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Kailua, Hawaii: Tourists, Please Stop Coming Here Kailua, Hawaii: Tourists, Please Stop Coming Here

The AP reports that the Hawaiian town of Kailua has endured a lot of popular tourism lately. With even President Barack Obama and his family spending Christmas in Kailua, some of the town’s residents have decided to take a stand …

Twitter Buzzes with Labor Day Travel Ideas Twitter Buzzes with Labor Day Travel Ideas
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The long weekend beckons and most people are off work, so if you can swing it, do it! It’s time to savor the last sweet taste of Summer. It’s like scooping the sugar out of the bottom of a really …

Another Summer, Another Rise In Gas Prices
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As the title indicates, while the Memorial Day weekend may mean the beginning of summer fun, it also means that gas prices have, once again, gone up. This, naturally, means, those road trips families have been planning are going to …

Michelle Obama to Vacation in Martha’s Vineyard With Daughters [RUMOR]
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It’s been a tough month for the Obama administration. With house Republicans still attempting to turn the Benghazi attacks into a full-fledged scandal, two real scandals have popped up in recent weeks. One involves the IRS targeting new tax-exempt groups …

50 Shades of Grey: Hotel Package Lets You Create Your Own Fantasies

“50 Shades of Grey” is apparently the book to read if you’re interested in expanding your amorous exploits in the bedroom. It’s the ultimate how-to book for sexual freakiness, wrapped in a narrative that began its life as “Twilight” fan …

European Court Baffles The World With Vacation Ruling
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Next to rain what is the worst thing that could happen to you on vacation? I’m pretty sure that everyone can agree that getting sick is the worst possible thing that can happen to you while on vacation because it …

Fergie Vacation Photo Causes a Stir on Twitter
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Fergie vacation photos are apparently not to be missed. While bath salt-addled individuals unceremoniously chew the faces off complete strangers here in the States, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie — also known to some of us as one of the …

Yahoo TimeTraveler App Now In The App Store Yahoo TimeTraveler App Now In The App Store

We’ve all been there: on vacation in a new and exciting city, only there’s much more to do in the city than you’ve got time for. Whether it’s Rome, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, most of the best …

SAW At Sea Cruise: Travel With “SAW Celebrities” To Canada
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How would you like to take a “Saw” cruise? Wait. What? Yes, that Saw. Check out the official description below. “Let’s play a game…onboard the beautiful and luxurious Carnival Glory! If you’re a Fan of the “SAW” movies, you don’t …

TripAdvisor and Facebook Team Up to Help You Plan the Trip of Your Dreams TripAdvisor and Facebook Team Up to Help You Plan the Trip of Your Dreams

TripAdvisor has been teaming up with Facebook to help millions of travelers plan the best trip of their life by featuring recommendations from their FB friends. The decision was based off of a Nielsen research study,”U.S. Advertising Spend and Effectiveness,” …

Mardi Gras Contributes To Economic Prosperity Mardi Gras Contributes To Economic Prosperity

Mint Life brings us this lovely infographic showing us just how profitable Mardi Gras is for New Orleans. I won’t go into any great detail as the infographic is made to speak for itself, but come on? Any party that …

Expedia Launches Facebook Contest To Name Its Vacation Packages

Online travel website Expedia has launched the “You Name it Contest and Sweepstakes,” on its Facebook page with the aim of coming up with a better name for its Vacation Packages.

Create Systems in Your Business So You Can Go On Vacation

This week, I was speaking with a client who wanted to be able to go on vacation with the knowledge that his business was still moving in the right direction. He wanted to be able to go away and be away without checking in (and stressing out) throughout the day. That conversation inspired this post.

Yahoo: No Rest For American Weary
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Seems like everybody in the States is wound up pretty tight these days thanks to impending economic troubles and continuing denial at the upper crust. The bad news gets worse: A wound-up America won’t be unwinding this summer.

comScore Releases Top Sites For July

comScore Media Metrix released today it’s monthly look at U.S. consumer online activity at popular online sites for the month of July.

Spotting Trends with Social Media

One of the often overlooked aspects of social media is that it can often be seen a pointer for developing and emerging trends.

Yahoo Says Americans Work Too Much

Usually, when I go home for the day, I unplug. Unplugging means not even jacked in wirelessly: cell phone is off; computer (if I can help it) is off; laptop is off. The same goes for the weekend; if you want to get a hold of me, it can wait until Monday. Home is home, work is work, and I’m quite strict about their separation.

Blog Awards for 2006

Randy Morin ran his KBCafe Blog Awards again for 2006. In the SEO Blog category, Barry kicked ass again (while on vacation no less) as predicted.

British Airways to Offer Google Earth Vacation Views

In attempt to lure more people to book their next flight with British Airways, the airline has added Google Earth imagery to their web site, reports Forbes.

Gmail Adds Auto Vacation Responses

Gmail has been adding features like crazy lately, and this one should come in handy for the holidays: autoresponders for when you are on vacation.

GMails Spam Filter On Vacation?

Randy has had a very frustrating day. City workers laying sod cut the cables of his internet connection at least a half dozen times …