on Peyton. I will be praying for his safety on the field, he’s going to need it. But I fear Peyton has been given all the health warnings he is going to get. As for Tim, our God’s mode of operation is Resurrection! Look at Tim’s 4th qtr comebacks. He’s full of the Spirit of Resurrection. I see Tim holding that Superbowl trophy really soon. A deserving team will acquire him, and he will SHINE!

  • skip draper


  • Tara

    I think they are making a HUGE mistake! If Manning was so awesome, why did they let him go so easily? The Broncos had already told Tebow that he would start again this year, so why are they taking it back now? I admit that he didn’t do the best always, but he did take us to the play offs! In addition to being a fablous role model, I think with a little more experience, he has the capability to be magnificent! I really think we are going to take a loss both on the field and financially with Manning. Hopefully they will keep Tebow, and not trade him!

  • Lisa

    The Bucs should pick up this Florida boy. It could only be an improvement – for both!

  • scott irvin

    i cannot believe the comments i am reading. How can a football move involve so many people talking bad about god or religion at all. This just shows me how ignorant so many people are. Instead of showing support or non-support for your teams move the first thing you look at is Tim Tebows beliefs. GROW-UP

    • fredmcmurray

      well said

    • http://yahoo cyndi


  • antny052

    Did ole horse teeth ever get those things fixed and polished

    • http://facebook Lorrie

      I agree antny ,people are very ignorant !

  • antny052

    Did ole horse teeth ever get those things fixed and polished

  • http://webnews Arlene

    It will be a huge mistake the Broncos trade Tebow. What happens if Manning gets hurt? Who will be the quarterback?

  • dave

    don’t they know that tim teabag is gay ?

    • http://yahoo Me again

      dave…it is not right for you to be gay…please you need to get out of that relationship before it gets ugly…

    • http://webpronews.com Matthew

      You are evil and should be destroyed.

  • jolea

    I think Tebow deserves some credit for the Broncos success, but he didn’t do it all by himself. Without the help of his offensive and defensive linemen, he wouldn’t have succeeded by much. Give the credit where it’s due. Franchise players eventually lose their luster and so will Manning. Broncos need to look beyond the 5-yrs and ask themselves if 5-yrs invested in one player is wise vs. 5-yrs invested in both players (giving one time to develop further and the other leading the team and helping the younger player with his development)?

  • billy

    I think its bullstuff they are getting rid of him he took them futher than anyone has since he started now there dumping him wtf

  • koppergold

    Tebow needs to get back to the site of his last lengthy success. Jacksonville or Miami would make perfect sense for Tebow to go to. There are no immediate playoff expectations (with the stae of these 2 franchises I would hope not anyway). Just think of the huge Gator fan base Jacksonville could tap into. Gator fans make Bronco fans look demure. SF not so much of a good situation unless Tebow wants to back on bench for a lomng time and since there are probably expectations of returning to playoffs. Tebow is still young in the league and situated low on the learning curve – look how long it took Alex Smith to get there.

  • fredmcmurray

    RAIDERS or another afc west team SHOULD GRAB TEBOW. Dumb Broncos. Why is it that Great Players(like Elway) make dumb front office or coaches.

  • Robert Lopeck

    When will you holy roller, tree hugging, Birkenstock-wearing bitches ever learn that Tim Tebow cannot fit into another teams offensive scheme without a major overhaul of that offensive team to accomodate his “skills.” Tim Tebow has painted himself into a corner with his my way or the highway approach to professional football. Either he wants to be the starting QB or hold the clipboard as the backup QB; he won’t consider using his talents to play tight end or fullback, and god forbid (pun intended) he participate on the special teams.

    While I am sure that I will be dropped into purgatory by St. Peter for these comments like that old Snickers candy bar commercial, the “truth” is that Mr. Tebow is not welcome on the vast majority of NFL teams. If I was the GM of an NFL team, I wouldn’t give up more than a used jar of urine for Tebow.

    Like the old proverb (from my Bible), an opinion is like an a..h..e, everyone’s got one. n And this is my opinion. Pound that one into your peace pipe and smoke it.

