Nguyen Duc Kien Jailed for 30 Years Due to Fraud

Nguyen Duc Kien Jailed for 30 Years Due to Fraud

By Brian Powell June 9, 2014

On Monday, a Vietnamese court sentenced Nguyen Duc Kien to 30 years in a state prison for his role in a series of financial scams which robbed people and corporations of more than $1.1 billion – an act which was …

Agent Orange Cleanup Begins in Vietnam Agent Orange Cleanup Begins in Vietnam


37 years after the fall of Saigon, the U.S. is beginning a project to help reverse some of the devastation caused by the Vietnam War. The U.S. has begun a joint project with Vietnam to clean up toxic chemicals left …

Vietnam Ranked as the Worst Country for Poaching Vietnam Ranked as the Worst Country for Poaching


Vietnam, according to the WWF, ranks among the worst countries in Asia when it comes to protecting endangered species. The World Wildlife Federation, which is based out of Switzerland, has found that the country is a hot-spot destination for those …

Vietnam Tries To Censor Bloggers Vietnam Tries To Censor Bloggers

The battle is starting to rage on in Vietnam between the communist government and internet bloggers. The only way for a “Communist Government” to keep control over it’s people is to regulate how information is transfered between the people. Well …

Samsung Galaxy III Possibly Leaked [Video] Samsung Galaxy III Possibly Leaked [Video]
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A video and pictures have surfaced of what is claimed to be Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy S III smartphone. Vietnamese technology news website Tinhte.vn leaked the information early this morning, but has since removed all evidence of the announcement. It’s a …

Vietnam Rejects Google’s Malware Claims
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Vietnam shares a border with China, and it’s possible that Vietnamese authorities are starting to share the Chinese government’s low opinion of Google, too.  Today, a spokesperson dismissed Google’s claim that Vietnamese computer users were infected by politically motivated malware.

Google Detects Malware Targeting Vietnam Dissidents
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Google said it has detected malware targeting Vietnamese-language users opposed to bauxite mining in the Communist country.

The malware infected the computers of "potentially tens of thousands of users" who downloaded Vietnamese keyboard language software, Google Security Team member Neel Mehta wrote on the company’s security blog. The attacks targeted opposition to the mining of bauxite, an ore used to make aluminum.

Vietnam Clamps Down On Bloggers And Online Journalists


The Committee to Protect Journalists is condemning the recent arrests of online journalists and political bloggers in Vietnam.

The crackdown comes as online journalists and bloggers independent reporting challenges Vietnam’s tightly censored state-run media’s monopoly on local news and opinion.

Vietnam War Memorial Now Online

The National Archives along with Footnote.com have launched an online interactive Web site of the Vietnam War Memorial.

"The Wall is more than just 58,000 plus names. Many of these people were my friends," Vietnam veteran Richard Schroepfer says in a video on the site.

Vietnam Looks To Regulate Blogs

The idea of free speech and free press is perhaps one of the most dangerous threats to governments seeking to control the population. This is precisely what made the founders of the United States so revolutionary – the ability to share information allows the people to control the government, not the other way around.