WikiLeaks Back Up After Nine Days Of Sustained DDoS Attack

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WikiLeaks was in a bad place for a while. They were under a sustained DDoS attack that had lasted for nine days. It seems that the worst of it is now over as WikiLeaks is back up after making some improvements.

On the official WikiLeaks Twitter account, the group announced that they were back up thanks to increased capacity installations:

After getting back up, WikiLeaks decided to taunt their attackers into launching another DDoS attack at them:

As we mentioned, WikiLeaks went down after they began publishing Stratfor emails on TrapWire. It's a massive surveillance system that aims to stop terrorist attacks before they happen. It achieves this through monitoring surveillance footage from around the world that analyzes behavior patterns and license plates. For more on what WikiLeaks dubs "The Spyfiles," check out their press release.

What about AntiLeaks, the group claiming responsibility for the attacks? The group's Twitter account has been quiet for the past 12 hours. Their next targets appear to be the Ecuadorian state television livestream. It remains to be seen if they will attack WikiLeaks again in the future. We'll keep an eye out to see how the war between WikiLeaks and AntiLeaks plays out.