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Carl Icahn Quits Yahoo’s Board Of Directors

Another noteworthy event in the long, strange tale of the Microsoft-Yahoo deal has occurred: about 15 months after securing his seat on Yahoo’s board of directors, Carl Icahn has resigned the position.

It’s important to note that the move isn’t supposed to be interpreted as the first step in starting another fight.  Or even as a sign of disapproval.  In fact, in a letter announcing his resignation, Icahn made it sound more like a case of "mission accomplished" and "time to move on."

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Compete: Yahoo Stumbled In September

Sorry, Yahoo fans – September wasn’t kind to your search engine of choice.  According to Compete’s stats about market share and query volume, newcomer Bing did more than all right, though, which would seem to say some interesting things about the proposed Microsoft-Yahoo deal.

Yahoo’s share dropped from 15.8 percent in August to 14.7 percent in September, which equals a month-over-month fall of 7.0 percent.  Meanwhile, query volume plummeted by a not-at-all-good 8.0 percent.

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Yahoo Shutting Down Paid Inclusion

Yahoo is discontinuing its paid inclusion service, Search Submit. This was revealed at the iProspect/Range Online Media Client Summit on a panel moderated by Danny Sullivan. Sullivan’s Search Engine Land received the following statement from Yahoo:

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Yahoo Partners With GroupM On Branded Content Deal

Yahoo has partnered with WPP’s GroupM Entertainment to help marketers incorporate their brands into original online programming.

The programs will appear across Yahoo’s network of media properties, including news, sports, finance and entertainment.

"Marketers need big, ground-breaking ideas that engage and delight consumers, and this partnership with Yahoo! will enable them to create unique high value relationships," said GroupM Entertainment Worldwide CEO Peter Tortorici, who will administer the partnership for GroupM.

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Yahoo Undergoes Another Exec Shuffle

It looks like Yahoo’s revolving door recently spun around yet again.  A senior vice president of communications and community properties has left the company, and another man’s joined it and been given the title "Vice President of Corporate Development."

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Yahoo Reports Big Jump In Profits

Although Yahoo’s last few months have been defined by its deal with Microsoft and a trimming of nonessential units, the company proved today that it has a little life in a yet.  Plenty of the stuff, really, as Yahoo’s third quarter earnings report beat analyst’s expectations. 

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Advertising Powerhouses Champion Microsoft-Yahoo Deal

It would seem that everybody who’s anybody in the advertising industry wants the Microsoft-Yahoo deal to go through.  Today, the president and CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, along with the heads of all four major ad holding companies, signed her name to a letter of support.

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Google And Microsoft Make Gains In The Search Market

In September, Americans conducted 13.8 billion searches, with Google leading the way with 64.9 percent of the search market, a 0.3 percent increase from August, according to comScore’s latest search engine rankings.

Yahoo ranked second with 18.8 percent of the search market, a slight decline of 0.5 percent from August. Microsoft grabbed 9.4 percent of the search share and experienced an increase of 0.1 percent. Both Ask and AOL remained flat month-over-month with 3.9 percent and 3.0 percent respectively.

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Flickr Receives Four Billionth Photo Upload

Yahoo-owned Flickr announced that its 4 billionth photo was uploaded over the weekend. It was uploaded by a user that goes by the name of "punimoe."

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Search Engine Marketing Spend Stabilizing

The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) industry continues to stabilize in the third quarter of 2009 and included some positive sings for the fourth quarter, according to a new report from Efficient Frontier.

"The third quarter results and a look beyond provide some encouraging signs for the Search Marketing industry as well as the overall economy," said David Karnstedt, President and CEO, Efficient Frontier.

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Yahoo Expands “It’s Y!ou” Campaign With User Yodeling

As part of Yahoo’s big "It’s Y!ou!" campaign, the company has started an initiative to let users contribute to the famous "Yahoo! Yodel". Yahoo has opened up what it calls the Yodel Studio. The aim is for people to personalize and reinterpret the yodel.

