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Yoshi’s New Island Headlines This Week’s Nintendo Download

For the past month, the Nintendo Download has been pretty barren. Even major releases would be accompanied by maybe one or two more games. That finally changes this week with the the release of a major 3DS title alongside numerous eShop titles. Nintendo announced that Yoshi’s New Island will be hitting the Nintendo eShop at midnight on March 14. The …

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Yoshi’s New Island Trailer Reminds You That March Has A Nintendo Release

March is shaping up to be a huge month for gamers. Titanfall and Dark Souls II came out today, and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD comes out next week. Nintendo might be feeling a little left out, but it has its own major release in March. In a new launch trailer for Yoshi’s New Island, Nintendo wants to remind you that …

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Nintendo Announces Yoshi-Themed Nintendo 3DS XL

With the Year of Luigi wrapping up on March 18, Nintendo needs a new mascot character to lead the way in 2014. While any one character may not get a year just devoted to them this year, Yoshi is getting some love right at the start of 2014 in celebration of his latest game. Nintendo announced this morning that it …

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Yoshi’s New Island Gameplay Revealed In Latest Trailer

When it comes to the Super Nintendo, most Mario fans would agree that Super Mario World is the best Mario game on the platform. While technically not a Mario game, some fans would argue that Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island is the superior game thanks to its vibrant visuals and innovative gameplay. Well, those fans are finally getting a …

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