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Wii Fit U Heads To Retail On January 10

In early November, Nintendo released Wii Fit U on the Nintendo eShop with a 30 day free trial for those who already owned a Wii balance board. To make the deal even sweeter, anybody who purchased a Wii Fit U Fit Meter for $20 would be able to upgrade the trial to the full game and keep it forever. For …

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Wii Fit U Trial Headlines This Week’s Nintendo Download

Back in September, Nintendo announced that Wii Fit U would finally be launching on November 1. It won’t be hitting retail stores at that point, however, as Nintendo wants to experiment with alternative pricing schemes on the eShop first. For this week’s Nintendo Download, Nintendo notes that Wii Fit U is still on schedule to launch on November 1. With …

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Nintendo Announces Month-Long ‘Wii Fit U’ Trial

Earlier today, Microsoft announced that it will be giving early Xbox One adopters access to a trial version of Kinect Sports Rivals in the months leading up to the title’s launch. Now, Nintendo has announced a similar plane for its upcoming Wii Fit U title. Wii Fit U is scheduled to launch on November 1 in North America and in …

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Xbox Fitness Coming To Xbox One This Holiday Season

On November 1, Nintendo will jump back into the fitness gaming category it helped create with Wii Fit U. Later this year, Microsoft will be throwing its hat into the ring with a similar app for Xbox One. On Friday, Microsoft announced a new Xbox One app called Xbox Fitness that will be launching this holiday season. Unlike Nintendo’s game …

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Nintendo To Release Wii Fit U, Wii Sports Club In November

Nintendo generally announces any future Nintendo Directs a few days before they air, but it sometimes surprises with an unannounced Nintendo Direct. That happened to be the case this morning as Nintendo shared a Nintendo Direct that focused entirely on Wii Fit U and a new Wii Sports title for Wii U. As you may recall, Wii Fit U was …

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