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Report: Paid Search Spend Up 10%

SearchIgnite has released a report, which indicates that paid search spending in the United States was flat year-over-year in the third quarter, yet up 10% quarter-over-quarter. This comes largely from multi-channel retailers, who increased paid search spend by 40% in the quarter, according to the firm. This is despite flat conversion rates and average order value.

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Yahoo Adds Paid Search Listings to Filtered Results

Yahoo has given Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers the ability to have their ads shown in filtered searches. When Yahoo launched its new search results pages last month, they added the ability for users to filter results by site. Relevant ads are now appearing with these results.

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Yahoo Snags Microsoft Sales Exec

It would be an understatement to say that Yahoo’s experienced a rough patch recently, and Microsoft, with Bing launched and a search deal on the way, seems to be doing better.  But Yahoo may still have a few tricks up its sleeve, and the company pulled off one by getting a Microsoft sales exec to join its ranks.

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Bringing Targeted Content Together for Targeted Advertising

Yahoo is showing off a new advertising campaign it’s running for General Mills. A spokesperson for Yahoo tells WebProNews it’s a "good example of how advertisers are turning to Yahoo for more than a typical search or display ad buy."

General Mills is targeting "boomers" with the campaign, which is themed around "vitality" and is a content-based program. It includes news content, as well as retirement, travel-related content, and games.

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Bidding On Keywords Related To Trademarks

Bidding on keywords that are related to brands that are trademarked is a legally murky issue when it comes to infringement.

(Coverage of the SMX Eastconference will continue at WebProNews Videos.  Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.)

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Yahoo Increases Reach of New Mobile Homepage Fivefold

At a keynote at CTIA Wireless today, David Ko, SVP of Yahoo Mobile showcased the new Yahoo mobile homepage, which the company refers to as "the world’s most advanced mobile homepage."

"The site simplifies and enhances the mobile Internet experience for people around the world by offering an open environment where consumers can bring together their favorite content and services from across the Internet," a spokesperson for Yahoo tells WebProNews.

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The Most Loyal Traffic Comes from Facebook

There’s no question that search engines can be a tremendous source of traffic. Social networks are also proving to be big traffic generators for a lot of content producers, and Twitter is one of the big ones.

However, it is Facebook and Digg that are driving the most repeat readers according to a study conducted by online ad network Chitika. Traffic is great, but traffic that returns is even better.

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Yahoo’s Twitter Releases an API

Yahoo has released an API for Meme, the company’s microblogging service, which is still in beta. If you’re not familiar with Meme, it’s kind of like Yahoo’s version of Twitter, minus the enormous amount of hype.

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New Forecast Downplays Importance Of Mobile Ads

Google and Yahoo may not want to count on their interest in the mobile market paying off anytime soon.  A Bernstein analyst has forecast that, even by the time 2013 wraps up, mobile ads still won’t generate much in the way of income for either company.

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Yahoo Pushes Sponsored Search to iPhones and Android

  • Yahoo announced that Yahoo Sponsored Search ads now appear on iPhones and Android devices. 

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Anyone Can Develop Apps for the Yahoo! Homepage

Today Yahoo! announced the integration of is Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) with the new Yahoo! Homepage, which lets advertisers and publishers develop apps for the homepage. "In support of the Yahoo! Open Strategy, this integration offers a more customizable and personally relevant experience for over 118 million monthly homepage users across the U.S.," a Yahoo! spokesperson tells WebProNews.

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Online Video Viewing Sees New High in August

In August, online video reached a record high, with over 25 billion videos watched during the month, according to data from comScore. A pretty good chunk of these were watched via Google sites (hardly surprising, considering the enormous popularity of YouTube). Google sites accounted for over 10 billion videos watched in August.

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Watch the New Yahoo Commercial

Yahoo’s first commercial from the big $100 million "Y!ou" campaign has hit the web. The clip has been posted at several video sites and social networks around the web, and has likely been embedded all over the place by now. The company says it will soon air on TV (via SIA).

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Yahoo Board Member Set To Resign

Yahoo’s board of directors is going to receive a shakeup at the end of this year.  Maggie Wilderotter, who’s been a member since July of 2007, has announced that she’ll vacate the position at that point in time.

