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Tag: Windows

The Verge Slams Microsoft for Malware-Like Tactics to Push Bing
Microsoft appears to be ramping up its efforts to push its Bing search engine, with The Verge (rightfully) likening the company's tactics to malware....
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Matthew Green: ‘Windows Is the Malware Compatibility Layer for Everything’
Matthew Green, cryptography professor at Johns Hopkins University, has called Windows "the malware compatibility layer for everything."...
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DuckDuckGo Browser For Windows Enters Public Beta
DuckDuckGo's web browser is now available for Windows as a public beta, putting private browsing within easy reach for most computer users....
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Microsoft Kills Cortana for Windows in Favor of Windows Copilot
Cortana's days as the AI assistant for Windows are over as the company pivots to its Bing-powered Windows Copilot....
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Microsoft Takes a Page From Linux, Will Add Rust to Windows Kernel
Microsoft is working to add Rust to the Windows kernel, following the steps Linux has been taking since version 6.1 of its kernel....
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AI Will Be Front-and-Center in Future Versions of Windows
Microsoft will reportedly focus on security and artificial intelligence in its upcoming Windows 12....
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Microsoft Is Taking a ‘Principled Approach’ to Changing Default Apps
Microsoft is going to make it much easier for users to change their default apps, adopting a "principled approach."...
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Microsoft Is Bringing iMessage to Windows
Microsoft plans to bring iMessage support to Windows 11 via Phone Link for iOS, although it will have some limitations....
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BlackLotus Malware Is the First to Bypass Secure Boot
Computer security became a little more challenging, with the BlackLotus malware becoming the first to bypass Secure Boot....
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Microsoft’s January 2023 Security Update Fixes 98 Vulnerabilities
Microsoft has released the January 2023 Security Update, fixing 98 vulnerabilities, including one zero-day exploit....
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Google Is Launching One VPN on macOS and Windows
Google is launching its One VPN service on macOS and Windows, expanding beyond the initial iOS and Android offering....
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PSA: Update Windows Immediately to Fix Zero-Day vulnerabilities
The latest Microsoft Patch Tuesday includes fixes for several zero-day vulnerabilities, and users should update immediately....
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Microsoft Mistake Left Millions of PCs Vulnerable for Years
Microsoft is under fire for a mistake that left millions of PCs vulnerable for years, according to a new report....
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PSA: Update Windows Immediately
Microsoft has released updates to fix a zero-day vulnerability impacting all versions of Windows, from Windows 7 to Windows 11....
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WhatsApp Releases Standalone Windows App
Windows users now have access to a new WhatsApp app that doesn't require linking to their phone first....
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Linux Distro Reviews: Intro
This series of articles will review some of the most popular Linux distributions (distros) with an eye to everyday desktop use....
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Have Eight Hours? Windows Will Need That Long to Update
Windows updates are about to get much longer, with Microsoft saying the OS needs at least eight hours to properly update....
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Qualcomm’s Exclusive Deal to Produce Windows ARM Devices Ending
The market for ARM-based Windows PCs is about to become far more diversified, with an exclusive deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm ending. Microsoft ...
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Linux Users Make Better Software Testers
An indie developer is reporting that his Linux users generate a disproportionate number of bug reports, and the reports are higher quality....
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Microsoft Relies on SUSE Linux for SAP Applications in Azure
Gone are the days of Linux and Microsoft being rivals, with the Redmond giant embracing SUSE Linux to run SAP applications in Azure....
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