Has Yahoo Improved Its Homepage? Many Think Not.

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Yahoo has been testing various redesigns of its homepage for months, but now it has announced the “new Yahoo experience”.

Note: We’ve updated this article from its original form, and since it was first posted, the negative comments have flooded in. While you will typically see this with any redesign of a major property, we’re not seeing a whole lot of positive ones to balance them out.

Anything you do like about it? What do you or don’t you like about the revamp? Let us know in the comments.

“Over the years, Yahoo! has evolved from a directory of links to a place that helps millions of people go about their daily habits,” a spokesperson for the company told WebProNews on Wednesday. “Beginning today, you will start to see a new Yahoo! that’s designed to be more modern, intuitive, and personal, and I wanted to make sure you got the news from the company.”

Here’s what the homepage looks like now:

New Yahoo homepage

New features include:

  • A newsfeed with infinite scroll
  • Newly designed apps for stock quotes, sports scores, weather, Flickr photos, friends’ birthdays and horoscope
  • Yahoo and Facebook login, which let you see personalized articles based on what your friends have shared
  • A more consistent experience across the web, smartphones and tablets
  • Under-the-hood improvements to speed things up

CEO Marissa Mayer wrote a blog post about the new experience.

“Designed to be more intuitive and personal, the new Yahoo! experience is all about your interests and preferences,” she says. “Since streams of information have become the paradigm of choice on the web, we’re introducing a newsfeed with infinite scroll, letting you experience a virtually endless feed of news articles. Whether you are a sports fanatic or entertainment buff, you can easily customize your newsfeed to your interests. And, to make Yahoo! even more social, you can log in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID to get articles from thousands of news sources as well as those shared by your friends.”

“Because you come to Yahoo! everyday for must-know information, we’ve also introduced newly designed applications,” she adds. “From your local weather forecast to Facebook friends’ birthdays, you’ll always have the information you need. We’ve also refreshed some of what you love most — including our Yahoo! editorial features, and the daily snapshot into popular trending web searches.”

Mike Kerns, VP, Product, discussed the new Yahoo experience in more detail in a post on Yahoo’s blog.

“To view more personally relevant content in the newsfeed, just sign in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID in the upper right corner of your screen,” he explains. “The newsfeed defaults to a ‘blend’ of story types, but also allows you to filter your view through a handful of popular categories, such as news, local, entertainment and sports. For additional choices in the newsfeed filter, just click the ‘More’ button to choose from other categories that interest you like business, technology, politics or science. If you want to see fewer stories about a particular topic in the future, hover your cursor to the right of the story and click on the ‘X’ button. And remember, the more feedback you provide, the more personalized and relevant your experience will be.”

New Yahoo

new Yahoo

“In addition to seeing news stories that your friends have read and shared, you can easily share with them,” he says. “When you come across a news item that you’d like to share, hover over it to view a button that allows you to share the story via email, Facebook, or Twitter.”

New Yahoo

There are a total of seven new applications on the right side of the screen for: weather, stocks, sports, friends’ birthdays, horoscopes, Flickr photos, and popular videos from Yahoo. These can be personalized by hovering over the upper right side to clic the gears icon.

“For example, getting ready for March Madness? Add your favorite teams to the Sports application to catch up on the latest scores,” says Kerns. “Keeping an eye on your investments? To view stock quotes, click on the gears icon in the Quotes application to integrate your portfolio, look up quotes, or add new stocks. Travel often? Add as many cities as you’d like to the Weather application.”

Customize new Yahoo

You can also click the “x” button in the upper right corner of the application box to remove the application, should you see fit. There’s a “restore all” button a the bottom if you want to bring it back later.

As mentioned, the new design is consistent with the mobile experience, which lets you swipe through the “Today” stories. You can scroll down the newsfeed, and swipe left to take action on the content (like share it). You can also swipe left to access the applications.

Yahoo Mobile

The new design is in the process of rolling out in the U.S. Mayer says they’ll be making additional (but unspecified) changes in the coming months. We’re already seeing a lot of feedback (sadly, most of it is negative). It will be interesting to see how Yahoo responds.

