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MLK & Ali were NSA Targets During Vietnam War
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More revelations have been coming out since the NSA came under fire via the Edward Snowden leaks, and to some, these latest discoveries may not be so surprising: AlJazeera America reported that the NSA did eavesdrop on famed civil rights …

Middle-School Principal Charged in Locker Room Recording
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A principal charged with encouraging her daughter to secretly videotape conversations inside a high school locker room could face up to 20 years in prison and a $20,000 if convicted of the crime. Wendee Long, principal of Wayside Middle School …

Google Street View Faces Probe in Australia Google Street View Faces Probe in Australia
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The Google Street View wi-fi spying scandal may have been quelled in the United States, but the fun’s just getting started in other parts of the world. Over the weekend, an independent privacy watchdog in United Kingdom launched an investigation …

Facebook Hires Law Firm Specialized In Class Action Defense Facebook Hires Law Firm Specialized In Class Action Defense

As more voices join the chorus of detractors accusing Facebook of trampling over privacy laws, Facebook’s adding a couple of sirens of its own to answer those charges. All Facebook is reporting that Facebook has added some sizable muscle to …

Could Facebook Face A Class Action Lawsuit Over Its Questionable Tracking Habits? Could Facebook Face A Class Action Lawsuit Over Its Questionable Tracking Habits?
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The kicks just keep getting harder to find for Facebook when it comes to explaining away that sneaky habit of tracking internet users even after they’ve logged out of the site. Today two lawyers in Baltimore became the latest to …

Facebook Wiretapping Case Moves To California

Last year, a woman in Mississippi filed a lawsuit against Facebook, alleging that the social networking site violated U.S. wiretap laws by tracking her browsing history. In the suit, Brooke Rutledge accused the site of breach of contract, trespassing, unjust …

No Wiretapping Immunity For Telecoms

The gauntlet has been laid down for the White House to pick up and veto a House bill that does not provide retroactive immunity for lawbreaking telecoms that wiretapped without warrants.

If AT&T and other big telcos fed the National Security Agency a stream of data pilfered from switching rooms, it may come out in court. However, President Bush has promised to veto any bill that lacks immunity for the telcos.

Congress Leaves Out Telco Immunity (For Now)

There may be hope yet for the idea that our government actually works for us. Two bills, one in the House, and one in the Senate Judiciary Committee, passed without giving blanket retroactive immunity to telephone companies that willingly aided the Bush Administration in illegally spying on the American people.

Feds Infighting Over College Wiretapping

US Senator Lamar Alexander and his ex-staffer Deborah Taylor Tate now occupy opposing positions on the issue of colleges funding network upgrades that will make them compliant with federal wiretapping needs.