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Facebook Users are Dirty, Foul-Mouthed Heathens

Social Media monitoring service Reppler has just put out some statistics on their blog about the prevalence of profanity on our Facebook walls. And the results probably won’t shock you – people like to say f*ck to their friends on Facebook. Reppler states on their site that they are “designed to keep your social media reputation clean and safe.” They …

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Wall Street Journal’s Interesting Take On Embargoes

It’s been eight months since TechCrunch announced that they would no longer honor embargoes, with several other sites jumping on that bandwagon in the interim. One of the issues here was undermining the credibility of the blogosphere at large. As Trisha Lyn Fawver put it,

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Social Media As Told By The Wall Street Journal

As I like to do when a post involves some ‘creative thinking’ I am warning you on this one. TechCrunch is ‘reporting’ the Wall Street Journal’s possible attempt at creating a social community (WSJ Connnect) that could compete with the LinkedIn set. I realize that outside of the Microsoft-Yahoo nuptials there has been little to discuss in the online marketing space as of late.

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