Yahoo admitted in an SEC filing last week, "Mrs. Maggie Wilderotter notified Yahoo! Inc. (the ‘Company’) that she intends to resign from the Company’s Board of Directors on December 31, 2009."

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Yahoo Launches New Ad Unit with Charity Contest

Yahoo is launching a new Yahoo Mail ad unit called "Tandem," to be reserved for "the most creative" non-profit campaign. The company has partnered with the Ad Council to launch the initiative, which it refers to as "Create for a Cause."

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Yahoo Pushes Out the New Search Design

Along with Yahoo’s big new "Y!ou" campaign, the company has begun rolling out the new Yahoo Search.

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Yahoo Shows Off its New “It’s Y!ou” Campaign

The web was abuzz yesterday with talk of a new Yahoo marketing campaign, which is all about "Y!ou." This campaign was formally announced today, and a new site dedicated to it has even been set up by the company at Yahoo says it is the single-largest integrated marketing campaign for the company ever.

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$350M-$500M Price Tag For Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Small Business isn’t going to sell for a particularly tiny sum if Yahoo has its way.  A fresh report indicates that Yahoo, which has been trying to unload the unit for some time now, would like to receive around $500 million by way of payment.

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Yahoo May Dispose Of Zimbra

To most people and companies, a $350 million purchase would represent a huge, long-lasting commitment.  Yahoo, on the other hand, apparently wants out of its ownership of Zimbra after a period of two years.

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The Yahoo Profile Becomes the Social Media Profile

Yahoo is highlighting some new features for its profile pages.The layout of the tabs at the top has changed, and a new one has been added that allows the user to access their account info. In addition, users can mouse over any of the tabs and easily see the options within each one. In other words, you don’t have to leave your profile to find your settings. If you want to use "profile settings," it is still there, but it’s been moved down beside the profile photo.

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Google Unleashes DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Google has announced the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which it refers to as a real-time marketplace for helping online publishers and ad networks/agencies buy and sell display ad space. Prices in the marketplace are set in a real-time auction.

Google says it has three principles for its approach to display advertising:

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Yahoo “Might Be Open” To Letting Google On Homepage

The Yahoo search experience might at some point change in a very surprising way.  That Bing may take over, we’ve come to accept.  But at least one high-ranking Yahoo employee thinks Google could get a shot, too.

Let’s talk about said employee for a moment.  Burke Culligan is the senior director of product planning and strategy over Yahoo’s front page and My Yahoo, so he’s in a good position to discuss significant adjustments.  Also, Culligan’s worked for Yahoo since October of 2005, so it’s not like he’s some newbie who doesn’t know the score.

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Google And Yahoo Offer Best Mobile Experience

With 2 million mobile Web domains, 31 percent of consumers now browse the mobile Web at lest once a month, with news, search and weather being the most popular destinations, according to a new report by the Yankee Group.

The report found that most mobile sites still fail to offer satisfactory experiences, earning an average score of 52 on a scale of 1 to 100.

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eBay Named Most Trusted Brand in America

TRUSTe has released the results of its analysis of the privacy practices of the largest brands in the US, and found that eBay is the most trusted company. Other web brands in the top ten include WebMD, Yahoo, and Facebook. Interestingly enough, Google didn’t crack the list.

Here is the top ten:

Top Ten Trusted Brands

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Matt Cutts Extends Offer To Yahoo Engineers

In some areas and industries, non-compete clauses are a way of life; companies don’t want their best and brightest working for competitors soon, if ever.  California law isn’t too keen on non-compete clauses, however, and it looks like Google wants to accelerate the rate at which Yahoo employees jump ship.

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Yahoo Games Popular In Japan

Japan’s online gaming population has increased 28 percent over the past year to 16.5 million visitors in July 2009, and reaching nearly one fourth of Japan’s online population, according to a new report from comScore.

