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Aliens Sequel Video Game Out Today, Reviews Are Not Good

Last week, a new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines attempted to split the difference between the heavy action gaming that appeals to mainstream gamers and the fanservice that fans of the Alien and Predator series’ expect. Since the game is a sequel to the movie Aliens, it was clear that the title would lean more toward James Cameron’s action movie …

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New Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Slows Down the Action

The previews for Aliens: Colonial Marines have been a bit back and forth. By that I mean some of them make the game look like a thoughtful spinoff of the first three Alien movies with similarly creepy design (the alien hive preview), while others have made the game look like a mindless shooter that resembles all the action-heavy parts of …

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer Trailer Released

One of the best unfulfilled promises when it comes to Aliens games is good multiplayer where some players can take on the role of the xenomorphs. 2010’s Aliens vs. Predator did an okay job with the concept, but it still fell short of that ideal of worried, huddled marines slowly making their way through an alien-infested environment while other players …

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New Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview Shows Off the Alien Hive

Sega and Gearbox this week released another sneak peek at the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines. This time, the eerie silence of a xenomorph hive onboard the U.S.S. Sulaco is shown off in all of its shiny glory. The art style was, quite obviously based on James Cameron’s Aliens. It appears, at least, that Gearbox has captured the look and feel …

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Aliens: Colonial Marines is a Sequel to the First Three Movies, Shows Trailer

Videogames based on the Aliens universe have been notoriously sub-par in the past. With Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox is attempting to give the franchise a videogame it can finally be proud of. It remains to be seen whether the gameplay and design of the game will impress players, but it appears the developer has at least provided a relevant story. …

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Aliens: Colonial Marines “Escape” Multiplayer Mode Revealed [Video]

Gearbox may be gearing up for the launch of the great-looking Borderlands 2, but the studio still has other projects in the works. One of those projects, Aliens: Colonial Marines, looks to bring the Aliens franchise to a respectable place in gaming. With the possible exception of Alien 3 on the Super Nintendo, most Aliens games have been mediocre at …

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