Nintendo Announces Month-Long 'Wii Fit U' Trial

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Earlier today, Microsoft announced that it will be giving early Xbox One adopters access to a trial version of Kinect Sports Rivals in the months leading up to the title's launch. Now, Nintendo has announced a similar plane for its upcoming Wii Fit U title.

Wii Fit U is scheduled to launch on November 1 in North America and in Europe. On that day, Wii U owners will be able to download a trial version of the game for free. The trial version is actually the full Wii Fit U game, though it does require a Wii Balance Board to play. The trial will be available from November 1 until January 31, 2014 and lasts for 31 days starting with the day it is first played.

In addition to the trial, Nintendo is offering to unlock the trial for those who buy a Wii Fit U "Fit Meter." Those who buy a Fit Meter and sync it to the trial will have the full game unlocked, forever. The Fit Meter will retail for $20 - just one-third the price of the full Wii Fit U game. This makes that trial version/Fit Meter offering quite a deal for Wii U owners who also have a Balance Board.

The Fit Meter is a small activity meter that is meant to be carried throughout the day. The device counts steps and changes in elevation, adjusting an estimate of calories burnt accordingly.

Wii Fit U, which expands upon the popular Wii Fit workout game for Wii and updates it for Nintendo's new Wii U console, was previewed last month in its own Nintendo Direct:

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