Teresa Giudice: The Homeless Housewife?

By: Toni Matthews-El - April 21, 2014

I think it’s safe to say that Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe are no longer living the American dream.

The couple went from toasting in the comfort of their multi-million dollar home to facing serious jail time for various forms of fraud.

In addition to Teresa leaving her kids behind and Joe possibly being deported, the Giudices are alleged to have yet something else to worry about: They may be losing that multi-million dollar home after all!

A source told gossip site RadarOnline that the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star and her man are barely scraping by. In order to make ends meet, the reality TV stars may have to sell their luxurious home.

“Teresa has hardly any income coming in because of her guilty plea in the federal fraud and conspiracy case,” the source told Radar.

Apparently the money made from her family’s appearance on RHONJ is the only thing keeping the Giudice clan from living in a cardboard box, or even worse…a New Jersey apartment!

The source added that Teresa Giudice’s “book sales have been very low” and that she “hasn’t been offered any gigs for paid promotional appearances.”

The Giudices do have some good fortune in all this. They allegedly only have to pay back a paltry $7,500 of the more than $13 million debt the couple accrued through questionable means.

It’s also possible they will only face a couple of years of jail rather than decades.

Though the scandal and criminal trial has virtually wiped out their luxurious lifestyle, things could be (and probably should be) much worse for the reality TV couple.

When it’s all over, they’ll have to try and make an honest living just like millions of other American households in a smaller home, possibly away from the limelight.

All things considered, it’s hard to feel terrible for these individuals.

Do you feel sorry for the RHONJ stars? Do you think they’ll lose their home? Comment below!

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  • flagmeagain

    13 Million and they have to pay back $7500 what a bunch of crap. They should also take her fake tits too.

    • Anna Jaymason

      You just made my day.. LOL

    • jane little

      Really your an ass what the hell does her tits have to do with a damn thing???? grow the f up!

      • Rebecca Meeke

        You are.

      • Mom Meow

        She probably never paid for those tits either. Scum. I hope they take everything from them and do loads of jail time!

      • Mark Stanton

        She used the money she stole from the government to pay for all her plastic surgery! Therefore, they do not belong to her! In theory, they own nothing, everything will be sold since they have no income anymore! Justice will be served one way or another!

  • bailey

    disgraceful. $7500 of 13 mil!!!. they should throw them both in jail and set an example for their children. Look Mommy & Daddy and cheat and everything is wonderful.!

  • Jeff Smith

    Yeah, I feel real sorry for both of them. If she wasn’t a fake celebrity on fake reality shows, they would have gotten 5 years or more in jail like anyone else off the street. I read another article where she says she getting through all this because of her faith and prayers. Nice. I guess her faith wasn’t quite strong enough to keep them from committing the fraud in the first place. Out of touch with actual reality, self-centered, egotistical jerks. That’s all I can say that won’t get edited out.

    • thilow6

      i agree – i think she broke at least a few of the ten commandments – and why didn’t she think of this when buying all those expensive hair ornaments for her kids?

    • johnsnare

      Nothing new here. Many of these fraud and phony’s, suddenly experience “The Bill Graham moment. Her and her foreign born scum bucket husband, knew exactly what they were doing. Our youngest daughter’s girlfriend, has been friends with this lady, and claims the mansion they live in is totally void of any furniture. They save the wrapping from the fresh fruit for toilet paper.

      • jerseydevil

        You referred to her as a lady..hahahahh.

  • Steeler Fan

    Please she will never be homeless ,Joe’s parents are wealthy.Italians take care of their adult offspring.

    • johnsnare

      What’s with the ethnic remark millicent.??. Irish,Polish, and Jews, do not take care of their offspring.?

  • Annie

    Awww, poor couple, I am so sad about this. He deserves the book thrown at him. Who cares?

  • emilyH

    They won’t both do prison time at the Same time. He will serve first, then Teresa…IF she even gets time. I don’t think she will get any active time.

    • londongal

      I hope she does get prison time, they are both thieves.

