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Watch Celebrities Tell You to Vote, For Anything

It’s that time of the year again (ok, time of the every four years). It’s voting season, which means there will be plenty of people who come along and tell you that you have to vote, and how much it …

YouTube Adds New Voter Registration Annotation to Make Voting Go Viral YouTube Adds New Voter Registration Annotation to Make Voting Go Viral

Today marks the debut of a new holiday in the United States. September 25th is officially the first-ever National Vote Registration Day, a campaign to make sure that all eligible voters out there get registered. The campaign is spreading the …

Register to Vote Recently? Add It to Your Facebook Timeline Register to Vote Recently? Add It to Your Facebook Timeline

Like it or not, Facebook is one of the most popular arenas for political discussion (and arguing) in the world. Think about it; nearly one billion people, all with their own views on how their countries should be run. Set …

Voters Can Now Register Through Facebook In Washington State Voters Can Now Register Through Facebook In Washington State
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Voting is the most important right we can exercise as Americans. Regardless of your political leaning, it’s super important that you show up to the ballot boxes this November. Unfortunately, many people will skip on their most supreme responsibility for …

Microsoft Enables Online Voting For Overseas Citizens Microsoft Enables Online Voting For Overseas Citizens

It was only a matter of time, but citizens in some states are getting the chance to vote via the Internet. LiveBallot, based on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing system and developed by Democracy Live, allows voters who are overseas …

Election Day: Another Time To Break Out The iPads?

Oregon, the first state in the United States to vote by mail, is pioneering another way for residents to participate in the democratic process. Officials are reaching out to those people who might have a hard time getting to the …

Easily Find Local Election Info with Tools from Google

With the midterm elections taking place tomorrow, Google is highlighting some tools it offers to help voters make their decisions. This is not a new concept for Google, but it’s one that many may still find useful.

Google’s Election Center is available to users as an "experimental" service. It lets election officials provide data directly to Google for use in search tools. 

YouTube Wants You To “Video Your Vote”
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YouTube is encouraging voters today to take their video cameras with them and document the scene at their polling place. The video site has teamed up with PBS and is including these videos on a Google Maps mash-up.

Facebook Leaves its Mark On Elections

There is no denying that the Internet has had a profound impact on this U.S. Presidential race. I have discussed this at length in a previous article. Google has contributed a lot to this, but they are by no means the only Internet entity that has played a role.

Big Celebrities: Use Google to Find Voting Info
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Google has a site where you can find your local voting information through Google Maps by searching for your home address. In an effort to get as many people to take advantage of this as possible (and ultimately vote), a lot of  big stars have come together in a public service announcement video to encourage viewers to do so.

Google Helps Volunteers Recruit Voters

Recently Google launched a couple tools for helping people find out the information they need to vote on November 4th. They created a site based on Google Maps, and a Google Gadget supplying essentially the same info. To use these, you would search for your address, and then you would be provided with information like how to register to vote in your state, your state’s election website, and the location at which you are supposed to vote.

Election Coverage On Twitter

Here is a great use of Twitter and Web 2.0.

Wal-Mart Launches Online Videos Of Presidential Candidates
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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc has launched a video-based voter guide that allows both major candidates, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain, to share their views on issues with the company’s customers and employees.

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