Yahoo has indicated that it is focused on search, as it released its Q4 and full year 2012 earnings helped significantly by it. Whether or not Yahoo’s future search plans include Microsoft remains to be seen. Even if Yahoo wants to abandon the companies’ “Search Alliance,” Microsoft will do its best not to make it easy.

Right now, Yahoo needs to be concerned about keeping users on its still massively popular homepage. Yahoo has a realtime counter that shows how many people have visited the homepage up to the current time on any given day. At the time of this writing, tt’s just 8:40 Eastern, and it’s already received nearly 40 million views today so far.

What do you think of the new homepage? Let us know in the comments.

Has Yahoo Improved Its Homepage? Many Think Not.
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  • Jay

    How do I get the old home page back — the one that allowed me to see what I wanted, without scrolling and scrolling and scrolling? This is Marissa Mayer’s second biggest mistake ever. Go back.

  • Maya Ayala

    The new page is HORRIBLE! I can’t believe that they did this!

  • Patrick

    The problem with endless scrolling is in order to read the articles you want to read, you might have to scroll down for quite a while, while it all remains being built up in your memory and causing it to slow down. Conciseness is the key to success in a page. The type of conciseness where they had a few categories and a few articles in the categories, not one giant blob. Worst change I have ever seen, aside from the change to their Android app. I have had a Yahoo account for over a decade now, as I never could keep up with the expiring Hotmail accounts. I am about to just use my Gmail as my primary email. Yahoo, please read our comments. Some, given, are quite harsh, but reasonably so. Make changes to your servers to make them more efficient, but do not make changes to your interfaces. You have a horrible interface design team, that is now proven twice.

  • timmad rotcod

    This Marissa Mayer is not working for yahoo!
    think about it… who would deliberately sabotage their own company?
    no one in their right mind would think this “new look” is going to go well.
    it’s confusing, uninformative, time-consuming, total chaos!
    i could not believe what i was seeing, so i refreshed the page several times, then ran a deep virus scan and started searching online only to discover that it is real.
    Yahoo is being disabled from within, by the same mentality of the people running our country.
    time to find a new home page and email service.
    goodbye yahoo…. fun while it lasted.

  • tim

    Purple and brite blue literally hurts my eyes, It looks teeny-bopper designed, I am fifty and have always used yahoo, now for the first time I am definitly changing to something, just don’t know what yet.

  • Ronni

    1. ‘everyday’ should be ‘every day’ in this article. 2. I generally welcome improvements. This was not, so my home page has been changed and my email address will soon follow. 3. Marissa Mayer has never heard the story of new Coke.

  • wayne bogus

    This new Yahoo! is horrible. It’s difficult to navigate and makes my eyes hurt after awhile. I wonder what type of drugs the person who designed it is snorting. I’m going to look for a new home page.

  • White

    It SUCKS

  • Sil

    I hate this and have hated it when it has popped up several times in the past. Yahoo has been my homepage for years. This new format sucks. It’s very hard to read. My eyes run all over the place and focus on nothing. the endless news scroll is ridiculous.

  • Lawrence Vernetti

    Count me in with those who really, really dislike the new homepage. Endless scrolling, no apparent method to personalize the ‘news’ catagories I want. Yuck. I will be swithcing my homepage to AOL.

  • http://Yahoo Diane

    HATE HATE HATE the new format and the endless scrolling. Not user friendly at all. All the information on the page just blures together into a giant blob of frustration.

  • Rose Koeller

    I cannot stand this new homepage. Please give me back the one I had. This one is highly irritating and frustrating.
    “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” Why do so many people change things when it is perfect the way it is? Don’t businesses realize that when a customer gets used to something, he gets comfortable with it and will ENJOY going to it.
    I will be changing my homepage back to MSN if this page stays. I much prefer Yahoo, but not this new format. I HATE IT!

  • Patrick Koeller

    Do NOT like this new Yahoo format!!!!!!! Highly frustrating.

  • Patrick Koeller

    HATE the new Yahoo format!!!!!!!

  • Anderson

    The new Yahoo Home page is just terrible. Purple may be my least favorite color. I prefer my text in black. I understand that Yahoo wants to attract young, tech savvy viewers… But, there are a lot of people who want something simple to use and less “vibrant” to read. Dear Yahoo CEO. There is a reason that most books are black type on white pages. By giving people an option, Yahoo would do that. Otherwise, Yahoo will turn off a lot of viewers. Me included.