  • Mark Robertson

    Personally, I think John is screwing up. I think we should keep Tim and let Peyton be the starter, that way when Peyton gets his bell rung, and you KNOW this will happen, we will have his understudy to step in and take over. Tim can run the ball, as we have all seen, but he needs someone like Peyton to help him work on his throwing game. Peyton has, maybe 5 years left in the pros and that is streatching it, Tim has a lot longer career ahead od him. If nothing else, put Tim in as a RB and if the need arises, he can run the ball or throw it. As far as keeping Tim, it’s a win-win situation any way you look at it. Cmon on BRONCOS!!!! LET’S GO!!!!!

  • Jim Shane

    After Tebow brings the Bronchos out of the garbage and takes them to the playoffs, they dump him for a 36 year old hero with a bad neck!! First injury, he’s out,if not paralyzed. Hope the offense can protect their multimillion dollar champ from the guaranteed rushes and have someone who can catch the bullets.

  • B. Tanner

    Cleo, you have a filthy mouth… hope your parents are proud or you.

    BTW… Nice Name…CLASS ACT!

  • 666

    jesus WAS GAY
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    • http://yahoo Me again

      JESUS loves you. Sir, whatever happen to you in the past JESUS can set you free from that…Jesus love the world, but the people in the world are lost. You can be set free from all your failures, lost, short comings and what makes you hate people is not you. The thing that makes you hate is an eveil spirit that needs to be released out and only JESUS can do it. JESUS loves you.

    • http://webpronews.com Matthew

      you are evil and should be destroyed mr ugly 666 it is people like you who make this world an ugly place

  • 666

    stick his jesus up his azz

    • Ann

      They have internet in rehab 666 they’ll let you use it after detox….give it a try.

  • fredmcmurray

    y is it that the MOST SUCCESSFUL COLLEGE PLAYER EVER!!!! gets so little recognition. Surely he is worth something. At least he is worth more that a ll the crappy QB’s of late last 10 yrs..eg JaMarcus Russel etc.Hell Joe Montanna and Dan Marino werent so highly thought of when they just came out. So no matter which way you look at it TEBOW is a WINNER and a LEADER. So if there is anything to be smoked then smoke that.

  • fredmcmurray

    666 you must be a zionist.lol

  • Mike

    Tebow has done better then Elway did his first year…

  • http://yahoo Me again

    help…america we are starting to sound like egypt.

  • Paul

    Tebow didn’t take Denver to the playoffs–they got there in spite of his inconsistent and, often, really bad performances. They had some luck and a defense that finally came together.

  • Troy

    Elway is a car salesman that just bought a lemon.

  • http://webpronews.com Matthew

    Tim Tebow needs to replace Tony Romo and come to America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys. Tim Tebow would make a great quarterback for the Christians who love God and Football in Texas. I am hoping and praying for Tim Tebow to make the Cowboys a great football team again like in the days of Tom Landry.

  • fredmcmurray

    “Elway is a car salesman that just bought a lemon.”
    So true….Thats a CLASSIC…..LOLOL

  • jesus

    he should go with the cardinals now that would be unstoppable.

  • David

    Tebow is down for anything. He is not being a baby about anything. You don’t hear Tebow saying a word to the press, dogging the Broncos,or getting drunk and arrested. Tebow is a stand up guy with a lot of potential and athleticism. I have a feeling he is going to most likely land in Miami or Jacksonville, the only question is which team wants him more. He could go with any team willing to make a trade with Denver, but Jacksonville and Miami wanting him as a possible starter would be more willing to put up a better trade than a team that would use him as a backup like New England or Philly. Cleveland could be in there as well, but I just don’t see that happening. He would be a risk and they already have one of thise (McCoy)

  • fredmcmurray

    Hello 666? you ran away? surprised I figured you were a zionist so easily? lol

  • Becky

    When my 7yr. old son hears of this news, I wonder if he will still choose the Broncos when he plays his Madden WII Football game on T.V.? He adores Tim Tebow and his Christian way of life. Tebow is a true role model!

