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Here’s A Google Talk About B Corps

Google has posted video from a recent “At Google” talk with people from NYC B Lab (Tribeca), Warby Parker (SoHo), and Greyston Bakery (Yonkers), who talk about how businesses can work to be “not just best ‘in’ the world, but best ‘for’ the world.” Demma Rodriguez moderates. “B Corps like Warby Parker and Greyston Bakery are certified by the nonprofit …

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Ocappi Brings the Home Try-On Model to Engagement Rings

If you’re looking to propose to your significant other, you’re going to need a ring. And there are three basic ways that you can go about picking out that perfect diamond. First, you can do the searching yourself and pick out a ring that you think your partner would like. Second, you can propose with the promise of a ring …

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Google Asks Warby Parker to Help Improve Google Glass’ Fashion Sense [REPORT]

Google Glass is slowly working its way into the general public’s hands, as Google has begun the process of letting average people strap on the device for personal use. Googlers (especially Sergey Brin) can’t seem to find a time where they think it’s inappropriate to advertise Google Glass. The Project Glass wave is coming, but one big question remains. Will …

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