"As a growing number of people turn to the Internet as an entertainment channel, many online gaming sites have seen their traffic levels swell to record numbers," said Maru Sato, managing director of comScore Japan.

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Don’t Lose Yahoo Traffic By Not Optimizing for Bing

As you’re probably aware, the plan for the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo that dominated many of the headlines this summer, is for Bing to take over Yahoo search, in terms of algorithmic ranking. Basically, Bing will handle the back-end, while Yahoo will handle the front-end design of the new Yahoo Search. That should be happening next year sometime.

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Yahoo Exchanges Stake For $150M

Yahoo should soon have about $150 million more to its name.  By selling 57.48 million shares, the Sunnyvale-based company is liquidating its stake in Chinese business-to-business site and collecting a tidy profit.

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Yahoo Will No Longer Support Old Versions of Messenger

A while back, Yahoo announced it would be retiring old versions of Yahoo Messenger – versions 6.0 through 7.5. They have now set a date for it at the end of the month – September, 30.

Yahoo Messenger users who are using anything older than 8.0 will no longer be able to sign in and use the service. Obviously, that means it’s time to upgrade, if you still intend to use Yahoo for your instant messaging.

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Justice Department Asks Microsoft, Yahoo For More Info

Even though the combined search market shares of Microsoft and Yahoo won’t approach Google’s stake in terms of size, the Justice Department isn’t giving their proposed deal a free pass.  In fact, the government entity’s decided to ask Microsoft and Yahoo for more information.

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Yahoo Debuts New Mail Features

Update: Yahoo turned on the following apps in Yahoo Mail today: Evite, Pingg and

Original Article: Yahoo made a few announcements today. Among them were new versions of Search, Messenger, and Mail. You can read about Search and Messenger here and here respectively. Now let’s talk about the new Yahoo Mail.

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Yahoo Launches New Contacts API

Yahoo has launched a new Contacts API, which uses OAuth. With the API, applications can allow users to read, write, and sync access to their Yahoo Address Book, which is one of the biggest address books on the web.

"We’ve completely reengineered the existing Contacts API and added more useful functionality for developers," says Yahoo Social Platforms Product Manager Shirish Anand.

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Flickr Added To The iPhone App Store

Yahoo has released three new mobile applications for the iPhone and the BlackBerry.

Flickr for mobile has launched as iPhone app allowing users to upload, share and tag photos and videos while staying connected to the Flickr community. iPhone users can down the app via the iTunes App store.

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Ex -Yahoo Exec Joins AOL

AOL has named former Yahoo executive Brad Garlinghouse as President of its Internet and Mobile Communications.

Garlinghouse will also head up AOL’s Silicon Valley operations from its Mountain View campus, acting as the West Coast lead for AOL Ventures, the company’s venture capital arm led by Jon Brod.

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Yahoo Looking for Some of that Twitter Action

Remember Yahoo Meme? It’s a microblogging site from Yahoo that appears to be the company’s attempt at a Twitter clone. Instead of birds however, its theme is dogs.

The site was has been available in Portuguese and Spanish, but now it is available in English. Well, "available" is a strong word. You can go to the site and read what it says in English, but it’s not available for actual use at this point.

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Google Expands Reach of Arabic Google News

Google launched four new Arabic versions of Google News for Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. According to Google, there are over 40 million Arabic-speaking Internet users, so you might say these versions of Google News are long overdue.

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Bing And Yahoo See Small Decline In August

Bing’s search market share in the U.S. grew by just 0.23 percent in August to 9.64 percent, the slowest monthly growth rate since its launch, according to a report by StatCounter.

The report also found that Bing and Yahoo combined declined a small amount in August to 20.14 percent from 20.36 percent in July.

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Global Search Market Grows Tremendously YOY

comScore has released some new numbers for the global search market. The highlight of the findings is that the market draws over 100 billion searches per month.

To be more specific, over 113 billion searches were conducted in July. This is a whopping 41% increase from a year ago. Obviously, Google sites received the bulk of these searches.

