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Microsoft Clears Up Vista SP1 Issue
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Installation processes for a Vista Service Pack 1 prerequisite caused some people to experience endless rebooting.

Microsoft’s Response to 75,000 XP Sigs: “Meh”
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You can almost imagine some skinny guy standing in front of large crowd. 

The crowd yells, "Let XP live!"  The skinny guy fidgets, and responds, "Um, we need more feedback." 

Yes, this is Microsoft PR at its best, folks.

Microsoft Employee Blogs Windows Seven Details

Windows Seven is the first version of Windows being produced under an attempted veil of secrecy, which makes any information about it extremely hard to come by.

Helping us get even the barest of morsels is Shipping Seven, a new blog by a secret Microsoft employee, who won’t reveal his name or any major unannounced information (fearful of The Wrath of Sinofsky), but will give us a peek into the innerworkings of Microsoft’s most important project.

Vista Adoptions Rising, Says CDW

Technology reseller CDW said a survey of businesses found 35 percent of respondents have some kind of movement to Windows Vista underway.

Microsoft Announces New Version of Origami Experience for UMPCs

Microsoft announced version 2 of its Origami Experience software, the software designed to make it easier to use Windows on Ultra Mobile PCs.

Vista Named Year’s Top Tech Disappointment
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At the top of nearly every tech list you can think of, there sits Google, and we’re sure this gets to one or two of the folks at Microsoft.  They probably didn’t desire a mention in a list called "The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007," though, and Windows Vista actually wound up being number one.

Time to Install Service Packs!

I just spent the entire day distracted by Windows Vista Service Pack 1, namely not getting any real work done while my computer was busy installing it. You should install SP1, too, just be aware of the time it might take.

Microsoft Dangles Deal: Products For A Peek
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Allow Microsoft to keeps tabs on your computer through the Windows Feedback Program, and fill out a few surveys, and the company will reward you with one of its software packages.

Google, Microsoft Compete For College Email
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Universities have been opting for email services managed by Microsoft or Google as a desirable alternative to running email as an in-house operation.

Windows Live OneCare Released

The beta of version 2.0 of Windows Live OneCare, Microsoft’s all-in-one PC care service, should be over, with the final version of 2.0 released to all subscribers.

Microsoft Community Apps

In an attempt to compete with Google Apps, Microsoft has launched Windows Live Community Builder. The idea behind Microsoft’s new service is to allow businesses or non for profit organizations to obtain a more engaging and deeper connection with their community through customized applications like email, photo service, messenger, writer, livedrive and more.

Microsoft Launches Alternative To Google Apps
Microsoft launched Windows Live Community Builder without any fan-fare or hoopla. This comes shortly after launching Live Search Webmaster Tools For Business.

Windows CE 6.0 R2 Rolling Out

The R2 release of Windows CE 6.0, the next version of Microsoft’s operating system for mobile devices, is being released today, with a virtual launch event at noon Eastern / 9 am Pacific.

Forrester Sees Desktop Linux Scaring Microsoft

A lackluster reception for Windows Vista in the enterprise and some hard work by Linux vendors could be the harbinger of greater Linux adoption on desktops.

Windows Live Translator For Your Site

Windows Live’s excellent Translator service has now released a single line of code that you can add to any website to give visitors the option of translating your website into their language of choice.

Just head to translator.live.com/AddIn.aspx, select the language your website uses, and it’ll give you the code. If your site is in English, this will be the code:

Wal-Mart’s Little Linux PC That Could

Could what, one might wonder? Unless the Wal-Mart shopping public that bought out the first run of 10,000 Everex, Ubuntu-powered, $199 PCs returns them in droves, maybe it’s time for Microsoft to become concerned.

Microsoft Launches New Windows Live Online Services
Microsoft has stepped up its software plus services strategy with the launch of its next generation of Windows Live services that make it easier than ever to communicate and share information safely, from anywhere, and across multiple devices.

Windows Live Communicates Its Relaunch

Goodbye, beta. The assortment of communication and other web services linked together under the Windows Live name offers a single sign-on to access all of its products.

Adding Windows Live Messenger To Your Blog

If you’d like to make it easier for people to contact you via your blog (or MySpace or whereever you can post code), Windows Live Messenger has a site where you can create a nice-looking button in seconds that will get them in touch with your Live Messenger screen name.

Google Translate Using Home-Grown Software

Google has stopped using Systran for its translation services, switching over to an in-house translation system that it has been building for a long time. Google Translate, which translates words or phrases, whole web pages, and is used in the “Translate this page” link you’ll occasionally see by a foreign language search result, is now powered by Google’s own machine translation system.

Windows Live Events Wants To Plan Your Parties
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What’s the most “fun” company you can think of?  Probably not Microsoft.  Yet the corporation’s Windows Live Events is here, and it wants to earn your favor.

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