  • Michelle

    I don’t like it. I don’t want to interface with my Facebook friends and Twitter via the Yahoo homepage. It was a nice escape from that to just get the news I want. Sometimes social media can be oppressive.

  • loretta

    Do not like the new yahoo, i will switch to something else!!HATE IT, HATE IT ,HATE IT! Not user friendly.

  • Mark

    Yahoo has been my home page for many many years. This new layout is terrible and requires me to scroll forever. I can no longer just glance at the news articles quickly and decide which to read. I will be forced to change my home page. What a sad day.

  • http://Yahoo tom

    Marissa Mayer sucks ! Change home page back to 1 line news summary. What is she thinking. I can see why yahoo keeps losing readers. Need people in touch with user needs not the gobbly garbage they just released. … any replies can be sent to my new mail account

  • Frank Genta

    It is obvious they didn’t ask anyone what they wanted before they changed. Typical arrogant company.

  • Greg Bonifay

    Hate the new look! Get rid of the semi-transparent banner that covers each photo in the image slider. The banner hides most of the photo and the tag line is already there anyway. HATE the BANNER!!

    • http://Yahoohomepage Cynthia

      I really dislike the semi-transparent banner, too, and I don’t like the new list of favorites that excludes most of what I set up to access quickly. This whole change is for the birds.

  • Nancy Lein

    I love the new Yahoo home page! Love the new easier to read format and more information and news on the page too! Keep up the great work Yahoo! :)

    • philip

      I would not get used to it it wont be around for long

  • Kyle

    AWFUL! IT SUCKS! I left yahoo forever because of it.

  • bob

    Too cluttered and less control. I hate it! Sometime simple is better. How do I change the links I had customized on the old Yahoo home page? Way too confusing.

  • Joe Darts

    I used to get all of my local news for Rockford, Illinois, now with the new Yahoo, my “local” news is for Chicago which is 2 hours away. I don’t really care for that!

  • http://yahoo rol hands

    It’s terrible..why did they change? Nothing was broken..it really sucks..I dislike it..and may be done with yahoo in the future.

  • http://YahooHomepage Michelle

    I agree with so many of the previous comments. My biggest complaint is that I loved having the Lifestyle and Health section stories, as well as all the others, in their specified locations. I don’t want to scroll down through a potpourri of stories in order to find one relevant to me. Bad form!

  • Terry

    The new format sucks. I used their page because I liked it the way it was, not because I wanted them to change it.

  • philip

    you better fix this crap if this is permanent I wam moving my mail and everythng to MSN and will block yahoo from my office PC’s also you could have added the new features without all the purple and blue kiddie letters on yahoo now I will try again tomorrow if it is still like this yahoo will never grace any of my Pc’s again

    • BlokeToys

      You are pretty funny ;)

      Now try getting that passionate about something that ACTUALLY MATTERS, like government infringement of your rights, the oppression of others in foreign nations, the corruption of business and government…

      There are plenty of causes to rant about, this isn’t one of them.

  • miike ryan

    The change gives me the excuse i needed to go to google like everyone else.

    • BlokeToys

      I don’t use Yahoo! but I like this look more than the last. This is cleaner, more efficient, more modern, and it suits the growing mobile market more than the previous.

      Critical commenter’s are oblivious to a few things (even the so-called “web designers” who think they know better)

      1. Like it or not, the Purple color is a part of their branding, they are not going to change it because YOU prefer a different color!

      2. The mobile market is growing every day, Yahoo! would be retards not to meet the expectations of a growing market, even if you don’t personally like the cleaner look.

      3. A few negative nellies who think they can DEMAND that a private business change their look through arrogance and threats are delusional. Yahoo! has spent money to complete market research and develop a site that meets the needs of the MAJORITY, not just YOU.

      And for those “threatening” to go to Google instead, go ahead, try using their censored results, experience their constant harassment of advertising, try finding genuine results that interest you in their sea of BS they “think” you want. You’ll soon be going to Bing or back to Yahoo! once your keyboard warrior stint is over and you’ve realized that a private business doesn’t have to conform to public sentiment.

