This Mosquito Video Will Make You Feel Icky


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Mosquitoes are the worst insect to ever grace this planet. They take a person's blood without asking, and only leave behind West Nile and Malaria in its place. I thought a video showing how a Mosquito bites an animal would make me perhaps appreciate the little bloodsuckers in some small way, but it just makes me hate them more.

National Geographic shared a video from Pasteur Institute in Paris where researchers filmed the moment a mosquito bites a mouse. What makes this particular video more interesting is that it was shot through a microscope so we get to see exactly what the mosquito's mouth looks like when its inserted into the flesh of a mammal.

If that wasn't enough nightmare fuel for you, check out this other video of the mosquito finding its way to a blood vessel:

Now remember, we're dealing with something that looks like this:

Watch A Mosquito Bite A Mouse Through A Microscope

That long needle-like mouth is flexible and wiggles around inside of you looking for blood vessels. That should make you feel icky. It sure makes me feel icky.

I think this is enough evidence to follow through with the science community's recommendation that we kill off all mosquitoes. The world would be better without them.

They were being serious.

[h/t: Gizmodo]