Teresa Giudice: Real Housewives Of New Jersey To Be Delayed?

    April 28, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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The upcoming sentencing for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and husband Joe Giudice could mean bad news for fans of the show.

According to an exclusive story by gossip site RadarOnline, the hearing for the Giudices will likely cause the next season’s premiere episode to be delayed.

What’s the reason for denying fans of the New Jersey-based reality television drama? The gossip site claims that it’s all about the legal shenanigans surrounding this Italian family.

“Obviously, Teresa is going to be a key character in the upcoming season,” an insider told Radar. The source claims that Bravo is going to do what it can to “maximize” Teresa Giudice’s exposure in light of the fraud scandal.

Said the insider, “Having Teresa available to do press interviews and promotions is essential.”

No doubt Giudice will be happy with the money that comes with such promo work since it’s reported that her family has been struggling financially.

Previous book and promo sales were said to have not been doing well because of the legal scandal.

Teresa and Joe Giudice both pled guilty to multiple counts of fraud in relation to millions of dollars they acquired over the years through questionable bank loans. Somehow the pair lucked out into only having to pay back about $7,500.

Still, there is jail time likely to be served by the Giudices. In the case of Joe Giudice, deportation remains a possibility.

A number of television viewers are outraged at the plea agreement, which many see as a mere slap on the wrist despite the serious charges against them.

Will reality TV fans be too outraged to tune into the new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Bravo is apparently pulling out all the stops in the hopes that this won’t be the case.

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  • davo

    I do not care .. never watched the show and never will watch the show !!

    • $84604983

      The why are you reading a news article about the show you moron?
      You ride the short bus

    • Sarah Jane Bates

      why read and comment then

      • Brian Pan

        Oh… the irony of criticizing a comment with a comment.

  • toots

    they belong in jail…crooks…if bravo keeps them on the show..they lost me. lots of people could be on the show that aren’t criminals. low when a tv show has to hire thieves!

    • $84604983

      The entire show is filled with criminals and mob connections.
      You’re just waking up now???

  • LR

    Must be nice to steal over $13 million from banks and only have to pay back $7500! She is still making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year starting in the RHONJ show, yet because of her- NUMEROUS banks have lost MILLIONS! Thief! That’s why I think NOBODY should buy her books or anything she is affiliated with! You would just be giving money to a person who did not care to take money from banks or cost taxpayers A LOT of money!!!!

    • $84604983

      No they are liable for the other money now.
      Report that they weren’t was false.

      • LR

        That is good! I live an honest hardworking life, not one where I am a con artist defrauding banking institutions and more. She should not be glamorized on television. This Just shows what so called ‘celebrities’ get away with. If I had done such crime, I would be in prison for a many many years!!

        • $84604983

          yea I knew someone who didnt pay taxes for 3 years. The feds took everything and then stuck him in the pokie for 5 full years

          • LR

            Teresa has done much worse and I can am positive she will not be sentenced to anything close to five years, if at all!

    • Meggie

      Is this why banks are paying almost no interest to elderly savers these days? Because they have to makeup for the shortfall of giving crooks a break.

      • LR

        So true!!

  • carol


    • $84604983

      This report is wrong. They are now going to have to pay back the full amount.

      • carol

        i hadn’t read that. that’s great!

  • Shieldmaiden

    I’m sick of the whole Housewives franchise-they were fun to watch in the beginning but now it’s brutal. It’s so sad! People come on these reality shows and then it becomes the only way they can make a living. Gretchen on Bride’s Bootcamp with Slade, next they’ll move to Couples Therapy. It’s sad, so sad

  • xoxob

    I wish the government would be as kind and generous to the rest of us. they denied me and my child much needed health ins. because the 500 bucks a week I kiilmyself to make is too much. according to the state of ny. I AM TO RICH. how do good honest people get treated this way and a vulgar ,self serving ,monster like her make out like bandits?

