Weather Channel Apologizes To Fort Worth, TX Councilman Joel Burns For Rude Tweet

Weather Channel Apologizes To Fort Worth, TX Councilman Joel Burns For Rude Tweet

By Meaghan Ellis May 14, 2014

The Weather Channel has definitely ruffled the feathers of Fort Worth, TX residents. On Monday, May 12 the television channel landed in hot water after sending a crude tweet to an openly gay Texas politician. A minute issue that could …

Weather Channel's Trip Planner Avoids Bad Trips Weather Channel's Trip Planner Avoids Bad Trips

Nobody likes driving through inclement weather. It doesn’t matter what your name is, nobody enjoys driving through torrential downpours or windstorms that push so hard against the side of your vehicle you begin to feel like you’re not the one …

Weather Channel App Gets Makeover, Goes Social Weather Channel App Gets Makeover, Goes Social

Some apps in the iOS App Store are unique. There’s only one, maybe two apps that do just what that particular app does, and if you want to get that particular functionality, your choices are limited. Then there are weather …

Weather Channel on Google Maps/Earth

I’m a google gadget freak… I admit it. My iGoogle homepage is so jam packed with cool stuff, so much so its getting hard to locate the gadgets I need!

This week another very cool Map driven mapplet and gadget were made available from the Weather Channel – now weather on demand is even more accessible to me.

The Weather Channel Launches Mapplet For Google Maps

The Weather Channel Interactive has launched a new mapplet for Google Maps.

The Weather Channel

The weather mapplet will allow Google Map users to add customizable weather layers to their map. Options include clouds and radar points of interest, including U.S. and international cities, airports, lakes and schools.

Weather Channel Ready For Some Football

The Weather Channel has added forecast videos for NFL cities to its website, as they tap the League’s popularity while adding some trivia to their weather reports.

Real Weather Comes To Virtual Football

EA Sports title NCAA Football 08 connects to The Weather Channel to make game conditions reflect the real weather in the home team’s city.

Msnbc.com And The Weather Channel Partner

The Weather Channel Interactive (TWCI) and msnbc.com have teamed to provide users with access to weather.com content through msnbc.com’s Weather section.

Virtual Earth Watches The Weather Channel

A new tool from The Weather Channel utilizes Microsoft’s Virtual Earth to let visitors drift through the clouds and weather systems from the desktop.

Shouldn’t We Blog About The Weather?

Winter time brings plenty of concerns about the weather. The Weather Channel has a little widget to add to blogs, showing the weather for the location picked by the site publisher.

Weather Channel Pops Ads Over Alerts

It appears the popular weather reporting channel has found a new way to ensure users of its Desktop Weather application view ads, by popping them up when users go to check a severe weather alert.