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Yahoo Steps Up SearchMonkey Rollout

More of the goodies Yahoo and different developers have been working on as part of the SearchMonkey effort are becoming available to normal searchers and site owners today.  The upgrades cover a very wide swath of categories, too.

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UK Yahoo Portal Switches to Google, Not Bing

UK site Connected Internet this week found that BT Yahoo, which is an online portal for BT Broadband users, and is run by Yahoo, is using Google Search now, rather than Yahoo search, which has been in place.

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Bing Indexing NoIndex/Nofollow Content

Bing’s webmaster forum has a number of posts where people are complaining that Bing will not index their content. Some people, however, are having the opposite problem. Content that they do not want indexed by Bing is being indexed by Bing, despite the webmaster’s efforts to keep it out of the search engine.

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Acquisition Rumors (Re)surround Facebook

Facebook might soon be involved in another acquisition.  New analyses/rumors are swirling, anyway, with one person suggesting that Facebook should be bought, and another indicating that the social networking company could extend an offer to a smaller firm.

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Yahoo to Launch Arabic Versions of its Properties

Yahoo has announced its intent to acquire, an Arab portal that reaches one in every three people online in its region. That accounts for about 16.5 million people. Yahoo says this is its largest geographic expansion in years.

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Yahoo Unveils New Search Design

Yahoo discussed the future of Yahoo Search today. They are launching a new search design that goes along with the new look of the Yahoo Home Page, which was recently launched itself.

The new search has a three-column layout (Search Engine Land has a bunch of screenshots), with most of the changes occurring in the left-hand column. This is where filters and search applications reside.

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Yahoo Signs On PointRoll To Smart Ads Program

Gannett’s PointRoll announced today it has joined the Yahoo Smart Ads program to help marketers focus on creating rich media ads and improve campaign performance.

 As a member of Yahoo’s Smart Ads program, PointRoll will use Yahoo’s reach and targeting capabilities to provide more customized, relevant and scalable rich media campaigns. PointRoll will also use its ShopLocal retail ad program to offer improved Smart Ads for retail advertisers.

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Is the Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Anti-competitive?

That Microsoft-Yahoo deal that has been so heavily anticipated since even way before it was announced may not go through as planned. At least that’s what one antitrust lawyer thinks.

Matthew Cantor, a partner with the firm Constantine Cannon LLP, told ComputerWorld that he believes the deal will not get past regulators – at least not as is.

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Analyst Predicts Big Gains For Yahoo Post-Microsoft Deal

Maybe Yahoo’s deal with Microsoft was a smart move, after all.  RBC analyst Ross Sandler has stepped forward to say that it’ll have a positive financial effect on Carol Bartz’s company, boosting certain figures significantly above forecasted levels. 

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What Americans Did Online In July

In July Americans went online searching for information about green initiatives related to automotive transportation driven by the launch of the federal "Cash for Clunkers" program, with visitations to green sites growing 15 percent in July to 17.5 million visitors, according to comScore.

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Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon Look to Throw the Book at Google

Microsoft, Yahoo, and Amazon have reportedly banded together under the organization of the Internet Archive and antitrust lawyer Gary Reback, to try and put a stop to Google’s settlement with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers over Google Book Search.

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DivX Settles Yahoo Lawsuit

Yahoo may not exactly have come out on top, but it doesn’t need to worry about a DivX lawsuit any longer.  The two companies have reached a settlement, and it looks like DivX received a considerable sum of money.

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Yahoo Gives Search Marketers Time-Saving Tips

Yahoo has decided to drop some knowledge on Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers about a tool it has that it says will speed up their campaign optimization. If you are not familiar with it, it’s called the Bulksheet.

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Bing Sees Modest Search Gains In July

Microsoft’s Bing managed to make a slight gain in July while Google and Yahoo saw miniscule declines in search, according to comScore.

Google led the U.S. search market in July with 64.7 percent of the searches conducted, followed by Yahoo (19.3%), and Bing (8.9%). Ask grabbed 3.9 percent of the search market, followed by AOL with 3.1 percent.

