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Stratfor Remains Steadfast Against Wikileaks; Emails’ Content Circulates

Following a data dump of over five million of their emails by Wikileaks, Stratfor, the global intelligence company caught in the sights of the whistleblower organization, has responded with a statement that seeks to downplay the security breach as well as emails’ import. The company decried the theft as “deplorable, unfortunate – and illegal.” While those descriptors may be true, …

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Stratfor Responds To Wikileaks Release Of Company’s Emails

The Wikileaks (and Anonymous) release of Stratfor’s emails must have been a huge blow to the company. How do you handle such a PR nightmare? Insist that Wikileaks is personally attacking your company. Stratfor issued a public statement today regarding the Wikileaks release of their emails last night. In it, they say that “thieves compromised Stratfor’s data systems and stole …

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Anonymous Collaborated With Wikileaks For Most Recent Leak

There was a massive release from Wikileaks last night that contained over five million emails from “The Global Intelligence Files.” It seems that Wikileaks got a little help from our friends at Anonymous. Wired is reporting that the first leaked emails from last night came from Anonymous who turned over the files to Wikileaks due to their better organization. A …

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WikiLeaks Publishes Global Intelligence Files: Over 5 Million Emails

As previously reported, WikiLeaks has been tweeting that it was about to release some “extraordinary news”. Shortly thereafter, the WikiLeaks Twitter account posted that it just released, “The Global Intelligence Files. Over 5 million emails”. Update: Since the first press release tweet, WikiLeaks also tweeted: “WikiLeaks GIFiles: Yes Men press release.” Update 2: WikiLeaks also tweeted the following note to …

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WikiLeaks About To Release “Extraordinary News” [UPDATE]

Update: Here we go: @wikileaksWikiLeaksWIKILEAKS PRESS RELEASE is also here. is under a huge world-wide traffic load 57 seconds ago via Mobile Web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto @wikileaksWikiLeaksWIKILEAKS RELEASE: The Global Intelligence Files. Over 5 million emails 1 minute ago via Mobile Web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto Update 2: The countdown continues: @wikileaksWikiLeaks1 1 minute ago via Mobile Web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto …

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Bradley Manning To Be Arraigned On February 23

After being held without trial for over a year and a half, the Army private accused of conspiring with Wikileaks to leak classified material finally has a court date. Pfc. Bradley Manning will be arraigned on February 23rd on all 22 charges, including theft of public property and aiding the enemy, and could face a court-martial depending on the outcome. …

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Wikileaks Founder Supreme Court Appeal Begins

Wikileaks editor Julian Assange is appealing to the Supreme Court in the U.K. to prevent extradition to Sweden. ZDNet is reporting that Assange’s lawyers are laying out their arguments today to the seven law lords of the Supreme Court. The basis of their argument is that Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny acted beyond her powers in issuing a European Arrest Warrant. …

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WikiLeaks Founder Getting Into Television

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange might be coming to a TV near you. The WikiLeaks blog announced Monday that Assange will be hosting a “series of in-depth conversations with key political players, thinkers and revolutionaries from the around the world.” The theme will be “the world tomorrow.” What spurred the creation of the new TV show are the current revolutions and …

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Assange Granted Permission To Appeal Extradition

Earlier today Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was granted the right to appeal against his extradition to Sweden. It’s been a little over a year since Assange was detained in London and awaited extradition to Sweden in order to face two charges of sexual assault. The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has said that it “has granted permission to appeal” …

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Assange to iPhone, Blackberry, Gmail Users: “You’re All Screwed.”

Yesterday marked the launch of Wikileaks’ newest project, the Spyfiles, following an announcement from Julian Assange while speaking on a panel at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism at the City University of London. Addressing the audience, Assange casually dropped the bomb that a new batch of files uncover the “international mass-surveillance industry.” From the conference: In what sounds like the …

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Feds To Get Access To WikiLeaks Twitter Accounts

A recent ruling grants the United States Justice Department access to the Twitter accounts of certain WikiLeaks associates, which indicates this much: If you are at odds with the United States government, especially over the aspect of leaking sensitive documents, there will be no protection concerning your Internet activities, at least on Twitter. The ruling, as pointed out by, …

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WikiLeaks Slams The New York Times via Twitter

Yesterday, the New York Times published an article courtesy of Read Write Web that suggested that WikiLeaks was responsible for exposing the sources behind over 250,000 leaked classified cables from U.S. embassies around the world. And today, WikiLeaks has responded via Twitter. The article published in the Times echoes accusations made by the German news magazine Der Spiegel. They say …

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Bradley Manning Facebook Page Shows What He Talked About For Nearly 3 Years

Frontline on PBS is airing a program tonight called WikiSecrets, which explores the events surrounding the WikiLeaks publishing of over half a million classified documents, in what is commonly known as the largest intelligence breach in U.S. history. Ahead of the program, Frontine has posted an edited, yet substantial version of Bradley Manning’s Facebook Wall. Manning, if of course the …

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SafeHouse, Wall Street Journal’s WikiLeaks-Style Site, Launches Today

The Wall Street Journal is getting into the (non-profit) business of secure, anonymous document submission. Today they launched SafeHouse, their version of the electronic drop box, similar to WikiLeaks. Few issues have elicited a stronger response – on both sides – than the importance or criminality of WikiLeaks. Proponents say that it provides the people with a right that they …

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Is OpenLeaks WikiLeaks 2.0?

If you thought the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange would bring an end to the “Let’s Leak it to the World” phenomenon, not to mention the subsequent fighting about how we should react to these leaks, think again.

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Anonymous Wikileaks Avengers: We Don’t Want Your Credit Card Info or to Prevent You From Shopping

"Anonymous" is an "Internet gathering" of people that has perpetrated Operation Payback, which took down, and others, because of how they’ve handled their relationships with Wikileaks, has issued a press release in attempt to clarify what it is trying to do. 

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Amazon UK Listing Wikileaks Cables for Sale on Kindle

Update: See comments section.

The Next Web discovered that someone is selling the infamous Wikileaks cables at Amazon UK to be read on the Kindle. This is interesting for a variety of reasons. 

Reason 1 

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Twitter Explains How Trending Topics Work

Twitter has taken the time to explain a bit about how its Trending Topics work, following accusations from the Blogosphere that the company was blocking terms like #wikileaks and #cablegate, which Twitter says it was not and is not. 

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Update 3. MasterCard is back, and Anonymous (those behind Operation Payback) have issues a press release.

Update 2: The group (Operation Payback) credited with bringing down both and has had its Facebook Page removed for violating terms of service. It’s Twitter account was also suspended.

Update: is now down as well. is still down. (As of 4:30pm Eastern)

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WikiLeaks Afghanistan Documents Show Internet’s True Power in News

The big news of the moment is that the site WikiLeaks has published over 90,000 secret military documents related to the war in Afghanistan. Posted on Sunday, the documents had previously been shared with three publications (under embargo): The New York Times, The Guardian, and Germany’s Der Spiegel.

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