There Was A Google Panda Update Data Refresh Nine Days Ago

    November 30, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Remember about a week and a half ago when there was supposed to be a Panda refresh coming within the following week or so? It turns out that it happened the next day, so if you’re still waiting for it, you probably got by unscathed.

Search Engine Land is reporting that it has confirmed with Google that the refresh occurred on November 21, and affected 0.8% of English queries “to a degree that a regular user might notice”.

That would be the second known data refresh of the Panda update in November, with one having taken place around November 5.

We’re now at the end of November, heading into December, which means there are now two full months for which Google hasn’t released its lists of “search quality highlights” and algorithm changes. Lately, they’ve been doing them two months at a time, so we may be able to expect the latest lists very soon. Then, we can look at the other types of changes Google has been focused on.

More on Panda here.

Image: Panda Cam (San Diego Zoo)

  • http://related-contents.com/searchengine/ Mike

    It was not reported by searchengineland first. It was reported by related-contents which was later picked up by search engine land. Check this one – related-contents dot com/searchengine/

  • Guy

    really i not care, it $$$$ money cow now and it not real search engine anymore. so give us more bear updates and only wikipedia, youtube, amazon & adwords at all your search pages. And we will tell you bye-bye forever.

  • http://www.HGPublishing.com Peter J. Francis

    Don’t care. I’ve set up ShareThis links on most of my pages and readers are sharing my content. My traffic is down, but my revenues are up! I have half the traffic I had before Panda, but most of the traffic I lost was worthless anyway; my ad click rate has doubled. I now focus on what I do best, which is my editing service, and ad revenue is merely a little extra to pay for the webhosting and part of my overhead. My focus is no longer on Google, but on encouraging existing clients to return and bring friends, and on social media. Google is going to be irrelevant soon. Its day has passed.

  • http://www.fiftyisthenewforty.com Pam S.

    I am so tired of having to spend hours looking for details on these updates. Everyone is reporting it happened, but it’s so hard to find out a) what the update was about, b) who it might affect, and c) how to try and make adjustments to fix. Any suggestions??

    • Guy

      google working very hard to destroy mental health of webmasters.

    • Panda Vic #198736345353636

      Stop caring, just do what you do, if it works, and you make money from it then it’s worth it. If it doesn’t work, then stop beating a dead horse, and do something else.

      Trying to figure out Goggle will drive you crazy, Matt Cutts tells you too many ads will drop your page on the SERPS, and AdSense tells you to ad more adds for additional revenue. Google has gone Schizophrenic and you are trying to listen to the voices in their head.

  • Panda Vic #198736345353636

    I started a quality website several years back, with all original quality posts on subjects dealing with do it yourself plumbing and consumer information about plumbing. The site started doing quite well, so well in fact that a large content farm started copying my article titles word for word and linking to my site as a reference. Of course while their article may have had the right keywords what they wrote didn’t didn’t make any sense they were sometimes listing better than mine in the SERPS.

    Enter the original Panda Update which then swatted my site down along with the content farm…

    I watched my traffic and revenue get chopped in half, and proceeded to follow articles in Web-Pro News closely looking for what I’d done wrong and how to get back up in the SERPS. Listening to all the vague information in the Matt Cutts videos and other posts I determined that Google was crazy and was trying to drive me crazy as well. Matt saying too many ads on the page and AdSense saying put more ads on the page and make more money… Talk about a lack of coordination between the right and left brain!

    Well I’ve moved on…

    Depending on a fair listing from Google and revenue from AdSense is not a viable business model to support publishing 3-4 quality original articles a day on the web. I’ve move on to other ways of making money that hopefully remain more dependable and I haven’t published any new articles, instead only replying to comments posted by users. If the revenue from the site ever falls to a level where the revenue does not support maintaining domain registration and the server costs the site will disappear forever. In the meantime I’ll take the beer money…

    Lately the site has been doing quite a bit better with the traffic and revenue hitting about 75% of what it was before the original Panda Update. Kind of nice but I’m not falling for it! I’ve learned what placing all your eggs in one basket can do, and there is no way that I’ll commit to full time publishing on the web ever again.

    I’m not going to go crazy with what Google is doing! This is the first Web-Pro News article that I have read regarding Google in almost a year and I only came here on another subject.

    I’m the webmaster that just doesn’t care anymore, it sure beats going crazy!

  • Andrew

    In reference to the first post – what panda essentially is doing is discouraging webmasters from creating great unique, useful content. Yes, there are huge established sites like WebPronews that have nothing to worry but most small guys with niche expertise will think twice now before investing their time in creating great quality content just like the guy from the first post is not NOT producing any more content. At least he is contributing by Q&A but add to this all those white hats that put on black hats and it directly follows that MC and his team are a bunch of fools. But I see how they had no choice and they have no choice but to swallow all the black hat spam now cuz they have fewer white hats on their side – fewer than ever! But numbres indicate that in general the panda was a success and I agree – not for long though. Actually spam is filling Google up again and it is wrose, shittier than ever before. the tactics are dirtier. In the meantime those average Joe guys who always did WhiteHat are mostly gone.

  • someoneman

    My story is similar. I put original content on my site and was cruising along when Panda hit and I can’t even find my site unless I type in its name. Now I’ve found all these oddball links to my site, some aren’t even in English. I didn’t ask for them and know nothing about them but I’m punished for it. Thanks for nothing Google. I don’t get why they didn’t just discount the links instead of punishing the site. Now all they’ve done is impowered webmasters to go after their enemies by creating bad links to them.

  • http://www.actressone.com krishna

    fresh application is new to us
    thank you!

  • http://www.delightdesigns.in/ Ravi

    Can any one help me what is panda refresh is they are changing the algorithm what are the updates they are doing can I know ?
    Thank you

  • Mohini Yadav

    Can anyone please help me,what is refresh changing google panda and penguin update.

  • Mohini Yadav

    can anyone please help me,what is refresh changing google panda and penguin update.