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Google Continues to Satisfy, News Publishers Don’t

The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) shows that Google reigns supreme in the search engines and portal industry when it comes to customer satisfaction. This isn’t hard to believe considering Google’s share of the search market.

There’s a reason why Google dominates the arena. Users are generally satisfied with the results they get, and see no reason to switch engines. That is why Microsoft has its work cut out for it with making Bing a true competitor.

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Key Ad Salesman To Quit Yahoo

It looks like Yahoo is set to lose yet another key exec.  David Dickman, whose business cards should read something like "Vice President, West Coast Sales," is supposed to leave the position (and the company) at the end of the month. 

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Gmail Knocks AOL Out of the Way in Race to the Top

Gmail has reportedly become the third largest web-based email service in the United States. According to data from comScore, Gmail has surpassed AOL’s email service.

This data shows that in July Gmail had 37 million unique visitors, while AOL had 36.4 million. If this data is accurate, and Gmail continues to grow, that just leaves Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo Mail left for it to tackle.

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EC Still Researching The Microsoft/Yahoo Partnership

In a change of pace regarding the EC (European Commission) and their view of competition the early returns are that the partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft will not be given a difficult time gaining approval. While the EC has been a stumbling block to other deals including both companies in the past (Yahoo’s previous issue was when there was the propsect of a Google / Yahoo partnership – having Google attached to any competitive issue makes it more interesting for sure).

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Yahoo And Microsoft Can Be Competitive In Search

Yahoo and Microsoft combined have an opportunity to be competitive in the search marketplace even though they trail considerably behind Google, according to a new analysis by comScore.

In June 2009, Google had 65 percent of the U.S. search market, compared to 28 percent for Yahoo and Microsoft combined. Despite lagging in terms of overall search share, the combined searcher penetration of Yahoo and Microsoft was 73.2 percent, not far behind Google at 84 percent.

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Running A Quality Ad Campaign

If you advertise in paid search listings you want to rank well, but how do you go about achieving a quality ad campaign? In the session "Ads in a Quality Score World" the panel looked at quality factors and gave tips about increasing the relevancy of your campaigns.

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A Look At Mobile Local Search

In the session "Keeping it Local: The Convergence of Phones & Local Search," the panel discussed the impact of mobile search.

Coverage of the SES San Jose conference continues at WebProNews Videos.  Stay with WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.

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Bartz Claims Yahoo’s “Never Been A Search Company”

This isn’t, to be honest, breaking news in the sense that the Microsoft-Yahoo deal was.  But neither is it a "man bites dog" bit of Friday fluff.  We just have a quote from Carol Bartz claiming that Yahoo’s "never been a search company." 

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Delicious Shows Off New Search Features

This week Delicious launched a new redesign along with some new search features. They have now elaborated on what all is new when it comes to search.

Time Filters

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Online Video Driving User Engagement

Nearly three-quarters (70%) of Internet users view online video during the day and night with similar spikes occurring both at home and at work.

This is according to a new study by Yahoo, Interpret, Havas Digital, Warner Bros. Media Research and PHD that looked at how people interact with online video, and how marketers can use this information to drive engagement.

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Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Full Of Termination Clauses

Although Microsoft and Yahoo (finally) announced a partnership one week ago, it seems that the deal is far from unbreakable.  Indeed, Yahoo’s shared a few details with the S.E.C., and there are a number of interesting termination provisions attached to the arrangement.

The first can kick in if much more heel-dragging occurs, or more specifically, "if the conditions to commencement have not been satisfied by July 29, 2010."  Which is a nice sign that this won’t still be under discussion come doomsday.

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More Details of Yahoo Microsoft Deal Emerge

A filing with the SEC has now unveiled further details into the Microsoft Yahoo deal. Among the items revealed is the fact that Microsoft will be getting some Yahoo employees. As part of the transition plan, the filing says:

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Flickr Refines Search Results Pages

There is a lot of redesigning of Yahoo properties going on these days. Earlier today, some big changes were announced for delicious. The Yahoo homepage was recently redone of course. Now Flickr has redesigned its search results page. The company says the new design makes it easier to browse through the billions of photos and videos on the site, and to connect to the communities that can help make sense of them.

