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Employment Site Traffic Has Ups and Downs

The first week of a new year, people want two things overall: a new body and a new job. Last week we found out that on New Year’s Day, visits to dieting websites spiked by 57 percent. By the end of the week it seems all that dieting is going toward a new suit as visits to job site jump by 31 percent.

Bloglines Ups Features With Playlists

Of the 175-plus feeds I track using Bloglines, it can be daunting to look at all of them at once. They might as well be stacks of magazines piled up on my desk.

The Ups And Downs Of Incorporating

You may not have considered it, but if you’re starting an internet business, you’re starting an actual business-and that means constructing a legal entity, usually a sole proprietorship, a LLC, or a corporation.

Ups and Downs with Offline Blog Editors

Upward movement with new beta versions of a couple of offline blog editors I’m trying out:

Business Blogging: Hills to Climb in Europe

Over half of the business executives in The Netherlands and Germany find blogging a mystery; and, although French executives are au fait,’ few of them are bloggers.

Google Base Storms Into Europe
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Google wants to drag the clock builders and chocolate makers out of their Old Europe brick-and-mortar mindset into the gleaming silicon-driven online marketplace, preferably with a Google Base account at the foundation of those efforts; we suggest a partnership that could help make this happen.

The Ups and Downs of Business Traveler Blogs

CNet has some interesting insights on business travelers who blog.

Microsoft Ups Stakes In RSS Race

Companies that offer RSS reader products and services are now in a race against time, as Microsoft prepares RSS functionality within Outlook.

Yahoo Ups Ante With Site Explorer

Yahoo launched their much-anticipated Site Explorer on Thursday. Yahoo discussed the Site Explorer during SES San Jose but at the time, it was just talk. Now, intrepid explorers may hack through the jungles of URL by visiting both the sites and the inlinks.

AMD Ups The Mobile Gaming Experience

Two new models of processors will find their way into the hands of gamers via laptops from custom shop VoodooPC.

UPS Chips In $96.5 Million For UK Firm

The package shipper will acquire UK-based independent parcel carrier LYNX Express in an all-cash deal.

OPEC Ups Capacity, Crude Climbs: Now What?

Light sweet crude continues to look to the sky as the price per barrel climbed beyond $56 mark in mid morning trades. The price stayed above $56 for a fair portion of yesterday. OPEC pushed their official ceiling and said they will consider producing more in the coming months. Oil prices continue to climb so what happens now?

Google Now Worth $80 Billion

John Battelle notes that Google’s market capitalization is now just north of 80 billion dollars, making it the largest media company on the planet, overtaking Time Warner.

UPS Loses Data On 4 Million Citi Customers

The parcel shipper cannot locate computer tapes containing personal data on millions of Citigroup’s customers.

UPS Loses CitiFinancial Tapes

Citigroup announced that United Parcel Service (UPS) has lost tapes that contained information of about 3.9 million customers as they were in transit to a credit bureau.

Gates Foundation Ups Ante

Bill Gates put his money where his mouth is by upping his donation to $450 million to the Grand Challenges in Global Health program. In an address to the World Health Assembly, Gates told about his ideas for world health.

UPS Goes Overnite For $1.25 Billion

The package carrier makes a purchase from the trucking industry, acquiring Overnite Transportation Company.

UPS To Pay $1.25 billion for Overnite

UPS is acquiring carrier Overnite in a $1.25 billion cash transaction. UPS is paying $43.25 per share for the company that will expand its ground services.

UPS Down On Strike Threat

The package carrier’s pilot union gives its blessing to leadership to call a strike without another vote.

UPS Volume Growth Beating Expectations

UPS executives said U.S. domestic volume growth was “well ahead” of second quarter expectations and international export volume continued to climb at a double-digit rate as expected.

Top Brands On The Net

BBC News: “eBay is the top brand name on the net, according to calculations by net monitoring company Envisional.