The Man Who Hugged Obama Has His Yelp Page Turned Into A Political Turf War

By: Zach Walton - September 11, 2012

One of the funnier stories from last week featured President Obama visiting a local pizza shop in Fort Pierce, Florida called Big Apple Pizza. The owner, Scott Van Duzer, gave the president a mighty bear hug. I thought the Secret Service would swoop in and tackle the guy, but it seems that even they know when a hug is just a hug.

Anyway, that seemingly innocuous event of a man hugging a person he respects has turned into an all out political turf war on the restaurant’s Yelp page. Anti-Obama people have begun to create Yelp profiles and are flooding the page with one-star reviews claiming that the food is terrible or the sanitation is not up to snuff. It would be more believable if the reviewers were from Florida or it they had more than one review attributed to their profile.

Yelp was quick to act by removing all of the baseless reviews, but they keep flooding in. It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop either with the restaurant now featuring over 2,000 reviews in the span of just a week. Big Apple Pizza still retains a five star rating that’s been bolstered by those in the pro-Obama camp.

Obama Bear Hugger Yelp Page

The worst part about all of this is that this man’s Yelp page has now become the site of the petty political wars that you see on Facebook or Twitter. There is no discussion or compromise. There is only those who think they can change the larger political discourse of America through a social networking site about food. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

In all honesty, Yelp should just delete all of the reviews after the incident – both conservative and liberal. Reviews from both camps don’t belong as they are politicizing an issue that never deserved to be politicized. Lord help us if Romney is hugged by a small business owner who owns a Yelp page.

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  • Michael

    I agree. As much as I oppose Obama and his supporters, his restaraunt review page should not be used as a political sounding board of any kind. The reviews should reflect people’s honest opinions of his restaurant, not false opinions. Besides, the propriter has the right to his own opinion and expression thereof in his own place.

    • alejandro

      i agree also…

    • Teriqua Jones

      It’s sad that people are doing that to this man’s business.
      I disagree with most of Obama’s decisions since he took office. He really did bad things to our country.
      But I would never attack someone’s business because of this incident.
      YELP needs to fix this.

  • Chris

    To the author: I think you meant to say — delete all the reviews AFTER the incident, rather than “before”

    • Zach Walton

      Quite right. Thanks for pointing that out!

  • disrespect

    democrat, independent, or republican I have never seen such hatred in my life of a President. I have disliked actions and decisions of past presidents but this is on another level. Disrespecting a business owner because of choice is ignorant. Thanks for the article.

    • NoYelp

      Maybe you weren’t paying attention when Bush was president… I also can’t believe the blind devotion to the POTUS.. The media love the guy.. He can walk on water while everyone else drowns :)

    • Alexandra

      do not exchange your hugs with a a person you do not share the same idea. If you do, expect exchange your pizza for foodstamps

  • Cyndi

    Sick isn’t it?! I mean how many times in ones life do they get the chance to pick up and bear hug President if the United States?! Shame on him for taking that opportunity . . . poor guy.

  • NoYelp

    I’d never trust Yelp.. How this POS website every got an IPO is amazing.. My clients have had police men leave reviews on their pages based on some police call they were part of… They were never patrons but they didn’t like the owners attitudes to police.. So he goes around leaving reviews of people he doesn’t like.. Yelp is garbage and these types of attacks only reveal how open to abuse and truly irrelevant Yelp/Trip Advisor/ Google Places really are..

  • Teriqua Jones

    Gotta love that BIG PIZZA GUY! I wonder how he will react when he hears the rumors about Obama’s affairs with men? He doesn’t look like the kind of guy who would be okay hugging a guy who might like it that way. Just sayin.

  • Alexandra

    do not trade your hug for a popularity if U do not share the same vision. If U share it, sell your products for foodstamps.