    • $84604983

      Give thanks to obama and vote republican next time

      • ms

        You really are a douchenozzel. WTH does this have to do with politics. Go Away.

        • $84604983

          Uhhhhhh…while you’ve been riding the short bus there was something called obamacare that was thrown on to America against it’s will, clown-face.

          • ms

            Duhhhh…the article has nothing to do with politics. Go spew your bile somewhere else. I D 10 T

          • $84604983

            I replied to xoxob, Sparky. But you are such a bitter old hag you had to butt in.

            Go peddle your BS in your Special Ed class.

          • Big Chazz

            Short bus, Special Ed class, somebody has an inferiority complex. Oh yeah, that means that you feel that everyone thinks they’re better than you. And, oh yeah again, they are. And insults too, gee you’ve got a great vocabulary there dontcha Sparky?

          • $84604983

            You’re just projecting.
            I just KNOW you’re dumber than a plank of wood

          • sue

            You are an insult to those riding the “short bus”.You FUX news watching teatard.

          • $84604983

            So I’m an insult to you?

          • sue

            The “short bus” comment wasn’t funny the first time around but I understand it is all you got. Go wave your flag somewhere else while you vote against your own best interests stupid.

          • $84604983

            Your ignorant response is typical and predicable coming from the crazy left. Jokers like you pretend to be open minded. But you’re only open minded when it’s an opinion with which you agree. Otherwise you become mean spirited and evil.
            It’s a position that has been exposed over and over.
            Glad to expose small minded you for the bigot you really are.. Your short bus is waiting. It’s the only thing YOU have, retardo.

        • Connie Ricard

          I agree with you ms …politics have nothing to do with this…..

      • xoxob

        I did. hopefully we will make out better next time.

      • Maggie

        I kind of agree. I am a middle class citizen, work hard, my husband works hard, lost everything we had after the crash in 2009 – can’t catch a break, owe back taxes (but paying the IRS on a budget monthly), cannot get help anywhere and the Guidices get away with what they are getting away with. Something is not right. The rich get richer and thieves get away with everything.

        • $84604983

          This obama war on the rich is a bunch of hooey meant to keep the rest of us enslaved to the government where we are nothing but a social security number.

          Yes, the rich have gotten richer under obama. Way more than under the republicans. This is because they have investments and interest income and can afford to buy things at fire sale prices and wait until they come back.

          This would happen under any administrator during a big recession.

          But what about the rest of us? obama’s policies directly screw us. They take money directly out of our pockets. They take us poorer so he can covet power for himself and his party.

          It’s despicable.
          People should wake up out of their coma’s. obama is not your friend.

    • Byrdie girl

      Because people like them only think of themselves.



    • $84604983

      Only they are not rich. They just lived rich. It was a house of cards. Everything they owned was bought with loans.

  • $84604983

    Who cares? The show jumped the shark several seasons ago. The only good thing about Teresa sailing into the sunset is that Caroline and her closeted gay sons are gone too

    • amanda

      yeah, caroline was veerry boorrring and pointless.

  • $84604983

    Hey Toni — that’s a really bad picture of you and you are spreading mis-information. They did NOT get away with having to payback $7500. They have to pay millions back.
    Did you get your degree in a cracker jacks box?

  • Butterfingers:)

    Can’t stand these people and I mean all of the morons on this show. Teresa & Joe both belong in prison for what they did. If it were anyone else they would have thrown the book at them. I won’t be watching this show again. I love Orange County it is the best of all the shows. I hate Atlanta because of Nene and won’t be watching it. We need some good sitcoms and get away from this BS reality shows – just saying.

  • Christine Segura

    Bravo and Theresa should be so ashamed, if there just sucking all the fame out for this show and the fame ho, I’ll never watch it again! You got rid of two great families for that creepy woman really sad!

  • balletlady

    Awww…now they are “struggling financially”….welcome to the REAL world where we all work hard to pay our bills, we DON’T lie on loan applications etc.

