World's Oldest Man Ever Clocks In At 115 Years


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The world's oldest man is still alive and kicking today as he celebrates the honor of being a world record holder. The man, Jiroemon Kimura, was born in Japan on April 19, 1897.

The Telegraph reports that Kimura was officially the oldest man alive on Thursday after he surpassed the previous record holder, a Danish American named Christian Mortensen. Mortensen was 115 years and 252 days old when he died in 1998.

Kimura may be the world's oldest man, but he has still has a year to go if he wants to catch up with the fairer sex. Besse Cooper, who held the distinction of being the world's oldest woman at 116, died earlier this month.

For extra attention, Kimura could join Facebook to become the oldest user of the site. He would easily best the current holder of that particular title who is 105 years old.

For now though, Kimura seems content to live with his son's family in Kyotango. He's already the proud grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather of numerous children. What more could you ask for?