      • marcia

        All pf us has faults so please lay of the family and and make sure yours is doing right.

        • jerseydevil

          Grow up. Seriously….do you UNDERSTAND that they have swindled millions out of several banks and false real estate transactions?? Is that how YOUR family rolls?

        • Megan

          Marcia – we know (my family) that we are not perfect individuals and make mistakes. The difference my friend, we have NEVER done what these two engaged in. Stop excusing bad behavior! And acknowledge that when a family selfishly does so, eventually trickles down to affect others!

      • jerseydevil

        And I hope they send that fat bastard back to Italy …right out of the prison doors.

    • jerseydevil

      Don’t confuse the NJ judicial system with California….they do.not.care. These two could be connected. As far as the kids…NJ ‘s attitude is…well you should have been better parents.” And they are correct …parents would not be teaching their kids to swindle and steal to live large.

  • uneed

    Tell Cliven Bundy this story and see how well it goes over with He and the REST of us out here in the real world.

  • Leslie Fernandes

    $7,500 out of $13 million, who the hell authorized that deal? If this were some “little” middle America person they would have to pay back the entire debt with interest and go to prison. Here’s the problem, some of these fools live way beyond their means and think their time in the spotlight will last forever, so instead of banking money for their futures they piss it all away on home bigger than anyone needs, lavish cars, to many clothes and other excesses. Nobody to blames but themselves but we end up paying higher taxes because of their stupidity.

  • chiclet

    Does not matter what the turn out is. Lets think about their children that have to deal with all of this. But… I do think they should pay, either money, prison or both.

    • Susie T – Nashville

      The best thing for the children is to be taken away from these two. What are they going to learn with parents like the ones they have, lying, cheating, selfishness, money and fake status mean more than anything else?

  • dougx

    Classic case of trying to keep up with the Joneses. smh

  • Lola

    Throw the book at them….They were phonies from day one, earn a living they way the rest of america does it,LEGALLY………….ENJOY YOUR ORANGE SUITS,,,HA HA,WHAT AN EXAMPLE TO SET FOR YOUR KIDS, YOU BOTH SHOULD BE ASHAMED……………………..

    • jerseydevil

      Can’t wait to see her weird eyed face on “extended Stay/NJ” As for fat boy..deport as soon as he is released.

  • Anon Y. Mous

    I feel sorry for the kids. The parents did wrong, yes, but the kids are suffering. Yes, the parents should have thought of that beforehand, but they didn’t. Not the kids’ fault.

    • Susie T – Nashville

      It isn’t the kids fault and the kids would be better off in a home that teaches them true values and how to succeeded honestly and make it in life

    • jerseydevil

      Those spoiled rude beasts are not suffering, They think they’re going to “summer camp” while mom and pappa go on an extended cruise of the Greek Islands.

  • Dan Gregory

    I feel for the kids but those two fake ass parents,boo hoo,boo hoo,boo hoo

    • jerseydevil

      They are already ruined….send them to italy with their fat assed father when he is released.

  • johnsnare

    How could she be homeless. She has a semi permanent home waiting for her. “JAIL”.

    • jerseydevil

      Best comment yet!!! (golf clap) ….I was thinking the same thing…. she won’t be homeless for long lol

  • Susan Carlson

    WOW, this absolutely shows how differently “celebrities”, albeit reality stars, are treated. It’s a joke they have to such an incredibly low amount. This woman could not find her way out of a paper bag, so it’s not surprising to me that she continued to spend like there was no tomorrow!

  • mythought

    I feel sorry for the kids.

    • jerseydevil

      Don’t The four spawns of satan will be just fine..they are already morally destroyed…so send them to Italy with fatboy when he gets deported.we don’t need any more garbage here.

  • dolores

    how is it they have to pay back so little because they are famous…what it comes down to is our justice system stinks i have no respect for our justice system the way they can pick and choose who gets punished…any other normal american would have been in jail already and would have to pay back a lot more. He’s not even a citizen and they will get away with it because thats the unfair American way.

