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Stop-Start Vehicles to Sell More in Coming Years Stop-Start Vehicles to Sell More in Coming Years
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Though hybrids and fully-electric vehicles are now gaining buzz and being predicted as up-and-coming growth markets for the automobile industry, another energy-saving technology will be rolling out to the market along with them. Stop-start vehicles have systems implemented that cut …

Toyota Prius Chosen As Best Overall Value
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Consumer Reports magazine has just selected Toyota Prius as the best overall value. The hybrid car has the best economic value for mileage with the average cost registering at 47 cents per mile. Considering the price is $29,230, this vehicle …

Self-Driving Vehicles to Make Up 75% of Sales by 2035 Self-Driving Vehicles to Make Up 75% of Sales by 2035
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With congress now debating driverless car technology legislation and more automakers beginning to test their own driverless technology, it appears that autonomous vehicles are finally on their way to consumers. Unfortunately, legal barriers will stall the wide adoption of driverless …

Audi Q1 Compact SUV Set for 2016 Release

It hasn’t been long since the Italian invasion of the Fiat has breached American shores and displayed the fact that Americans are truly in love with anything that appears miniature. The success of the revamped Fiat 500, along with the …

Toyota Recalls Vehicles For 8th Time This Year
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On Thursday, September 26, 2013, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. announced that they are recalling approximately 694,000 vehicles. The 2004-2005 and 2007-2009 models of Sienna minivans are being recalled due to a shift lever problem, mostly throughout North America. 615,000 …

Half of U.S. Car Sales to be Driverless by 2032 Half of U.S. Car Sales to be Driverless by 2032
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Google and car manufacturers are continuing to test new self-driving car technologies. At the same time, lawmakers are struggling to regulate the technology while reassuring the public that vehicles will actually be safer without humans behind the wheel. There won’t …

James Bond’s Best Cars [Infographic]

This year marks the 50th anniversary of James Bond at the movies. In celebration, a new 007 movie will be released in October, James Bond’s movie birth-month, if you will. Carrentals.co.uk is helping us celebrate with this infographic detailing the …

Ford Shows You Can Have Your Office in Your Truck
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As we discussed before, Internet-ready vehicles were one of the more interesting themes throughout the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. One vehicle in particular that WebProNews got an up-close look at was the 2011 Ford Super Duty, which the company refers to as a "contractor’s dream."