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Watch Netflix on Nintendo 3DS Watch Netflix on Nintendo 3DS
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If there are any Netflix users left following the price hike fallout — which is still going strong, mind you — you can now use the service on your Nintendo 3DS. While hand-held movie streaming is not necessarily a new …

Wii Price Falls to $150 Wii Price Falls to $150
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The Nintendo Wii will officially be 25% cheaper, come May 15th. It has been rumored for about a month that this price cut was coming, and today Nintendo has confirmed it.  The current Wii bundle available in stores costs $199.99 …

Wii 2 Rumor Roundup Wii 2 Rumor Roundup
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Rumors began to circulate yesterday that Nintendo plans to reveal its brand new console this coming June at E3.  With sales of the original Wii console falling, the company is planning to announced a $50 price cut.  It might be …

Netflix Brings Disc-Free Streaming To The Wii

Netflix said today that its customers in the United States and Canada can now stream content through their Wii consoles with Netflix installed on their Wii Menu.

 The Netflix disc that was used for instant streaming on the Wii console will no longer be required. Netflix customers who have a plan starting at $8.99 a month ($7.99 Canada), a Wii and broadband Internet connection can now instantly watch movies and TV shows streamed directly to their TVs by downloading Netflix from the Wii Shop Channel.

American Heart Association Partners With Nintendo On Fitness
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Nintendo has partnered with the American Heart Association to promote its Wii consoles as a way to stay physically active.

The two organizations said they will work together to help people learn how active-play video games lead to healthy living.

Netflix To Be Available On The Wii This Spring
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Netflix said today it has reached an agreement with Nintendo that will allow Netflix members who own a Wii to instantly stream movies and TV shows directly to their TVs.

Netflix is scheduled to go live on the Wii this spring in the United States at no additional cost to Netflix members who have a plan starting at $8.99 a month, a Wii console and a broadband Internet connection.

Wii Video Games Offer Real Exercise
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Active Wii sports video games and some Wii fit activities may increase adults’ energy expenditure as much as moderately intense exercise, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions.

Word Of Mouth Has The Most Influence On Gamers

Among gamers, 41 percent report that they rely on word of mouth to get information on video games, according to a new report from the NPD Group.

While this varies from one platform to another, all current platforms, including portables, rely on word of mouth above all other information sources. Followed by hands on play at friends or relatives friends homes at 31 percent. Magazines and online ads, along with incentives/coupons and social networking sites have the least influence on gamers at five percent.

Video Game Sales Dip In March

U.S. video game sales declined 17 percent in March to $1.43 billion, compared to $1.72 billion in March 0f 2008, according to The NPD Group.

Twitter Used For Social Media Fundraising?

As some of you may know, I was recently involved in a tagline competition for The Printed Blog.

The prize for the winner was a Nintendo Wii. Despite being way behind after missing a day’s worth of voting, I ended up winning the contest, with over 51% of votes.

YouTube For Television In Beta
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It’s not at all unusual for someone to watch a half-hour show on television.  Then there are the hour-long dramas and much longer movies.  Gamers should get ready for a faster-paced TV viewing experience, however, as YouTube for Television has been introduced with them in mind.

Surf the Earth with Google and Your Wii
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Showing an example of how developers can do some really cool stuff with the Google Earth API, Google Earth iPhone Engineer David Phillip Oster has created a program that allows people to "surf" any region on the Earth’s surface using the balance board for the Nintendo Wii.

Oster used the Google Earth Browser plug-in and a javascript API, and the board transmits the person’s movements to the application using Bluetooth. See it in action:

Top Searches for In-Demand Gifts
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Hitwise has released some data taking a look at search queries of holiday shoppers looking to locate hard-to-find gifts online. You know, those toys that are in demand. Every holiday season has (at leas) one. Once upon a time it was the "Tickle-Me Elmo". Last year it was the Nintnedo Wii. This year it’s…well, still the Nintendo Wii, among some others.

Nintendo Wii Leader In Hardware Sales For July
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U.S. video game sales increased 28 percent in July from a year ago, with continued solid demand for Nintendo’s Wii console, research firm NPD said.

Sales of video game hardware, software and accessories reached $1.19 billion in July, with software sales increasing 41 percent and hardware sales growing 17 percent.

Pole Dancing Game Being Developed For Wii
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A UK based company called Peekaboo says it wants to create a pole dancing game for the Nintendo Wii.

"We are pleased to confirm that Peekaboo is in talks to develop a game for the Nintendo Wii that meets mainstream demand for the fun and fitness benefits of pole dancing," the company said.

Video Game Sales Increase 57 Percent In March

U.S. sales of video game hardware and software increased 57 percent in March from a year earlier, according to a report from the NPD Group.

Sales of gaming hardware, software and accessories reached $1.7 billion in March with the Nintendo Wii seeing its biggest gain in a non-holiday month.

In-Game Ads To Reach $650 Million

The U.S. in-game advertising spending will increase from $295 million in 2007 to $650 million in 2012 according to projections from eMarketer.

Video game software and hardware sales will increase to $21 billion in 2012, up from $15.8 billion in 2007. "At a time when other sectors of the digital entertainment industry are struggling with lagging sales and rampant piracy, the US video game business is booming," says Paul Verna, eMarketer Senior Analyst.

Nintendo Wii To Launch Pay Service

Nintendo has announced that it will begin charging Wii gamers for some of its online offerings.

Called the Wi-Fi Connection Pay and Play, the service will feature red stickers on the titles that users must pay to play online. A pricing plan has not been released but Nintendo said that gamers could pay for titles using Wii points, the consoles virtual currency.

Wii Top Seller For January

Research firm the NPD Group has released its U.S. retail sales figures for January 2008.

NPD Group

Software sales for the month were up by 11 percent to $611 million, hardware sales dropped by a quarter to $378 million. Overall the industry was down 6 percent for the month managing to reach $1.18 billion compared to January 2007 sales of $1.25 billion.

Wii Sales Boost Nintendo Profits

Strong holiday sales of Wii and Nintendo DS portable game device allowed Japan’s Nintendo to more than double its quarterly operating profit and to raise its outlook ahead of market expectations.

Wii Makes Surgeons Better

The Nintendo Wii can help develop surgical skills according to Kanav Kahol and Marshall Smith of the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

The two have found that surgical residents performed better during simulated surgery after playing on the Wii console. They say its due to the console’s "Wimote" control system, which allows players to direct on-screen action using a wireless remote that is sensitive to acceleration in three dimensions.