  • Skip Gmitter

    Elway is a spineless jerk. Like he was a great quarterback right out og college. Some of us Denver fans remember!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat J

    “God Bless Tim Tebow.” He is a good man. A good role model for the people… They might make fun of him, but Mr. Tebow has guts.. Good Luck Tim Tebow…

  • Ted

    I hope New England gets him as a backup/special plays QB. Tim isnt a great passer but he is a winner (he finds a way to win). A lot of quarterbacks play good when theres no pressure, but when its really counts i.e. 4th quarter, they blow it.

  • paul

    You Tebow fans need to take off the rose colored jesus juice glasses. The guy is a terrible QB. He has an extremley low FOOTBALL I.Q. not to mention he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He is soooooooo limited as aplayer..his skills best fit as a fullback. I would want him as such on my team-but as a QB he is horrible. Last season was a FLUKE!And anyone can look back a the wins and see the other teams best players were injured, stupid players made dumb mistakes, and his play got worse as the season went on! And JESUS AND RELIGION is an Opinion, there is nothing factual at all about it. No facts, no proof, and it’s usually the mentaly challenged like TIm Tebow and others who buy into that b.s.! I could care less about religion-this is about Football, and Tebow isn’t even an average QB on his best day…and that is the TRUTH!!!

    • Ann

      Stand and let God move!

  • Lynda

    We would love to have Tebow back in FL :)

  • Joel

    Way to go Denver! $100M over five years for maybe two years with a broken FORMER MVP level QB. While we are at it why not can our QB from last year that dug us out of the pit and into the playoffs. Pat Bowlen and John Elway, thanks for allowing us to maybe have one good year before a return to mediocrity.

    • Benjamin

      You are uninformed.

  • Bill

    I am glad to see Jockey still supports him.A guy needs all the support he can get from his underwear especially in football.

  • http://facebook carole mcmanus

    I hope tim goes to Jacksonville. He is such a good Man & a good Quarterback. Give him a little more time & he will be a GREAT Quarterback. Where ever he goes I will be rooting for him. Love u Man U were a GATOR so that makes u great in my book!!!

  • DG

    You guys kill me, I thought this was about Tim Tebow and Denver Broncos, not Christians and non Christians???

    What has Tim Tebow said about all of this??

  • tyler

    holy crap you really wanna know if tebow is good look at his stat sheet the defense was hot and cold all year tebow is a good guy but as a qb his stats show hes a bad qb they were 8-8 and by a miricle beat the steelers tebow will never win a superbowl with his arm

  • Matt Butler

    Tim tebow is a force of competitive nature. #FreeTebow. In all reality he should go to Jacksonville.

  • Alex

    Tebow is not a free agent and cannOt decide to go anywhere. He can only be traded and will be traded to whomever the broncos choose. He has absolutely no say in the matter. He’s gonna be fine tho. Football isn’t his only life goal. All these atheists are just jealous that a Christian has more money than them.

  • R. Martin

    Elway was a good QB in his day BUT
    he positively STINKS (in my opinion)
    as a trader of personnel. How many
    years does he expect Manning to still
    be above average? Maybe he thinks Manning
    will be productive at age 55 when he’ll
    get 10% Senior Citizen discounts at fast
    food joints. Trading a young up and comer
    like Tebow for a soon to be HAS BEEN like
    Manning is super stupid and extremely
    short-sighted on Elway’s part. I say fire John,
    not Tebow!

    • DG

      True Dat!!!

  • Steve

    The best thing for Denver to do is hang on to Tim and have him under Peyton’s wing, teaching him as much as he can. We already know Tim can play .But having these two guys would really throw off the defense. The offense knows Tim and he could be used to cushion Peyton, take the heat off him, if he gets wore out in a game. Then when Peyton’s contract is up, they will have a starter that well groomed. a win/win.