    Just look at the picture of Teresa & Gia at Leanna’s Bat Mitzva….both are dressed to the nines & fully made up…guess they are NOT struggling financially enough to pull that off. Even in her court appearances she is wearing designer suits & heels that should be “put on the block” for sale to pay off debts.

    Teresa WANTS their jail term “staggered” so Joe can go in & she remains home with the girls….then SHE goes to prison & HE stays with the girls. Since WHEN do THEY get to decide their OWN jail terms for the thefts they knowingly commited

    It angered me to hear Teresa say “we didn’t do anything wrong”……once again Teresa refused to accept blame for what she/they did. NOW they are sorry, only because they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. They would NOT be sorry if their actions were NOT caught & no one discovered what they were doing.

    What is to become of her fancy mansion & all her diamond jewelry & expensive home furnishings. Seems like several of the “stars” in RHONJ are in hot water. Apparently her brother Joe Gorga is having financial difficulties, Chris Lauria has had financial issues, & Albert Manzo is in hot water with the state of New Jersey & with Gov. Christie for lying about his actual permanent home address….(google it)

    The only semi normal family is Kathy & Richie Wakile who are NOT rich…but someday may be since Kathy is a go getter. Kathy’s Sister Rosie adds some fun to the mix & she does not hold anything TRUE back.

    I pray to Heaven they BOTH serve stiff Prison time. I pray the Judge is tough & throws the book at them. Imagine Teresa living an “ordinary life”…no fake nails, hair extensions/dyes, no professional makeup or designer clothes & expensive high heels or diamond jewelry. . She will look like Halloween in an orange jumpsuit with her black hair.

    Why delay the show….because Teresa is the catalyst in every horrible over the top fight & disagreement possible, Karma is taking her down, it’s about time.

    • JustSayin

      Why can’t they rent out their mansion and live in one of those multi-use houses in Paterson, NJ or Hawthorne, NJ? They can live above a pizza place or liquor store?

      • balletlady

        The Pizza Parlor wa sold Joe claimed since he did not have a driver’s license at the time saying it was too hard to get to work….GUESS Teresa couldn’t DRIVE him, huh?
        TERESA is the person who refuses to move to anything other then over the top expensive “digs”….Her cook book sales are down so is her income, she can’t live on “air”, her next “digs” will be paid for by the taxpayers as will be most of their DEBTS.
        WE did NOT get to “enjoy” or reap the benefits of THEIR lifestyle, but now the taxpayers will PAY for their greed as usual.

  • speakup

    The sad thing about Bravo is that they love all the controversy and the worse the people act on the show the better they like. Andy and Bravo love Theresa and she is one of the crudest, rudest, foul mouthed persons on the screen and women should think twice about looking up to her. She has made millions and yet she and her husband with get a slap on the wrist. This does not happen to the normal hard working individual so why should they get the breaks. Amazes me that those who mess up the most get the breaks. She and her husband broke the law in a big way and they should be treated the same as someone who has not made their name being a jerk on TV. They both flaunted their outrageous spending on the air and they are both liars and cheats.
    I feel sorry for the children, but certainly not for the parents. They should be humbled. I am so disgusted by a system that puts someone away for so much less than what these two individual have done. So much for a justice that needs to get into the 21ST century. Spend some time locked up and maybe it will humble the likes of them and they can show more appreciation for just being on this earth. Used to watch all, but just can not stand all the garbage that is spewed on those shows. Reality has really gone crazy and I would certainly hate to think that the normals of the human race would live and act like this.


    Losers and thieves. Lock them up.

  • Insdious

    The MOST disgusting Family in America, are you dicken me?
    Now WebProNews is the second most disgusting thing in America for printing anything about that pig.

