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Google Aims Block At Verizon Wireless Bid
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Verizon’s win in the FCC auction for the C block of 700MHz spectrum should be stopped unless the company agrees to give existing customers open access privileges, according to Google.

AOL Reaches Ad Deal With Verizon

AOL has reached a deal with Verizon Communications to be the official provider of advertising for the company’s online and mobile Web properties.

Under the agreement Verizon will use AOL’s Platform A’s sales force and its ad-serving, targeting, and inventory management tools to power ads on its online inventory.

Verizon Sees Long Term Evolution
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Verizon said this morning the company will launch its next-generation wireless broadband network, dubbed Long Term Evolution (LTE) after sometime in 2010, approximately a year after the large swath of C-block 700 MHz spectrum the company won in a recent FCC auction becomes available.

Google Loses Wireless Spectrum Battle, But Wins The War

While it would have been interesting to see what Google would have done, if it had won some of the new wireless airwaves, the company’s satisfied with it’s role as disrupter.

As Reuters reports

Verizon Wins Spectrum, Everyone Else Loses

Verizon won the FCC auction for the soon-to-be available wireless 700MHz wireless spectrum, in bidding that may have involved Google at some point in the process.

Verizon Cleans Up At Spectrum Auction

Verizon came out as the big winner of the FCC’s 700MHz broadband spectrum auction, spending somewhere between $8 to $10 billion on a huge swath of the coveted C-Block, previously and ironically dubbed "the Google Block."

Verizon may have knocked out Google spectrum bid

Through several side bids for pieces of spectrum, Verizon may have outbid the top bid for the desired 700MHz C block auction and pushed it into a new scenario.

Spectrum Auction 73 Passes $4.6 Billion

In the parlance of online auctions, the reserve price has been met, in this case for a swath of 700MHz spectrum being freed up by TV broadcasters in 2009.

FCC Approves Google For Wireless Auction
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The 700MHz wireless spectrum auction on January 24th opens with 214 bidders chasing the big prize, with Google competing with an assortment of telecoms both big and small.

Wireless Spending Exceeds Landlines

With more Americans ditching their landlines, 2007 is on pace to be the first year in which U.S. households spend more on cell phone services, according to industry and government officials.

Chris Sacca Quitting Google
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Chris Sacca was no Vanessa Fox – do a search for him within WebProNews, and you’ll find just five articles in which he’s mentioned.  Sacca will mirror Fox in at least one way, however, as he’s leaving Google at the end of this month.

Consumers Unaware Of Online Security Threats

Over half of computer users believe they are protected against online threats like spyware, viruses and hackers actually have little or no online protection according to a study by research firm iTracks conducted for Verizon.

Verizon Picks 4G LTE Technology
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Verizon’s second big announcement of the week is that the company plans to develop and deploy its next generation mobile broadband network using Long Term Evolution (LTE), a technology more closely related to GSM, used by rival AT&T, which will also be upgrading to the LTE format.

Verizon Changes Heart, Opens Up
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Verizon reversed itself today by announcing the company will open its network to wireless devices, software, and applications not offered by the company. This comes just two months after the company sued the federal government to block openness requirements for the winner of the 700 MHz band of wireless spectrum.

Verizon’s Web 2.0 Marketing Campaign

“My Home 2.0″ is a web 2.0 type of marketing campaign for Verizon to promote their FiOS service. It’s a combination TV/online reality show, kind of like Extreme Home Makeover but its not upgrading the décor as much as transforming the home and family to be technology savvy.

Google Hits, Stays Above $700

At 9:32 AM, Google’s stock arrived at $700.43.  Regardless of what happened next, that was an important mark.  But what happened next is interesting, too: the search engine giant generally stayed above $700.

Google, Verizon Now Best Of Pals

All of that legal nastiness between Google and Verizon over the latter’s alleged attempts to alter the conditions of the forthcoming 700MHz spectrum auction has faded, as the two may team up for a Google Phone deal.

Senators Call For Net Neutrality Hearing
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Senators Bryon Dorgan (D-ND) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) sent a letter today to Sen. Daniel Inouye, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, calling for a hearing to discuss phone and cable companies’ recent discrimination against content on their networks, and whether current regulatory protections are enough.

Verizon Gives Up FCC Suit

After sufficient sound and fury from Verizon’s camp filing suit against the Federal Communications Commission to overturn rules governing a block of 700 MHz wireless spectrum, the telecom has dismissed its suit.

Verizon Internet Speed Blows Away Cable

Some Verizon FiOS customers will see an increase in speed due to a new Internet service that has upload and download speeds up to 20 megabits per second.

Atty. Gen. Teaches Verizon What ‘Unlimited’ Means

Verizon Wireless has agreed to reimburse over 13,000 subscribers that had their wireless internet service disconnected after "excessively" using their "unlimited" access plans. The New York Attorney General’s office called Verizon’s marketing tactics "deceptive."