  • rhedd00

    I liked Tebow when I first saw him play because he reminded me of John Elway, and I liked that he was daring. We can use religion all day concerning this, but we must realize that all professional leagues will use you like a dish rag. I have always been a Tebow fan and was excited when he went to Denver, but I had enough sense to know that Tebow wasn’t gonna stay in Denver very long because of the friction with him and the office, and Tebow knew that Elway statements were lukewarm concerning him. Sometimes its best to move on and be nourished into a good player somewhere else, than to constantly move up hill and prove ya worth to someone that will never except you. I am glad he is being traded and he did something Jay Cutler nor Kyle Orton could….led the team to the playoffs

  • Ron

    They get what they deserve. Tebow will be the winner.

  • Dan

    weould like to see Tebow show them all up and do great either for the Bronco”s or some other team, Dan

  • joe

    whats all the fuss? tebow sucks… end of story. it’s about time they tell him to get his bible and get the f@#* out.

    • kev

      emotional comment, but out of place in a calm, rational, intelligent blog.

  • andre moore

    I think football and religion should be two seperate things entirely. Now i believe in God and all but im not overly religious either. everyone is entitle to their opinion, but from the games i watched i would say that time tebow is not a very good player. not saying he couldnt be, he just isnt now. as for Manning im not sure going to the broncos was such a good idea but what do i know.

  • Pete

    If Tebow is traded the Broncos can forget ever having me as a fan again!

  • Tim In Indy

    Tebowmania is DEAD!!! The nation has been saved. Tough to get smacked down isn’t it you football ignorants who don’t have a clue what it takes to play QB in the NFL.

  • http://yahoo Lois Fleming

    are they for real?

  • GrumpyGrampy

    Maybe the fish, Tim and Matt Moore would be a super combo, put them in the same backfield and you’ve got a runnin gun and a strong arm downfield. Defense will go nuts trying to cover for both at once. Tim’s not afraid to give himself to the team body and soul which the fish should look on as a gift from Heaven. Cantankerous not stupid, Gramps

  • GrumpyGrampy

    Tim has talent and heart. He’ll be an asset that Tony Sparano can tool into a hall of famer, Elway can eat his heart out at the result, a two gun offense will put the ‘Fins in the super bowl. It will revolutionize the game. Let’s see what happens.

  • http://yahoo.com jerseygirl

    First I want to say to all Bronco fans of Tim Tebow that I understand how you all feel about the possibility of his being traded. I feel the same about Peyton Manning. No one in Indianapolis wanted Jim Irsey to let Peyton go. All the fans in Indy love Peyton. But all you arm chair coach’s need to realize something If Peyton didn’t still have what it takes no one would be looking. And Trading Tim is primarily a money issue.

  • Rick Hanson

    I think Denver needs their heads examined!! But we would welcome a Quarterback like Tebow in Minnesota with open arms!!

  • Kevin

    If “Broncos” fans are questioning there loyalty at there loss of Tim Tebow then I would suggest they are not Broncos fans at all but rather “Tebow” fans. Although there is nothing wrong with this, it is the Tebow fans questioning the signing of Manning. Most rabid Broncos fans seem to be in favor of the immediate upside of this deal. Although he certainly had the team winning I would suggest as an outsider it was your tremendous defense that kept the team winning. Comebacks aside, perhaps if your QB had put more then 7 points on the board in the first 58 minutes a comeback would not have been necessary and how truly superior your defense could have been had they been on the field for only 24 minutes a game instead of the 40 they found themselves doing quite often due to a lack of offense.

  • http://webpronews swinney

    denver wont make playoffs manning leaves nfl on a stretcher unfortunate end to a great baller horse face gets run out of denver on a rail tebow benifits which ever team picks him up for many years sure hope it is a fl team

  • reliable skeptic

    Look, let’s just move on, shall we? Everyone knows there’s just no room for Jesus in the NFL (or in the inn, for that matter). Let’s try to keep simple-minded theological concepts out of these really complex X’s and O’s.

  • reliable skeptic

    Truth is, Tebow could just as easily have a career- or season-ending injury as Peyton. In fact, it’s even more likely, because he scrambles and heads downfield sometimes. Denver will pick up another young quarterback, one who can throw with a lot more discipline and effectiveness than Tebow. And would probably be better off in Florida. He would fill the stadium in Jax.

