Friends of Wikileaks Social Network Launched

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A new social network has popped up, and its mission is to support Wikileaks. The website Friends of Wikileaks (FoWL) will not connect members with friends, but will connect them with like-minded individuals. The goal of the site is to connect people who support Wikileaks and its mission. From the website:

Friends of WikiLeaks is a network of people from across the globe who defend WikiLeaks, its people, its alleged sources and its mission. We publicly and privately promote WikiLeaks and individuals and organisations aligned with the mission of WikiLeaks. This site will help you to join with people like you in your area and across the world. You will make new friends and new allies, care for treasured values and fight in common cause.

The site is now in beta, and users can sign up to become part of the network. Once the network grows to an appropriate size, all members will be given six "candidate friends" from their geographical region and six other "candidate friends" from around the world that speak their same language. Members will always have only 12 friends in their network, and inactive members can be kicked out of a group. Through these connections, FoWL hopes to create a sprawling, active, and worldwide network of Wikileaks supporters. The website has created a video to demonstrate the concept:

FoWL is not a subsidiary of Wikileaks and doesn't deal with the dissemination of sensitive information. The network simply seeks to unite disparate groups or individuals who share Wikileaks' values of open information and the exposure of corruption. How, exactly, members of FoWL will support Wikileaks is left up to them. A large network of Wikileaks supporters could be very effective in organizing action, and if the social network garners a large number of members it will provide a powerful statement of approval for Wikileaks. However, this could come at the cost of the anonymity which often helps Wikileaks thrive.

(via BGR)