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Google Lets Anyone Create Street View Imagery For Google Maps

Google has now enabled users to create their own Street View imagery to share and make visible to people using Google Maps. Now the amount of Street View imagery available is going to grow tremendously, offering a lot more to people looking to check out areas of the world they intend to travel to or just want to look at …

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Google Adds ‘Behind The Views’ Content To Street View Collections

Google announced today that it is adding “behind-the-scenes” content like photography, video, audio tours, etc. to its Street View Collections site on the recently launched Views. The content can be accessed from a “Go Behind the Views” icon. “Our first two multimedia adventures enable you to experience the Canadian Arctic in Iqaluit, Canada, and the world’s tallest building, the Burj …

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Google Launches ‘Views’ Site To Get Users’ Photo Spheres On Google Maps

Google announced the launch of a new site called Views to showcase users’ photo spheres that are shared to Google Maps. Users’ Views pages will let people browse the photos and plot them on the earth via Google Maps so people can quickly see where they were taken. Google is constantly updating its Street View imagery to be more comprehensive, …

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Sesame Street Is First Non-Profit to Hit 1 Billion Views on YouTube

YouTube has just announced that Sesame Street is the first non-profit to hit 1 billion views on their YouTube channel. In honor of this milestone the Count has made a video, well, counting the views. Check it out:

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Gangnam Style Supplants Bieber’s Baby as YouTube King

For more than two long, hopeless years, Justin Bieber’s “Baby” wore the crown of most viewed video on YouTube. We knew that eventually a white knight would ride in and oust the boy tyrant, but we were unsure of just how long we would have to wait. Ladies and gents, the wait is over. And your favorite South Korean rapper …

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