  • Shirlee

    Many of these reality people are stuffing tax money in their pockets. frauding the system. And u others think joe and Teresa are the only ones doing this. U all Need a reality check. Someone screwed up and my bet it wasn’t joe who screwed up. Time will tell. I am sure their lawyers are not born stupid. Deport joe! That is funny when there are so many ill-legals in this country already and they are going to deport just him.
    OMGoodish are most of you people for real?
    This trial is a joke and the money that is bring spent on it is a joke. I bet it has already run into millions. The judicial system sucks. A lot of coverups…what about all the bankrupcsy you don’t know about and how about SSI people frauding the system with fake back problems taking away from S.S. Elderly. But that’s a different story. How about the courts go after them and put them back to work. How about the people collecting welfare for years and getting free food stamps and medical. But let’s prey on the Guidices cause they have money. Let’s see how many here are frauding the system raise your hands. I never would think of cheating anyone, but most of the people in this nation of ours is doing just what they may have done… they just never got caught yet. Lololololol

    • Dale Evers

      So does your rant mean that it’s okay to cheat and defraud since everyone else is doing it? No one should get punished unless each and every single person gets punished? And the Giudices do NOT have money – at least any of their own. Yes, deport Joe. He didn’t think enough of this country to become a citizen during all his 30-some years of living here., And yes, he knew he wasn’t a citizen everytime he travelled outside this country and did not have a passport.

  • Mavis

    I am sick and tired of Teresa. I don’t know what is wrong with Bravo for keeping this trash on the show. She has a black heart; there is nothing redeemable about her as a person as she is. She is a pig in lipstick and high heels. TAKE HER OFF THE SHOW!!!

  • Rosanne

    My husband and I lost everything…our business our property, We have gone to the FBI hopefully they will do something…the law in N.J. can do whatever they want to do, you don’t have a chance…especially if you don’t own the Court…like some people do….Teresa and Joe they are little people… they will pay for what they did, however when the lawyers and Judges commit fraud, malpractice, extortion, fraudulent bankruptcy on your business…they get away with it. This state is corrupt, I don’t know what my husband and I are going to do. Every lawyer we hire gets threatened or coerced by the Judge who hads to cover up what he did years ago..

  • JR

    another piece of sh(t family.why do people watch this garbage? is life really that bad?

  • http://Aol.com Mbakey

    Good bye you stuck up bit$h and your macho husband. You people are a joke and an embarrassment to humanity. Cut these shows from tv.

  • http://Aol.com Mbakey

    Bravo, you are just a bad for airing this crap day after day. Do you our society to act like these morons. I am blaming you for being so damn stupid.

  • StephMills

    Rot in jail you losers. Posers with zero class, zero morals and the husband is a wanna be Mafia thug. Why is a 13 year old so tarted up with a sexy tight dress and an inch of makeup? Oh wait…this is the bimbo who had a “Bratz” bedroom for her kids. These people are too stupid to realize what a national joke they are. The kid has sexy tight dresses and makeup but I’ll bet there is not one book in her bedroom. I feel bad for the kids…the parents are utterly brain dead. These kids will be in therapy for years and years.

  • Brian Pan

    Bravo’s publicist wrote this:”The source claims that Bravo is going to do what it can to “maximize” Teresa Giudice’s exposure in light of the fraud scandal.”

  • ameme

    IF THIS ADMITTED & CONVICTED CON COMES BACK ON THE SHOW I WONT BE A VIEWER … What is Bravo thinking ? They say they don’t condone violence as in regards to Porsha Williams but Federal Fraud is okay idiots rule there !~

  • Jean Bennett-Smiley

    Gee. I am on social security and have to work. Last Year I earned $4015 over the $25,000 I am allowed to earn and had to pay $2595 in income taxes Andthese crooks get millions for appearing on a Bravo show that seems to promote bad behavior and criminal actions. Why does anyone watch this show? Or is it only crooks trying to learn how to beat the system

  • Sara James

    Teresa, Joe and Andy Cohen all need to do jail time. Shady Queens all of them!