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Ann Coulter Will Be Vice-President

Ann Coulter is adding another item to her résumé — vice-president. As in Vice-President of the United States. A statement like that is kind of a Rorschach test. Half of you can breathe easy. Ann Coulter is not running for …

Jeb Bush: Should He Run For President Or VP?

Jeb Bush is famously silent on his intent to run for President. It is rumored that even his brother, George W. Bush, doesn’t know his leanings on the subject yet. But, while many have said that Jeb Bush would make …

Joe Biden: Could We Get a President Gaffe?

“An hour late? Oh, give me a f**king break!” –Joe Biden Anytime you bring up Joe Biden’s name, the first word out of the mouth of someone standing nearby is “gaffe”. In fact, before Biden got onto the Dem ticket …

Joe Biden Joins Instagram, Pimps Ray Bans Joe Biden Joins Instagram, Pimps Ray Bans

Vice President Joe Biden joined Instagram today, you know, in the way that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama joined Instagram and various other social networks–not actually. If you’re really high up in the executive branch, you probably don’t …

Walter Mondale’s Wife Dies At Age 83

Joan Mondale, the wife of Walter Mondale, who was elected as Jimmy Carter’s Vice President in 1976, passed away, on Monday, at the age of 83. The family announced Joan’s passing with a statement issued through their church. “We are …

Mitt Romney’s VP Pick Will Be Announced Via iPhone App Mitt Romney’s VP Pick Will Be Announced Via iPhone App
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If you asked 100 people the question “Which Presidential candidate is more tech-savvy,” I bet you’d be hard-pressed to find 5 that said Mitt Romney. After his strong use of social media and internet donations back in 2008, President Obama …

Googling Sarah Palin
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 OK folks. Everyone knows that John McCain has choose theAlaska governor Sarah Palin. I am not posting today to discuss if this was a good choice or not. If she is or is not ready for the job. If she has to much baggage or not.

Joe Biden Has Most Negative Google Results Of Presidential Nominees

Back in June of 2007, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the search engine reputation of the presidential candidates in contention. As part of our report, we noted that of the Democratic hopefuls, Barack Obama had zero negative search results–the best of all Democrats. Who had the most negative search results?