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Keira Knightley Explains Why She Hated High School

Keira Knightley may live a glamorous life now, but she had a less than amazing high school one. In fact, she “fucking hated high school.” Knightley’s latest films Laggies and The Imitation Game continue to draw in media buzz. Critics …

Woman Eaten by Vultures Stirs Protected Species Debate
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A woman hiking in the Pyrenees mountains in France who fell to her death is igniting a debate over a protected species of vulture. According to an International Business Times report, a 52-year-old woman fell down a 300-meter cliff while …

Oldest Flute in the World Discovered in Southern Germany
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Oldest flute known to mankind was recently unearthed in the Ach Valley of southern Germany, according to AFP. The instrument, which is thought to be 35,000 years-old, was fashioned from the hollowed-out wing bone of a giant vulture. If that’s …