New Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview Shows Off the Alien Hive

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Sega and Gearbox this week released another sneak peek at the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines. This time, the eerie silence of a xenomorph hive onboard the U.S.S. Sulaco is shown off in all of its shiny glory. The art style was, quite obviously based on James Cameron's Aliens.

It appears, at least, that Gearbox has captured the look and feel of Aliens. Also, the story in the game's campaign is a direct tie-in with the first three Alien movies. Whether or not it has managed to also provide that constant "I'm being hunted" sense of dread and despair is another question.

Gearbox is the same developer who brought the gaming world Borderlands 2 - one of 2012's best shooters - so it's worth it to keep an eye on Aliens: Colonial Marines. The game is currently scheduled for a February 12 launch in the U.S.

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