Texas Shooting Spree Leaves Two Dead

By: Zach Walton - May 27, 2013

A Texas shooting spree over the weekend has left two people, including the shooter, dead.

NBC News reports that an unnamed 23-year-old North Carolina resident went on a two-county shooting spree through central Texas over the weekend. Authorities chased the man, who was driving a pickup truck, for two hours.

Police are just starting to piece together the events that led to the two hour chase that left five injured and two dead. The gunman first shot a woman in her car at 4:30 a.m. in Concho County. She is still at the hospital. He then shot and injured two people at a convenience store in McCulloch County, but both were quickly treated and released. He shot and injured another when he headed back to Concho County. Responding to reports of shots fired, police found Alicia Torres, the only victim to have died, in her car around 6:00 a.m. in the town of Eola.

The police soon caught up with the shooter and engaged him in a firefight. During the shootout, the shooter was shot and killed. It was later found that the shooter had an assault rifle, a handgun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

No concrete details have been released just yet, but police are investigating all the events to find a cause behind the violence.

In other news, Chicago was also the center of multiple shootings over the weekend that left six people dead.

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  • http://Yahoo.com JohnnyB

    Seriously… ((shooter had an assault rifle, a handgun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.)).
    So, he had an automatic “Assault” rifle…. I’m shure that it was automatic, because why would this journalist be such a TOOL Bag, to call a Semi-Automatic Rifle, An assault rifle.
    Personally from one to another, BE a F#$KING Journalist. Don’t be a corporate puppet you idiot, Why don’t you care anymore, you have given up and its depressing.

    • Jaime

      It is very sad to see people insulting others in the internet, because they are not in front of the person they are insulting. Internet seems to make some people “braver”.

      • Daryl

        Just calling a spade a spade.

        • http://Yahoo Tim

          He was white .

      • Howard

        Why don’t you take a flying leap

    • JimmyS

      @JohnnyB…. it says a lot about you when the only thing that angers you about that article is the journalist’s terminology. Never mind that the killer had hundreds of rounds of ammunition and an “assault” rifle and God only knows what his plans were to use them for. Sounds like the only “puppet” here is you. The NRA brainwashed you well!

      • skye

        The only puppet here is you cause you have believed the lies of the media it deeply saddens me that the leftist agenda is alwalys using national tragedies as a way to push their agenda.

      • http://Yahoo.com LaughOutLoud

        The “Terminology” is what I am mildly ticked at, This agenda to instill fear into people by categorizing every single “Rifle” that has a magazine, as an ASSAULT rifle, is offensive to the rationality.
        You blindly let others influence you, to force you to fear, to trick you into submission, weather you are aware of it or not, the end fact is still the same… you are controlled, you are a sheep, the wool is over your eyes, while your herder leads you with his crook, Grow UP!. And don’t fool yourself into thinking we retain anything you say that stems from ignorance.

    • Dale

      Johnny sounds like a gun sheeple

      • nubwaxer

        it’s a gun cult that demands blood offerings be brought to its altar.
        all you need is blood
        all you need is blood
        all you need is blood, blood
        blood is all you need.

    • Ann Snow

      JohnnyB, you are SO ignorant! Criticizing the journalist??? COME ON!

  • http://www.webpronews.com/texas-shooting-spree-leaves-two-dead-2013-05 sue robinett

    poorest written article I have ever read. what when where? no details of any kind. Pathetic writer. If you don’t have details to go with the facts why bother writing???

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      There were very few details when the story was first reported this morning. I have updated the story with the locations now that they have become known. Unfortunately, the name of the shooter has still not been released. I’ll update the story again when that is made known.

      • James Andrews

        Two people shot, is in no way a “shooting spree”! And this is rare in Texas anyway. It’s a daily occurence in Chicago, and Philly though!

        • Dale

          hmmm, per capita Dallas is just as bad as Texas. Chicago has about 6 million people in the city, Dallas has about 1 million……

        • Ann Snow

          You’re right up there with JohnnyB as far as being ignorant. FIVE PEOPLE were shot, not just 2. Get glasses! Or, visit the Brain Exchange.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/texas-shooting-spree-leaves-two-dead-2013-05 sue robinett
  • Joe Edwards

    In a web full of poorly written articles, this one is a trophy winner.

    What ever happened to who, what when, where and why?

    Texas is a big State. If I was a guessing man, and I am, I would guess that this story was written by the night janitor or a drunk hired to work the night shift.

  • Joe Edwards

    Just read that I can follow the writer on something called StumbleUpon.

    Don’t know anything about that social site, but I do believe that this fella’ created it.

  • Sasha

    I have read worse articles than this one. All you people who are so negative with your comments, why don’t you get off your butt and write something. Good article; just keep up the work!

  • your teacher

    please return to writing class before publishing further stories…

  • Mike Hutton

    Another law abiding citizen until he picked up a gun and started shooting people.

    Brain Dead NRA nuts are law abiding citizens until they pick up a gun and start shooting people.

    • Wade

      Why don’t you grow a brain? I hope you find yourself in a life or death situation and need a gun to come out of it. Let us all know how that works out for you. You leberals need to understand that you can’t legislate sanity. A law, no matter how well written will not stop someone intent on murder. The only thing you can hope for is for someone who is armed and prepared to stop the crazy idiot.
      Not being mean, just stating the facts.

