The Death of Princess Diana; Police Begin New Inquiry

    August 17, 2013
    Lea Leonard
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She was a much beloved public figure who died violently 16 years ago. But was it a car accident or not? British investigators say they are looking into some new information about the death of Princess Diana.

Born Lady Diana Francis Spencer, she became the Princess of Wales in 1981. Her wedding to Prince Charles was viewed by approximately 750 million people worldwide.

In 1997, Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris along with Dodi Al-Fayed, and her driver, Henri Paul. French investigators initially thought, at the time, Paul caused the car crash while driving drunk. Paul’s employer, Mohamed Al-Fayed was also Dodi’s father. He said the car accident had been planned and that Diana had been murdered by members of British military and the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen of England’s husband. Just a year earlier, the Prince and Princess of Wales had divorced after a formal request by Elizabeth II. It was rumored the Queen asked the couple to divorce after Princess Diana aired “dirty laundry” during a television interview.

A British inquest began in 2004 and continued for about four years afterward. Officials formally concurred with the earlier French inquiry and ruled Diana’s death an “unlawful killing” resulting from both Paul’s negligence and from crazed paparazzi that’d chased her into a roadway tunnel.

Now, 16 years later, Scotland Yard says they’ve learned something new. They say although they won’t release details about the new information, the new inquiry comes under the purview of the “special crimes and operations command,” of the Metropolis Police Service. According to a report, the reexamination into the case was authorized by Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the head the agency.

The original report about Princess Diana’s death was extremely lengthy and detailed. Consisting of approximately 832 pages, it took 14 police officers nearly three years to complete. Operations Paget, not the Metropolis Police Service was name of the Metropolis police inquiry led by Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington.

  • David Smith

    The Metropolitan Police = The Secret Police .!

  • Reality

    The police get so much wrong in any investigation. If people actually knew how courtrooms and investigations really work, many people would become so disillusioned. There are so many innocent people in prison and so many guilty people walking free. The people around Diana have so much money and influence —- we will never know the truth. Some of the dirtiest people on this planet are some of the people we think are so good.

    In this country and abroad, way too many people believe what they see on shows like NCIS and Law & Order. The only reason why people don’t hear about the corruption in investigations and our courtrooms is because so many people in this nation are forced to plead guilty. A DA will come to a defendant and threaten to go after an obscene amount of time and then offer a plea bargain. In order to reduce risk, the defendant pleads guilty. I have seen it hundreds of times in my life.

    Most people think you are innocent until proven guilty. You are not. You are very much guilty and you have to prove your innocence. That is much harder than it sounds and in the US, it costs a lot of money.

    However, in Diana’s case, the people surrounding her had so much money that whoever was at fault, could simply buy the truth and hide it away. It is very funny how many conspiracy theories over time are proven to be actually very true. In fact, history is full of conspiracy theories that were true. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Diana was murdered. Heck, British royal history is full of murders. Why on earth do we think it would stop now?

    • hugo cavendish

      Duke of Edinberg is a splended chap!

  • Ambereen

    Only one small correction.
    Dodi Alfayed , the person she died with, was not a Pakistani heart surgeon. He was an Egyptian, The Pakistani doctor she was said to be involved with was called Hasnat.

  • rachel

    along with thousands of others i believe that diana was tragically taken by somebody who gave the order.a true princess in her own right who didnt look down her nose at the poor people or anyone less fortunate.a remarkable lady who didnt deserve to be treated the way she was and certainly to have her life ended.

  • http://www.bioscenecleanup.com/Crime_Scene_Clean_Up.html marc

    clsoe it up already, waste of time and energy on this.