View Controls

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New Delicious Search and Homepage Features

Delicious has unveiled some new feature enhancements to the homepage, including a new system to aggregate and rank recently bookmarked links every minute. This feature can be found under the new and default Fresh tab.

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Is Google Really Threatened By This Yahoo Microsoft Deal?

Are you tired of reading about the Microsoft Yahoo deal yet? Obviously not or you wouldn’t be reading this. There has been a whole lot of coverage to digest, and there will certainly be a whole lot more as the deal gets scrutinized and continues its journey to fruition.

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Bing Making Steady Progress

Microsoft’s Bing slightly increased its share of the U.S. search market in July to 9.41 percent from 8.23 percent in June, according to analytics firm StatCounter.

Microsoft and Yahoo combined took 20.36 percent of the search market, up slightly from 19.27 percent in June. Google still leads the U.S. search market with 77.54 percent in July (78.48% in June).

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Yahoo Upgrades Local Search Performance

The next time you want to look up or research a local business, Yahoo intends to be there for you.  Yahoo Shortcuts now display a lot more information right on the regular results pages, which should make the search process less click-intensive and time-consuming.

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Advocacy Group Calls For Scrutiny Of Microsoft-Yahoo Deal

Advocacy organization Consumer Watchdog is urging the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department to look closely at the proposed Microsoft-Yahoo search deal to ensure there are no antitrust violations and that user privacy is guaranteed.

Under the proposed deal Yahoo would use Microsoft’s Bing to sell ads that appear with search results. Google currently has 65 percent of the U.S. search market. Microsoft and Yahoo have 28 percent. Conventional wisdom is that the combination of the two smaller search businesses would offer stronger competition to Google.

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Microsoft, Yahoo CEOs Comment On Employees’ Fates

Personnel-related "efficiencies" can be good or bad, depending on one’s perspective.  Companies want to save money, of course, and their shareholders also appreciate savings.  But employees like to keep their jobs.  So let’s take a look at what sort of effect the Microsoft-Yahoo deal may have.

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What Happens to Yahoo’s Search-Related Developer Projects?

With the big Yahoo Microsoft deal announced, there are still a lot of questions out there, despite the significant amount of information the companies have shared thus far. We know that Bing will become the search engine used in Yahoo searches. We also know that Microsoft will acquire an exclusive 10-year license to Yahoo’s core search technologies.

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Yahoo Having A Horrible Day On The Stock Market

According to a statement Carol Bartz issued this morning, the new Yahoo-Microsoft deal "comes with boatloads of value for Yahoo, our users, and the industry."  But a significant number of Yahoo’s (former) investors apparently didn’t believe that line, and have sent the company’s stock into something of a tailspin. 

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Bartz and Ballmer Talk Yahoo Microsoft Deal

You have no doubt read or at least heard about the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo that aims to "change the search landscape." You may or may not know that the two companies have set up a joint site for the deal at

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Microhoo Deal Not the Only Piece of Significant Search News

Yahoo and Microsoft intend for their freshly announced search advertising deal to be completed in early 2010. That’s not too far away, and in that deal, Bing will become the algorithmic search used by Yahoo. At that point, Bing becomes the clear competitor to Google in straight up search.

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Microsoft and Yahoo Finally Announce Deal

Well, they’ve finally gone and done it. Microsoft and Yahoo have partnered to "change the search landscape." The two companies today announced a long-awaited deal, in which Microsoft will power Yahoo search while Yahoo will become the exclusive  search advertising provider for Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.

You know this history by now. Here’s what the companies have to say:

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Yahoo Syncs the New Homepage to Mobile

Today Yahoo announced that PC to mobile sync of the new Yahoo homepage is available on over 400 devices in 17 countries. This means if you set up your customized version of the new Yahoo homepage on your computer, you can easily set it up to be the same way on your phone.

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Yahoo Provides Means for “Easy” Mobile Site Creation

Earlier this year Yahoo announced that the Yahoo Blueprint Platform was being extended from  several hundred mobile devices in several thousand. Now the company has opened it up to third party developers.

