Keira Knightley Explains Why She Hated High School

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Keira Knightley may live a glamorous life now, but she had a less than amazing high school one. In fact, she "fucking hated high school."

Knightley's latest films Laggies and The Imitation Game continue to draw in media buzz. Critics are already predicting Knightley's Oscar nomination for her role in The Imitation Game. People are also praising Knightley for her role in Laggies, but the buzz for the film comes from another place: her high school scars.

In Laggies, Knightley plays Megan, a 20-something who goes through a quarter-life crisis when her boyfriend proposes. She then retreats for a week to the home of a 16-year-old named Annika (Chloe Grace Moretz) and her single dad, Craig (Sam Rockwell). Laggies deals a lot with trying to relive high school glories.

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So Laggies makes people wonder: if you could relive high school over, would you? Knightley certainly wouldn't. Vulture asked her a similar question when they asked, "if you had to revert to high school..." Knightley's answer revealed a lot about her teen years.

"I fucking hated high school, so I wouldn’t revert to high school ever." Knightley then stated, "I don’t know, I’m not that kind of gal. Teenage girls and that scream pitch, even when I was a teenage girl, I was like, 'Ugh, I really don’t like this,' so that’s never been my place in time."

Recently, during a game of 20 Questions, Knightley told her Laggies co-star Rockwell about her prom experience. She shared that she took a girl, who is still a close friend. According to Knightley, "Neither of us got invited by anybody else. No guys came anywhere near us. But she had black tie because it was black tie."

In the Vulture interview, Knightley disclosed more details about her prom. She revealed a not-so pleasant encounter with one of her teachers.

Yeah, I went to prom with my best mate, Emily. We both turned up an hour late, and I’d been filming Bend It Like Beckham, and I turned up in leather pants and a crop top, and she was a model for a while, and she’d been in Paris shooting something, and she turned up as the boy, so she had a black tie with ripped jeans on, and everybody else was completely dressed up, obviously, in that kind of finery, and then we had our picture taken underneath the thing, and she’s kissing me, and we were told that that was disgusting. And one of the teachers took us both aside and said we were never going to come to anything if we didn’t know how to dress appropriately for events like that. So that was my prom. We had a great time!

Our photograph, though, wasn’t allowed — you know when you get up and, I don’t know if this is in America, but you collect all the photographs of prom and you buy whatever ones you want. Ours wasn’t allowed to be displayed on that because it wasn’t appropriate.

Laggies is currently playing in limited release. The Imitation Game comes out November 21.

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