Digital Video Ad Budgets Increase, Facebook Best For Short-Term Reach

Digital Video Ad Budgets Increase, Facebook Best For Short-Term Reach

By Chris Crum April 27, 2015

A new study from Advertiser Perceptions and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that 68% of marketers and agency execs expect their digital video ad budgets to increase over the course of the next year. The study was conducted based …

Auditude Acquired by Adobe Auditude Acquired by Adobe

Adobe announced that it has acquired video ad company Auditude. Terms haven’t been officially disclosed, but reports have the transaction pegged at about $100 million. Adobe’s description for Auditude says: “Auditude helps maximize the value of video content through advanced …

Lindsay Lohan Lands Her First Acting Job Since House Arrest Lindsay Lohan Lands Her First Acting Job Since House Arrest

Who said a little court-ordered downtime would stop Lindsay Lohan from acting? Today she unveiled to the world her new role – as a spokesperson for online penny auction site Beezid.com. Lohan (or, LiLo as the kids call her) has …

TwitVid Launches SocialAds to Help Brands Gain Followers, Retweets
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Twitter advertising is becoming big business, and not just for Twitter. As Twitter works on building its Promoted Tweets feature and sells sponsored Trending Topics spots, other companies are finding their own ways of capitalizing on the Twitter buzz.

Google to Get More Interactive with Mobile Video Ads

AdMob, which is being purchased by Google, has unveiled a new interactive video ad unit for the iPhone today. Upon the announcement of Google’s acquisition, the highlights of the purchase included SMS, search, web display, and app display ads. Now, video is part of the mix.

Local Video Display Ads On the Rise

Online video advertising platform Mixpo is sharing some stats regarding the growth of local video and interactive display ads.

"Year-over-year, Mixpo has seen, primarily, local TV advertisers, extend their broadcast strategy and campaigns to the Web by more than 300 percent," a Mixpo spokesperson tells WebProNews. During that time, according to Mixpo, over 1.2 million minutes of video display advertising have been watched. That translates to over two years of 24/7 non-stop TV viewing.

Advertisers Looking More and More Toward Video

A 2008 survey from MarketingSherpa indicated that 52% of viewers took action after seeing an online video ad; 28% looked for more information; and 16% bought something. Statistics like these appear to have resonated with some advertisers, because advertising through online video seems to be on the way up.

Yellowbook.com Launches Video Ads

Yellow book USA, a national yellow pages and online local search company, has launched a live advertiser video trial on yellowbook.com.

Blinkx Inks Ad Deal With Utarget

Video search engine blinkx, said today that it has partnered with Utarget, a UK based online video advertising network, to place video advertising around its video content for UK audiences.

Users Online Video Preferences

Sixty-two percent of U.S. consumers have viewed video online according to a new study by Advertising. com.

YouTubers Threaten Revolt! (Again)
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One thing you can count on in a user-generated world is passion, and threats to leave because of changes. Another thing you can count on is that they probably don’t mean it, and there’s a good chance their anger’s misplaced.

YouTube Gets In-Video Advertising

Google’s finally settled on a way to monetize YouTube, announcing they will be inserting ad overlays at the bottom of media partner videos. With pre-sale bandwidth bill reported to be $1 million per month and a pending Viacom behemoth of a lawsuit, the monetization strategy comes none too soon.

Revver Launches New Ad Model
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Revver, an online video sharing service, said today it will make impression-based advertising products available to advertisers and content owners this month.

Consumers Pay More Attention To Video Ads

Here’s a stat you’ll find interesting: people are twice as likely to press the "Play" button on a video ad than they are to click a standard JPG or GIF ad. The bad news: they only watch two-thirds of the ad. But they did press "Play."

The information comes from a recent study conducted by digital marketing company DoubleClick.

The study of 300 participants over a six month period showed that consumers were much more interactive with video ads, which makes DoubleClick assume the format is very effective.

Publishers Support Video Advertising

Advertising.com has released the results of its 2007 online publisher survey. The online survey examines publisher predictions for online advertising revenue growth, advertiser goals and advertising capabilities for 2007.

Video Advertising Ticks Off the Audience?

This is why I appreciate the sponsorship of my ScobleShow that Seagate paid for. They aren’t asking me to run stupid video advertising, like the Wall Street Journal talks about today, that pisses off my audience.