      • Marky Mark

        A simple server side script would solve the problem – detect if the user is using a mobile OS versus a desktop OS. IT. ISN’T. THAT. HARD.

        Nobody is asking them to ditch the purple logo – but purple and blue text on top of each other? Miserable.

        • BlokeToys

          Simple design extends to more than which OS platform is being used. Designers know this. Cleaner pages lead to greater interest and a more positive user experience.

          We can try to deny the laws of design as proven over the last thirty years in favor of the “I HATE ANY KIND OF CHANGE” crowd, but the fact is a cleaner layout and design is a mark of a modern and user-friendly site.

          People are just complaining for the sake of complaining. I wish I had the free time in my day that so many others seem to have to waste bitching about Yahoo! and their choice of color scheme.

          They don’t have to change anything to suit a vocal minority of complainers with nothing better to do. They’ve changed it to suit a majority of users, and they’ll continue to do that (as they should) even with a few ranting individuals stamping their feet like three year old’s.

          • Marky Mark

            Anyone who has spent time studying graphic design knows that blue and purple don’t go together.

            How is this new design “cleaner” than the old one?

            How is it intuitive to use the middle of the page to scroll on your computer?

            There was nothing wrong with it before.

          • BK

            WOW you really need to get over yourself!

      • Curtis S

        Actually a private business that wants to make money off of ad revenue HAS to have costumers and since that market is TIGHT as hell, WE users have the upper hand if we use it in an organized manner. Private companies are not Olympian Gods after all.

  • deb

    If it doesn’t go back, I will go to Google or MSN.

  • monte

    CHANGE or allow color options on the horrible PURPLE Yahoo home page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    A PC is not a smartphone.

    I don’t want to ‘swipe’ to see more than one news story at a time on my widescreen monitor. I DO want to be able to open stories in new tabs or windows. It is ridiculously easy to create a serverside script that seperates the smartphone version of the site (which let’s be honest, is what this new homepage is) from the PC version so why in the name of all that is sweet and holy will they not do that?!

    Over 20 years ago I opened my Yahoo account. It is the only email address I have ever had that was not assigned to me by work or school. It is the only Homepage I have ever used for IE. That ends now. The company has been going downhill for a long time now and their adamant refusal to offer an option to revert severs what little loyalty I had left.

    • Marky Mark

      I agree – how hard it is for them to detect the OS and feed a page based on the result? That’s 1990s technology – stuff I learned to do when Netscape and Internet Explorer were all I had to worry about.

      Surely the code monkeys can figure out the difference between Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android if they can detect that I have disabled JS on my browser.

      Another thing that annoyed me weeks ago was the removal of the simple text link “sign out” in Yahoo mail – ironically that text link made it easier for me to logout on my phone!

  • http://www.dayspringdigital.com Tony

    I Like the New look alot…more stories and you can keep scrolling until you find something you like. Also loaded quickly on my computer.

  • ivette colon

    Don,t like it . Iwant my previous homepage.

    • http://Yahoo Bettina

      I hate the brightness in bright blue print. It is very hard on the eyes. I want the old yahoo homepage back the way it was on Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013. One does not know where to look for anything with the improved…NOT!!!!! site. Way too hard on the eyes. What was YAHOO thinking??

  • BoBuck

    As a web designer it appears to me that they don’t have anyone working at yahoo with any web design, or internet experience…. you would think they might go online at yahoo themselves, but it doesn’t appear to be the case

    • Curtis S

      Or you know: Ask their users what they might want and try to balance out the needs of the company and the users in a rational adult minded fasion. If only to keep their users and thus their ad revenue, ya know?

  • http://yahoo kathy

    I HATE the new homepage. Only the top three of my favorites are showing, the rest show as —— “seriously?!???” I am irritated because there is NO WHERE to change it back the way it was and I hate the new design. WHERE is page options?????

    I am switching to Google

  • Marky Mark

    I am appalled at the new look – it is horrible. Purple, really?

    The one posted in this article a few months ago with mostly gray overtones I thought was a nice idea – but when I turned on my PC today and saw purple everywhere after checking my email it made me want to vomit.