  • Manning Fan

    Hello everyone…Just wanted to say that I have been an Indianapolis Colts fan for years and years and I am a Peyton Manning Fan all the way! I Live in Indiana. I truly understand how all the Denver fans are feeling. Just to answer one of the questions that was asked ” if Manning is so great why did the colts let him go” Have you ever heard of the history of Jim Irsay???? Irsay should have never let Manning go, I believe it will come back to bite Irsay and the Colts, I believe Irsay should have kept Manning and got his 1st round draft pick and let him learn under Manning. Just as I feel that Tim Tebow should be able to stay in Denver, he could learn from manning. I feel Peyton and Tim are a lot alike. I enjoyed watching Tim this year, I have always liked the Bronos. But The Broncos got to the playoffs as a team, not just by Tim, he did make a lot of mistakes, but so do a lot of first time starters. Personally I can’t wait to watch Irsay’s new team get their behinds kicked. Listen, I would stay a Colts fan but I don’t believe in what they did to Peyton for all he and his team mates have done for the team. I understand business, but there was a much better way to handle this and Irsay is just an a_ _! I feel sorry for the players who stay there, although most of the good ones have either been let go or are leaving. I believe the Broncos should keep Tim, he is a promising, up and coming QB, just needs more experience. I pray that Manning stays safe and that he does as great of a job for Denver and its fans as he did for Indianapolis and the Colts fans. I hope Denver fans come to love Peyton as their QB as much as we Colts Fans (or should I say ex- Colts fans) did here in Indiana!

    • Dave

      I totally agree! I am from colorado and have been a broncos fan ever since i could understand football. That time elway was the star. If anybody watched the games, tim did make a few mistakes here and there, but also at times he had no time to throw the ball due to the offensive line. That is not his fault but the blame is thrown in his direction. What ever happened to TEAM? I believe in great qb’s but I also believe in great TEAMS. I think they should keep tim and let him hone his ability under a great qb. As one day tim will evolve and be one as well. Oh yeah, just let the guys play some damn football will ya?

  • Paul C

    Have I mentioned how much I dislike Elway?

  • Gator

    Would like to see the bucs or jags pick him up. Fan of both. Bucs need more help

  • Lbryson

    Tim Tebow is a true leader!!! He will be the best at whatever he does and or whereever he goes. Elway can really learn alot from Tim Tebow such, loyalty, character and integrity. And yes Tim Tebow will arise and SHINE…he (TIM) will raise up!! Jesus will truly make sure of that!! Better is the ending of a thing than the beginning. Tim Tebow will meet up with John Elway again. However,…this time, only to have John Elway left with GRAVEL IN HIS MOUTH!!! OWEEE OH….TE…..BOW!!!!!!

  • MickeyD

    ALL committed Christians (like Tebow) are insulted and made fun of everyday.

  • MickeyD

    Tebow will do well wherever he goes.

  • mjh

    Really it will hit the salary cap more if they trade tebow.
    Why you don’t keep him is because of the wacko, think they know more about football than john elway & everyone else in the NFL fans of tebow. No team wants to put up with that in the NFL.
    You’d be very suprised about how the whole NFL feels about him only because of his fans. I promise you don’t understand the damage you’ve done to his career with the actions of his fans.

  • bob barnett

    Denver is making a huge mistake in not ” double teaming” Tebow-Manning shared QB roles in the coming NFL season.If Manning at 37 gets tired or injured in a game then T-bow can run in fully prepped and ready to lead the offensive team and plays.T-bow has youth going for him, he needs experience in field and team leadership, these Manning has in super abundance to teach T-bow. Bob

  • Bruce

    I love Manning but trading away Tebow was a classic mistake. Elway just plain doesn’t like Tebow. He appears to be insulted by Tebow’s lack of mechanics. Get over it Elway, Tebow wins. Manning will come on strong but and make the playoffs but there won’t be a super bowl in Denver. Tebow is going to bring mania wherever he goes and that will give fans something to cheer for.

  • http://yahoo SRB

    The Broncos are making a mistake.

  • caitmom



    I think that Denver should keepTebow as a backup quaterback because they’re gonna need him the first time Manning gets hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i say no more