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A ‘Selfie’ TV Show Is on the Way Because #YOLOSWAG

Are you a person who thinks that weekday nights are sorely lacking in bathroom mirror shots? If so, ABC may just have the perfect pilot for you. The network has ordered a pilot for a new series simply titled “Selfie.” The new comedy comes from writer Emily Kapnek, who is best-known for her work on ABC’s Suburgatory, now in its …

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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Gets a Bro-tastic YOLO Trailer

There comes a time in the marketing of every video game when a publisher must target a certain type of gamer. Whether the game is story-heavy or focuses on extremely strategical gameplay, the marketing teams for major publishers must put together at least one trailer emphasizing all of the brutal action and explosions contained within the game. Today, 2K Games …

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SNL YOLO Video Receives Twitter’s Approval [Video]

It seems that one of many recipes for viral success these days is to play off of an already viral phenomenon. Of course, it helps if you have the broadcasting power that comes with that of Saturday Night Live. This past weekend’s show was hosted by Adam Levine, who participated in one of the classic-to-some digital shorts. The video would …

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Drake Calls Out Macy’s For Using “The Motto”

Drake may have made the term “YOLO” infamous in the past year or so, but he doesn’t claim sole ownership to the term, despite what he tweeted earlier this week. “Walgreens…you gotta either chill or cut the cheque,” he wrote beneath an Instagram photo of a hat display at the drugstore. He also chastised Macy’s for using the word on …

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Drunk Guy Tweets YOLO Moments Before Fatal Car Wreck

Words. Words sometimes fail you. In a twist of tragic irony, a 21-year-old Ontario, CA man was involved in a brutal car wreck just moments after tweeting the popular catchphrase YOLO. If you’re unfamiliar with YOLO, it’s that super annoying thing the kids are saying, oftentimes used to justify poor decisions, which translates to “You Only Live Once.” Five men …

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