    My PC isn’t about “swish and swoop” – the infinite newsfeed is a stupid idea.

    For now I have changed my personal settings from the US to Canada because this allows you to bypass this garbage.

    If this is the new look then I won’t be a Yahoo user for much longer.

    • Marky Mark

      With regards to what I mentioned above:

      1. Disabling javascript gets rid of some of the annoyance (if you use Opera, for example, you can disable JS on a site by site basis).

      2. By going into my Yahoo account and switching from English(US) to English(Canada) it puts you back to ca.yahoo.com when you log out – this allows you to use the old look and sets the right cookie (granted, the news will be more focused on Canada for local news but the rest looks the same as it did last week until they decided to destroy the US layout).



  • Norma

    I hate this page. The font size and the color is hard on my eyes. I can can change font size on text, but I can find no way to change the view of the page itself.

    Some time back you changed so we can’t go to a narrow view – that was difficult to adjust to – now this.

    I love Yahoo, but I am going to have to change my Homepage.

  • http://Yahoo Rachelle

    I totally hate the new look of the homepage for Yahoo. Everything is too big and clunky looking. The thick borders and bright blue lettering are not very asthetically pleasing. I’ve been with yahoo since around 1998 and this revamp is enough to make me leave if I dont have the option to use the old layout!

    • http://Yahoo Bettina

      I hate the bright blue print, and is so hard on the eyes. Not layed out like the old yahoo homepage was. That was easy on the eyes. Subued black color for print. I want the old homepage back that I saw on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013.

  • http://www.columbuswebseo.com Matt

    I know a lot of people’s initial reaction is to say they hate new designs, but new designs can be helpful. For example with Facebook, new designs are practically required to account for changes in the site’s functionality. New features are added constantly to Facebook so, of course, a new design is warranted more frequently.

    Yahoo’s Home page hasn’t been updated in over four years and at first glance, I personally think they did a great job updating the look and feel while preserving its old aesthetics.

  • Paul

    Before yesterday, I had no reason to search out a new homepage. Yahoo had everything I needed. I hate the new page and will find an alternative – in the meantime, I am using the Canadian site – ca.yahoo.com.

    • keli

      THANK YOU! I didn’t know about the ca.yahoo option. Switched my homepage to that. Was going to use msn but prefer the organization of the old yahoo, so ca.yahoo works great.

  • floridasaint

    The new Yahoo homepage is terrible. It substitutes Yahoo favorites which are of no interest whatsoever for me for my personal favorites that I have used for years. There is no way to get rid of the Yahoo selected favorites or place my favorites back on the homepage where they have been for years. I will find a new homepage after using Yahoo for the last 15 years. What an incredible blunder by Yahoo.

  • Mollee

    I don’t like the new Yahoo home page. I especially don’t like the news banner that is running over the picture – very annoying.

  • http://yahoo rob

    Yahoo’s new homepage really, really sucks. EWE!!! Way too big, and it starting to look like MS homepage but a lot worse. I’m beginning to look elsewhere for a new alternative than this eyesore. I’ve been with Yahoo since way back, I guess it’s time for a change.

  • http://Yahoo Bettina

    Please, please bring the old yahoo homepage back. It has bright blue and clunky as a homepage. Too hard on the eyes.

  • Gary

    Too busy. Not aesthetically pleasing. It’s starting to look like AOL from the 90’s.

  • Jon

    Dont like the new web site dont like the color

  • http://CapuchinConsultants.com Michael P Di Fulvio

    New Yahoo web site well…sucks! I do like the larger pictures of the slider app that displays the day’s hot news. problem is the size should not match the text in size as it creates a poor look and fell. this of course makes of a poor User Experience and the long and short of it all is…UI baby!

    —-mikeD / Tampa, FL 77f

    • Sheryl

      I hate this new yahoo. I couldn’t stand the other change a few months ago, but at least they gave a notice and I opted out for awhile. Then it automatically took over. With this change, it just happened, no notice. I hate it. I don’t know if I’m just replying to one person or to yahoo or to someone who can change it back. I want to tell whoever can do something about this to stop this garbage.

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