The BluePrint is a platform on which developers can create mobile websites. It uses simple XML, and is the same technology Yahoo used to build oneSearch and the mobile home page.

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Yahoo Refines Image Search

Today Yahoo introduced a new feature for its image search, which lets users refine searches based on specific locations. In other words, if you search for a place, you will get a menu on the left-hand side of the screen that points you to images of different points of interest from that location.

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Milestone Said to Be Reached in War on Click Fraud

The Interactive Advertising Bureau announced that a significant milestone has been reached in the "war on click fraud." In May, the organization released its Click Measurement Guidelines, and some of the top media companies have already passed the IAB’s audits.

These companies include Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, as well as When we think click fraud, the major search engines tend to come to mind, but that is still not the entire picture, obviously.

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Yahoo Might Part With Games Property

Yahoo may be willing to part with more than we originally imagined in its search for extra cash.  A new report indicates that Yahoo Games could change hands if a large enough offer gets made.

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AT&T Enters the Yahoo Ad-Selling Business

Yahoo and AT&T announced a partnership, where AT&T will sell Yahoo! display ad inventory to local businesses in the US. They will begin doing so later this summer.

"Local businesses are looking to drive in-store traffic, and our alliance with AT&T Interactive will help them reach a local audience of highly-engaged potential customers on Yahoo!," said Jim Schinella, Senior Vice President, North America Region, Yahoo!.

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Yahoo Lines Up One Purchase, Two Sales

Yahoo’s seen a lot of activity on the personnel front in recent months; loads of employees have quit or been laid off, even as few new ones have joined the team.  Now, the corporation-level equivalent of this exchange seems to be taking place, as reports indicate that Yahoo’s acquired one company and is trying to sell two properties.

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Yahoo’s Earnings Report Fails To Inspire

Yahoo’s released its second quarter earnings report, and the news isn’t all that great.  While the company pretty much managed to match and/or beat analysts’ official expectations, some discouraging numbers came out, as did some less than pleasant predictions about the future.

Let’s start with the positive points, at least.  Analysts thought Yahoo might post $1.55 billion in gross revenue and earnings per share of $0.08.  Instead, it managed to post $1.57 billion and $0.10, respectively.  Net income actually rose by 8 percent year-over-year.

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Yahoo’s Big Redesign Emerges

Yahoo is in the process of rolling out its new home page design. The design has been widely discussed since last year, but is finally making its way throughout the US.

While the design does not appear to be available to all of us yet, some have been fortunate enough to experience it, and consider it an improvement.

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Carl Icahn Comes Out In Favor Of Microsoft-Yahoo Deal

The man who once seemed set to single-handedly force a Microsoft-Yahoo acquisition – and then settled for three seats on Yahoo’s board of directors, instead – is at it again.  Carl Icahn’s spoken in favor of a search partnership between the two companies. 

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Hitwise Finds Bing, Yahoo To Be A Good Match

If the latest reports and rumors are true, Microsoft and Yahoo are (once again) about to enter a partnership.  So this afternoon, Hitwise’s Bill Tancer looked at whether they’ll make more of a natural fit or an odd couple.

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Microsoft, Yahoo Search Deal Likely

Microsoft and Yahoo are close to reaching a deal on search and online advertising after more than a year and a half of negotiations.

A number of reports have surfaced indicating a Microsoft partnership with Yahoo on search is "imminent."

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Bing See Modest Search Gain In June

Microsoft’s share of U.S. Internet searches rose modestly in June with the launch of Bing accounting for 8.4 percent of queries, up from 8 percent in May, according to comScore.

Yahoo saw its search share fall to 19.6 percent, from 20.1 percent in May, while Google’s share remained flat at 65 percent.

In a report, Douglas Anmuth, an analyst for Barclays Capital, wrote he had been expecting Bing’s share to come in between 10 percent and 11 percent. He said the comScore data was good news to investors of Google and Yahoo concerned about Bing’s initial impact.

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