Ocappi Brings the Home Try-On Model to Engagement Rings

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If you're looking to propose to your significant other, you're going to need a ring. And there are three basic ways that you can go about picking out that perfect diamond.

First, you can do the searching yourself and pick out a ring that you think your partner would like. Second, you can propose with the promise of a ring - to be decided upon at a future date. Lastly, you can simply decide as a couple that the time has come and go about picking out the ring together.

If your inclinations lead you to option #2 or #3, online service Ocappi thinks you should be able to try that ring on at home.

Ocappi offers an exclusive home try-on service for engagement rings. Yep, you heard that right.

"With the creation of our exclusive One&Only Try-On Service, for the first time ever, you can try on rings from the luxury of home. This intimate experience gives you the unique opportunity to consider your favorite styles over a period of days. Our more personal approach will allow you to take your time, see how a ring fits in with your lifestyle, and be sure that it’s really the one."

Ocappi says that this process "transforms the selection of an engagement ring into the intimate and joyous experience that it should be."

The model is obviously based on the popularity of the Warby Parker model, which offers free home try-ons for eyewear.

All you have to do it pick out a maximum of 6 rings that you want to try, and Ocappi will ship them via UPA 2nd day shipping. When the rings arrive, you have 5 days to think it over. When you're done, simply send them back with a pre-paid return label and make your purchase online.

Before you think about ordering up 6 rings, pawning them, and making your way to Mexico, you should know that the replica rings are set with cubic zirconium stones. What did you think they were? Stupid?

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