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Skydiver Dies While Attempting World Record

A Berlin-native skydiver was killed Thursday morning in Eloy, Ariz., while attempting to break a world record with 222 fellow skydiving partners. Diana Paris, 46, fell to her death during a free-fall formation with the World Team group-an organization consisting of skydivers from 28 countries. Paris, which previously accomplished 1,500 successful jumps, reportedly died due to malfunctions with her parachute. …

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Domino Artists Break World Record

Every kid enjoys watching dominos topple one another and serpentine their way across a room. As I child I would spend upwards of an hour setting up elaborate patterns and then watch in wonder as it all collapsed together in a few a brief moments. Most people probably have similar memories about the childhood staple, but what one German group …

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World’s Oldest Man Ever Clocks In At 115 Years

The world’s oldest man is still alive and kicking today as he celebrates the honor of being a world record holder. The man, Jiroemon Kimura, was born in Japan on April 19, 1897. The Telegraph reports that Kimura was officially the oldest man alive on Thursday after he surpassed the previous record holder, a Danish American named Christian Mortensen. Mortensen …

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Motorola Mobility Treats Dubai International to “Visual Museum” and Possible World Record

If you’re traveling through Dubai’s International Airport, you’ll be treated to Motorola’s newest advertising effort that takes the form of an awe inspiring visual museum. More than anything else, the visual masterpiece is a chronology of Motorola’s past, present, and future. Even more exciting, the Guinness Book of World Records is considering the effort for what could be the World’s …

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Sri Lankan Man Dies After Burying Himself Alive, Earns Darwin Award Nomination on Twitter

Twenty-four year old Sri Lankan man, Janka Basnayake, perished on Saturday after trying to set a record for the longest time that anyone has been buried alive. Basnayake’s final attempt may have been up to 6 1/2 hours; he was buried at 9:30 a.m. and exhumed at 4 p.m.. When he came to the surface he was unconscious and taken …

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Guinness World Record 2012 Gamer’s Edition Goes Mobile and Casual

Guinness World Records don’t have the gravitas they once did; anyone reading this could theoretically go achieve a world record today and have it featured by Guinness. Nothing proves this more than the Guinness World Record 2012 Gamer’s Edition. The book contains records for “Largest Competitive Pok√©mon Videogame Family“, “Most People Exercising to a Videogame“, and “Most Valuable Kinect Sensor“. …

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