  • doug

    They are both going to Federal Prison…Not jail… there is a big difference. FYI

    • Mark Stanton

      She is going to a country club prison.

  • gaynorhenry

    They will never get the justice they deserve and certainly not the justice you or I, would face. I hope they end up living in an apartment and if they are convicted their travels will certainly be curtailed, I foresee People of Walmart in their future!

  • kimmmmay

    If she is so broke why did she order a 300$ dress from my work the other day……

    • ann bonari

      Easy, She spent the grocery money on it. This hooker won’t ever give up that lifestyle. Everything else, like bills will be put aside so Theresa can keep up her lying selfish ways. What an awful woman!! I actually feel sorry for Joe, He’s the one trying to make enough money for her!!!!!

    • jerseydevil

      POW!!! Write up a story and send it in

  • wth49

    They played and now they’ll pay! What fools. In the first or second season there were episodes where she’d go to Joe’s office and he’s count out THOUSANDS of dollars in cash for her to go shopping for gaudy furnishings for that giant house they built. It was like two 8 year olds trying to play house with real money and sex drive.

  • Guest

    C’mon you think these people are broke???? Only fools would think these people don’t have money…That money is taking a detour to Italy in case papa gets deported, they’ll be good when they get out…

  • Dixie

    If you don’t want to do time, don’t do the crime. Their children are no different than other inmates children. We can’t think of the children, we have to think about punishment for committing crimes. Hope they both do some time, only way they will truly learn the severity of their actions.

  • francesansiclen

    people please tone down all the hate !

    • jerseydevil

      Please tone down you apathy….they do not deserve it.

    • Megan

      How about the ‘few’ that either follow the (Guidice) criminal mind-set, or worse, bleeding-hearts crying boo-hoo, STOP using as an emotional crutch vrs an intelligent viewpoint, the word “hate”. It’s non-applicable. Don’t you get it? They themselves have already pleaded guilty on some counts. Hate has nothing to do with it…..It is called Justice!

    • Mark Stanton

      I can’t think of two people who are more deserving of the hate comments than these two. They have sipped champagne and lived lavish life styles ON THE BACKS OF THEIR CHILDREN. They are the most despicable parents that ever were and are deserving of every comment here!

  • Tina1223

    I really liked Teresa when the show first started, but as the seasons went on, I saw a big change in her, especially after her sister-in-law joined the cast. I do think it is sad, because they have their daughters, and they obviously love them. But, if you do something illegal, you have to accept the consequences… It’s a sad situation.

    • jerseydevil

      She is a swindling thief, as is her fat assed husband. and she has weird eyes and a weirder hairline….like an ape.

  • dogmother

    Why are they getting special treatment? I think they should lose their home.

  • boo boo kitty

    What a loser!!! Her husband is a gangster. She is ugly and so are her kids.

    • shuggie

      The kids are ugly…..She dresses them like ragamuffins even tho those dresses are “designer” dresses. He is a uber gangster….slimy and ugly. What a disgrace for BRAVO to put them on TV

  • Concerned

    Obviously the parents are scum and deserve the punishment and more. Good attorneys obviously got them off with lighter sentences and lets face it none of us know the whole story nor will we ever. I feel for the children it was the parents that taught them how to live large and be obnoxious , I hope the children are well taken care of and get the help and love that they will need.

  • Donna Hurley

    They need to sell what material things they have like Bernie Madoff and pay back the creditors. The comment about her not having a place to live. Last I remember the jails have four walls and a ceiling. I would be more worried about where the children will live.

    • shuggie

      Amen. What a pieces of dirt. Disgusting people.

    • Mark Stanton

      There is also public housing that will accommodate her when she gets out of jail.

      • Donna Hurley

        So right.

  • http://batman-news.com Don Barton

    They both deserve every ounce of punishment they get. I’m sure Andy Cohen is trying hard to get The Real Housewifes Of Sing Sing up & going ASAP.