    • gerald

      And just how do you know he was a law abiding citizen or even an NRA supporter? Or that he even owned the guns legally or not. Seems to me that most of the violence comes from criminals with illegally obtained weaponry. And I may be wrong but can’t recall any acts of violence being perpetrated by an NRA member or supporter. Have heard of some law abiding gun owning citizens who have thwarted some criminal activity though.

  • Shaun

    Another writer that likes to play with words. using assault rifle to describe a semi auto rifle. an assault rifle is full auto. why dont you use right terminology and let people decide for themselves about the story and not use words to play with emotions

    • Dale

      Who cares if it was semi or not….Why do you take so much offense to it? It really shouldn’t be that big of a deal now should it?

  • bob curran

    All these people ragging on this reporter. They all act like-we have the right to know all the facts even before the police are done making their reports up. Sounds like these people are the idiots-not the reporter!

  • other

    This is fodder for the people who want to remove all guns for government control. I bet at the same time there was that many killed with by knives, clawhammers. (way more people killed this decade with claw hammers in America than guns), baseball bats ect.

    • weldon grable

      your comparing apples and oranges, but if you disagree??? go ahead and take a claw hammer to a gun fight and see how that works for ya.!!

  • Jay Leonard

    Goes to prove once again…..Guns don’t kill people,FUCKTARDS DO!!!!!

  • Randi

    Really??? “Texas Shooting Spree??? Can you come up with a more jaded Headline?? One idiot, from out of State, goes on a criminal rampage, and you have to call it a “Texas” shooting spree?. Just a footnote for the Chicago killings? You make it sound like a Texas tradition… where two people were killed. You liberal writers make me sick. The Headline are only mildly related to the article (as usual) and do not reflect the truth of the situation at all. You splash a stupid headline, to try and sell something, on the back of a tragedy… SHAME ON YOU.

  • weldon grable

    people will point fingers and call anyone names and even shout “total fabrication” if they feel that their precious guns are somehow in jeopardy. You people want no gun rules? no gun regulations? no lists? and so on and so on???Fine .. Just pray its not you or your family next time.. Because there will be many many next times..

  • J

    no matter what you think about politics…the facts and the real issues are that people died and were injured and that is indisputably sad. Sometimes are just people are crazy and should be locked up. Simple as that. Why are some people always looking for a way to make it about an angle or agenda. I am saddened by the fact that some of these comments are callous and cynical and have no regard for the simple truth of what happened.

  • http://webpronews.com forevrlost

    Seems most people reading this article lost sight of what happened. People were killed and people were hurt by a complete stranger. Regardless of what he used to hurt/kill them with. They were certainly assaulted by bullets just as much as if the man had walked up to them and punched them in the face – either way is damage to the body. I guess that really means if you get shot by any type gun, it can/could be classified as an assault weapon because those bullets sure will assault your body in a flat second with no thought to age, race or creed.

    • weldon grable

      People have not lost sight, they simply dont care.The only thing important to most is ” dont mess with me in any way,I dont want to be bothered “

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    obama loves this stuff. pushes his agenda.

  • http://WebProNews Kasey

    This is a shooting spree by some nut job from North Carolina who was just visiting to shoot some Texans. Hardly a “TEXAS SHOOTING SPREE” more like a nut job from North Carolina shoots some defenseless unaware Texas citizens. Had he picked on the ones of us who are armed you wouldn’t be reading about this…

  • John H

    “In other news, six people were killed in Chicago”. But that’s not news because murder is normal in Chicago.

  • Jules

    It’s sad that the ignorants are now trying to define what a shooting spree is. How many people need to be shot for it to be a spree? I wonder what the hillbilly response will be to this…


    The news media at large needs to stop using the term(s) “Assault Rifle”or “Assault Weapon” when they’re referring to the “rifle” in the news stories. The letters “AR” Does not mean or stand for :”Assault Rifle”. The correct terminology or name is “Armor-Light Rifle” and it is not a “Full Auto Weapon” as the news media at large have been leading the general public or average citizen to believe.

    There are enough “Gun Laws” already on the books that apply to prevent: “Dangerous People” “Criminals and Mentally Ill” from purchasing any weapons at “Gun Stores”, “Gun Shows” and online over “The Internet…!!”

    Some may say that I am wrong about my personal views on this issue…so be it …!!! I am sympathetic to the innocent people who have lost someone today. But I lost a friend and fellow classmate and had wounded one other classmate from High School 27 years ago, this month to violence in the same night.

    The only ways that violence or violent crimes can be stopped is to bring back the “Death Penalty” or additional funding for the Mental Heath Field, depending on the severity of the crime.

  • Keith

    News outlets all over the U.S. are making a huge story out of this incident in Texas, causing it to “trend.” Meanwhile, far greater acts of violence (with at least six dead) in Chicago is largely ignored. Why?

  • http://Yahoo Tim

    It appears that this is a “suicide by cop” ending. Looks like another wacko out of the breeding field. My nickel is on the Texas Game Warden who ended the scrota day.