Yoshi's New Island Trailer Reminds You That March Has A Nintendo Release

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March is shaping up to be a huge month for gamers. Titanfall and Dark Souls II came out today, and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD comes out next week. Nintendo might be feeling a little left out, but it has its own major release in March.

In a new launch trailer for Yoshi's New Island, Nintendo wants to remind you that the 3DS is still one of the best platform around. It doesn't have Titanfall or Dark Souls II, but it has games for just about every kind of gamer. Yoshi's New Island is for those who yearn for the good ol' days of platformers where it was more about dexterity and skill instead of solving puzzles and being pretentious.

Speaking of skill, Yoshi's New Island looks like it will demand skill from players if they want it to. Like other recent platformers from Nintendo, getting through the game isn't all that difficult. It becomes difficult when you try to get al the collectibles in a level, however, and that's where Yoshi's New Island shines.

Oh, and here's the TV spot Nintendo of America made for the game. It's live-action and very weird:

Yoshi's New Island launches exclusively for the 3DS on March 14.

Image via Nintendo/YouTube

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