Aliens Sequel Video Game Out Today, Reviews Are Not Good


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Last week, a new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines attempted to split the difference between the heavy action gaming that appeals to mainstream gamers and the fanservice that fans of the Alien and Predator series' expect. Since the game is a sequel to the movie Aliens, it was clear that the title would lean more toward James Cameron's action movie rather than the original Alien's horror. However, even in Aliens the xenomorphs were nearly unstopable, and making the aliens weak enough to be first person shooter cannon-fodder robs could rob them of their significance.

Today, the game has officially launched, and reviewers have, sadly, reported that the game is a lackluster shooter dressed in Alien garb. The Metacritic average for the Xbox 360 version of the game is only a 50 - far below last week's sci-fi horror release Dead Space 3.

Critics cited poor graphics, glitches, and poor enemy AI as elements that make the game's single player campaign bland. The game's class-based multiplayer modes, however, have been praised in more than one review.